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  1. The problem is the time it will take with the overview you get in Outlook, I tryed and its a mess. Thats why I was hoping for an application outside outlook
  2. I have a Outlook *.pst file that is a mess, and I do not want to add it to my own mailbox due to the amount of stuff in the Archive. What I need is some sort of application/tool that allows me to open the archive in a folder structure overview thing and that allows me to edit (read: move) mails/folders around. I've tried the Microsoft support, the community around Tech-net and none has an answer to my problem except for scripting my way out of it, but that wont happen due to the way the folders are structured. What happend is 2-3 archive files that got merged, added dublicates of mails and dublicates of folders. I want to merge the folders manually to make sure that all the items in the folders gets to the right places. I was hoping some of you know a trick to this problem. to give an overview of the mess.... Inbox |--Folder1 |--Folder2 | |--Inbox | |--Folder1 | |--Folder2 | |--Folder3 | |--etc... |--Folder3 | |--Inbox | |--Folder1 | |--Folder2 | |--Inbox | | |---Folder1 | | |---Folder2 | | |---Folder3 | |--Folder3 | |--etc... |--Folder4 |--Folder5 |--Folder6
  3. Thanks alot, it works! Now, a good question from a co. worker. We have alot of sales personel who roams the diffrent locations with their laptop. Will those laptops be able to obtain a DHCP that is correct if their ClassID is named City1 and are visiting City2 ? If not then this wont work too well
  4. Hi there, Im looking for Information about how to set up the Windows 2003 Server so that it can control multiple scopes. I have been playing around with it for a few hours, and Its easy enough to set up the scopes etc, but my problem is that I need a specific Scope to be applyed to a specific department. I.e: 192.168.100.x goes to place 1 192.168.101.x goes to place 2 192.168.103.x goes to place 3 etc it would be easy enough to get it done if it was all one big IP pool, but since we have 18 departments spread over the contry, and our network is made so that each city has their own IP address, then I´d like the DHCP server to give out addresses like we do atm with the local Routers. The other option there is, is to place a DHCP server in each city but that's the thing im trying not to. Is this possibel at all? Thanks in Advance - Rasmus
  5. I have a workstation that has to be able to print. But the Workstation is connected to a remote machine via VPN due to the place where it stands is on another domain/network than the one that our applications run on. On the site where the machine is theres network printer, and its added to the machine outside the Remote Desktop Connection, but I can't get it to work through the Remote desktop. The option under "local resources" that allows local printers to be used via the remote desktop is flagged, and the drivers is installled on the remote computer. I have a feeling that its because the printer is sat up as a Network printer, so I wonder if theres anyway to redirect the Networkprinter to a "non-existant" LPT port so that the remote desktop will take it as a local printer, or if theres any other way of doing this I will be happy to know how since i have about 40 clients this has to work on. The printer is a Lexmark T644.
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