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  1. connect the vitual cdrom to your iso file... second question...use pen and paper lol now serious most of the programs used to install unattended like xplode, wihu, ect...write there own log files. there you can debug eventually misbehaving installs. If your talking about XP then pen and p…are handy…
  2. there is a small very small bug in the Extract.cmd. Please change the line: 7z x -y DP_LAN.7z to 7z x -y drivers.7z and all works wel edit: BtS uploaded the good one lol he is fast...................and sleepyyyyyyyyyyy wel done Bts
  3. i am happy for you that the problem is solved, still there is that issue with sp2 strange...
  4. are you sure, then that error must have been on this build (sp1) also no?
  5. place a copy in $OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32 so it get copied to %systemdrive%\windows\system32 during xp install cmdow.exe
  6. Tested and Working 3com 1000 (3C985-SX, 3C985B-SX) 1.17.45 Intel 10 Mb, 100 Mb, 1000 Mb(all) / Realtek 8139(A/B/C/D/8130)/810X 5.615.0716.2004 (6.15) OvisLink GE-2032R (*) 5.606.811.2003 OvisLink GE-2000, GE-2000NF i don't use any other cards for the moment so i can say for me there all working lol good job...
  7. im pretty sue it want take long now before BTS release this great pack.
  8. Well done... Bâshrat the Sneaky I sure do, i will use this commercially. This is a timesaver. Congratulations…
  9. now that u mension i hade the same behaviour.using winnnt.sif..and SP2, I used a regfile to correct. Now i use a preconfigured default profile so problem is gone. But strange that sp2 have that problem and SP1 not
  10. Does this mean they will be both executed at the 1st boot? Why are you still using xpinstall? xplode is more then that and can also create user accounts on the fly...
  11. aswerfile with the new setupmgr.exe from sp2 i get for norway timezone 105 [GuiUnattended] TimeZone=105 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000414 UserLocale=00000414 InputLocale=0414:00000414
  12. why a script? insert these in your winnt.sif [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000410 UserLocale=00000410 InputLocale=0410:00000410
  13. MSFN Forum Rules Rule 12. Very often we see meaningless subjects in topic title. They give no clue of what the posts are all about. For example: - Oh no! - Help - I'm mad - Please help - Question - I need your help - Hmmmm .... This should be avoided. Users should enter something more specific in topic title so that it is easier for others to help. A few good examples: - Strange problem with DirectX9b redist - RunOnceEx install problem (double installation) - Change Internet Explorer's Icon back to default With that out of the way, we hope that you enjoy your stay at MSFN!
  14. @Yonderboy Please look and read my topic, it will clear some questions you have now. link two answers higher... This is true if you copy manual, not the case via the startmenu/control panel/system/advanced/user1 profiles/settings/COPY TO
  15. Yes, there is a difference, first of all copying a profile through "startmenu/control panel/system/advanced/user profiles/settings/COPY TO" and make sure that everyone has rights (second option under copy to...) is the only way to preserve de default properties from the newly copied profile. If you would simply manually copying "profile files" from docs and settings from one profile to another profile, with maintaining appropriate user rights? Then you maintain the user characteristics of that profile. Let’s say that the users name is “user1” and you copy that manually to the default user directory then ntuser.dat will have references to “user1” not good cause programs and windows would look for settings and files under C:\Documents and Settings\user1\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer instead of C:\Documents and Settings\New User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer and so on. If you copying a profile through "startmenu/control panel/system/advanced/user1 profiles/settings/COPY TO" the “default user” then all references from “user1” are replaced. Look here for a quick How-To
  16. why do we have a "SEARCH" function on this board that nobody uses. this topic is just 2 days old so a search would have brought you there in a 1 one sec. here it is the-how-to
  17. i sure would like that background...selfmade?
  18. i am still here to help you and others out and i am sure greenmachine also. Thx for the positive note.
  19. Thx again...lucky the weather here is in super condition. I sure do understand your point. Indeed everyone’s needs are different. Maybe we better let this discussion die slowly…until somewhere in time it shows up again. However, for myself I will keep exploring all the possibilities of this technique. I go back to the pool now for some relaxation. Thanks for all the positive comments. VV
  20. Thx GreenMachine for the professional opinion. Indeed, I wanted a open discussion. I knew that i hade to throw this in the group to have as much advise as possible. I said it before it open new doors and possibility’s towards a almost zero maintained profile of my builds. I recently also started to look at the possibility of RIS. In my case, I think for the long run it will pay of. I still think that many of us could achieve faster result with this system. I think about users that really have only ONE system the like to install unattended. However a do not agree with following: This is exactly the case with these registry settings we use now use. How often changes a program maker his builds? Do we now they did not change something? But we still use that older reg settings…No? until someone complains and launches a topic about it. I saw quickly how many keys where added to SP2. Do we now that our old registry settings would still have the same effect? NO we don’t. Not yet lol We slipstream a new Service Pack into our older builds, add the reg keys valid and tested for SP1 and expect that they work with SP2, don’t think so. Look at the forum and tell me that I am wrong. I think that my actual build is more stable my way then I would have done it the old way. Anyway, keep giving your comments as always I like to reading them cause I learn from them.
  21. oh, a new playgarden. i like it. Only Now i have to open a fourth window to check the messages oh well its for the good cause i guess. Welcome.... is GM wearing a green jacket now also? lol
  22. probably i have today or tomorrow a network install ready and see if this also occur at my site. I to have some machines on dhcp and some on fixed ip settings i keep you informed...
  23. Thanks for your opinion. The more i install this way the more i start to like it. Given the thought that most of the members just installing only one pc, there own i think that the chance for incompatibility almost zero is. Please lets not forget that this system is used by RIS server (not exactly the same) and is used to deploy hundreds or even thousand pc throughout companies without problems. vv

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