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  1. Well, at least you have a reason to buy a new, more expensive board.
  2. Simplest way I can think of is disable one and try the other, then switch.
  3. I still don't understand why the media continually refers to script kiddies as "hackers".
  4. Except activeX. I don't think they've updated the plug-in for it yet have they? I tried using the older version one but it wouldn't work. Firefox has crashed on me a few times. And for some reason I can't upgrade to the latest version, Not a huge problem, it just annoys me that it has to bring it up almost everytime I open up my browser. I think it's time for the annual clean install.
  5. When you say that it doesn't boot, do you mean that it doesn't turn on at all? As in no lights? Or is it the same situation as anomaly? Anomaly, I doubt your HDD is causing the issue because the system would at least show you the main screen. BTW, did any of you guys add any hardware recently? Does the motherboard support onboard graphics? If it does, plug it in there and see if it works. It could also be that the graphics card is dead. Can you temporarily swap that out with a known working one?
  6. When you say you don't have a cabinet speaker, do you mean that the PC didn't come with an internal speaker? Also, pull the ram out and boot up the system. If that's the problem you will receive an error message. Also, pull out the processor, if there's something wrong with it, the same thing would happen as with ram. More likely it sounds like there's a problem with your power supply. Can you swap it out with a known good power supply?
  7. Soooooo, it's not the columbians, cubans, puerto ricans, mexicans, russians, italians, or any of the other races that bring over the drugs? BTW, I'm latino, so don't charge me with racism. Also, are you aware how much it costs to keep a prisoner in prison? A few years ago I heard it was about 20-30k per head. Now, I don't know where you got the idea that, that's cheap, but you need to reevaluate that information. Sorry for the hijack and for bringing up old stuff.
  8. So check it out. I have a user who bought this new Fellowes ergonomic keyboard. This keyboard is plugged into a laptop via a docking station. BTW, the laptop is a D600 with the latest bios. So here's what I have done: Made sure the BIOS has USB emulation turned on Plugged in another USB keyboard and that works fine on boot up Plugged the keyboard in question on a different machine and it works fine on boot up Tried using a USB->PS/2 converter but it was for a mouse so I'll have to find a keyboard converter as I've heard the pin outs may be different The EU had a normal PS/2 mouse that also worked fine Plugged in the keyboard directly to the laptop, undocked; same problem. The keyboard works fine when in windows. The issue is that we have an encryption program that runs on boot up that requires the user to enter some login info. But it's also a problem that it wont even let me into the BIOS menu. So, what do you guys think?
  9. Cool, so what does that actually do?
  10. Redownload movie.avi as it's proabably corrupted? Or you can run a program called fixavi and see if there's any issue with that avi file. Keep in mind that if you run that program you should back up the original as it may delete the corrupted data.
  11. If it is a dns issue like cluberti said, go into the command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns. Then run ipconfig /registerdns. This will clear and renew the dns entries from your gateway. Also, when in doubt, reset your router.
  12. Read this to learn how SHA encryption works and how to, theoretically, crack it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-1
  13. Didn't Al Gore create the internets?
  14. SFC is not DEP. SFC is more like Windows File Protection. What program are you using to play movie.avi?
  15. Man! I'm surprised you didn't have to use some type of bracket to hold up that trump tower like heatsink.
  16. When setting up the rules, there should be an option to notify you. Also, right-clicking on the folder in question, and hitting properties should show you something relating to notifications.
  17. How big is your mailbox/pst file?
  18. Does the drive not work on any other channel? You may be able to run a data recovery program like GetDataBack or something like that. I was only able to get 1/4-1/3 of my stuff back when my MBR died on my HDD but it's worth a shot.
  19. You can run checkdisk and defrag on your system in that order.
  20. I always assumed that whenever the firmware gets hosed, the whole hardware is hosed. However, I have heard of some manufacturers having rollback utilities. I couldn't give you any guarantees though.
  21. I'm using comodo right now. Found out that when I downloaded Nod32, it was actually a trojan. That or comodo got confused. Makes sense though because I was having issues with my system and when I deleted the exec of nod, the system was up and running again.
  22. I got one once from Nigeria and one from Afghanistan.

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