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  1. 69k here. Had 78 but I popped 4 hostages.
  2. Is this latest build the one that has BitTorrent's hand in it?
  3. I put this app, DW20.exe, into google and I got a couple sites with people having similar issues. Check them out.
  4. I was actually defraging once and for some reason it failed. Then I couldn't access anything on that drive and the OS reported it as formated in RAW. Turned out the master file table had been corrupted. I used a utility to restore files from deleted/formated drives. I wasn't able to restore more than about 50% of the stuff, maybe less, but at least I didn't loose everything.
  5. That would be chkdsk C: /r Woops, thinking about sfc. But yea, I shoulda prolly said to run chkdsk /X. Or you can run it straight from windows. In My Computer, right-click the HDD that's giving you trouble, click Properties. Click the Tools tab and select Check Now in the Error Checking section. Select both boxes and click ok. It will tell you that it can't check it because the HDD is being used but that it will do it at next reboot. Reboot now if you want. Let chkdsk run and fix any issues. At this point, you can use a registry "fixer" but be careful. Back up anything you can. Usually when an OS performance drops, it can be a sign of a virus. Run and post up the results from HijackThis and we'll see if we can help.
  6. Do simple testing first. While in the system, start up task manager and see what application, if any, is eating up processing time. Also, boot into safe mode and see if the system is still running slow. Lastly, run chkdsk /scannow and see if you have any bad sectors.
  7. From what I've seen at other sites, it really depends on how many visitors you have to your site. The ad companies pay for the amount of users you send their way. Even then, it's not much money per user. Using AdSense is really something more like an aid than an answer.
  8. I honestly don't think you can. You may be able to get a way with mickey mousing something together, but I'd advise against it. I'm giving you this advice based on nothing more than 3 minutes of thinking. However, I was able to find a converter: http://www.shoppingcentre.net/shop/rj11-rj...ter-p-3807.html
  9. sorry forgot to add what i have tried... and i did go through the topic mkiso:PRO1.DAT:WinXP:SETUP/Professional mkiso:PRO1.DAT:WinXP:SETUP/Professional/ mkiso:../PRO1.DAT:WinXP:../SETUP/Professional mkiso:../PRO1.DAT:WinXP:../SETUP//Professional mkiso:\\\PRO1.DAT:WinXP:\\\SETUP\\\Professional mkiso:\\PRO1.DAT:WinXP:\\SETUP\\Professional mkiso:PRO1.DAT:WinXP:SETUP\\Professional mkiso://PRO1.DAT:WinXP://SETUP//Professional mkiso:PRO1.DAT:WinXP:SETUP//Professional mkiso:..\\PRO1.DAT:WinXP:..\\SETUP\\Professional Are you running the test straight off the HDD?
  10. You need to post up the code for the mkiso command, as well as the code in the menu.ini file. BTW, I'm pretty sure this question has been asked a few times. Take a look through this thread for an update.
  11. Alt-tab shows you a visual prompt as to what application you want to use. Whereas win-tab just switches to the next application, without any prompt.
  12. I log in as a user with admin privileges. I haven't gotten any malware, but that's because I'm careful with what I download.
  13. You can't upgrade using a pack, you need to get the full CD for win98SE upgrade. I'm pretty sure you can use the same key but I haven't used this OS in years so don't take my word for it.
  14. I've had the same issue and I've resigned myself to believe that it can be a few little things. First of all, if you've defragmented your HDD, it may access the file to move it. Also, it could be an antivirus program that's doing background scans. Could also be that you have some type of file archive library that's keeping track of what's what and where it is. Lastly, it could be those little goblins that exist in all versions of windows, causing mayhem and havoc wherever they pop up. I've snapped a few screenshots of them and let me tell you, they're freaky.
  15. I actually use cdimage and make my disc, then do all of my testing from it... Just to avoid any problems like that... Hmm, that's a wierd problem.
  16. There's a way to access it that my or may not work: Start up the windows backup utility->click the advanced button on the welcome screen->click the backup tab and navigate to the laptop HDD. Back up the files from there->click the restore tab->select the backup file-> In the "Restore files to:" drop down list, select "Single Folder" Select the alternate location->Click Start Restore->In the dialog box, click the advanced button->uncheck the restore security selection and click ok twice. This will only work when logged in as an admin. If you can't see the files from the backup utility than I don't know what else you can do. Hope this helps.
  17. Since you are running Autorun off of the HDD, you need to temporarily add the full location of the programs. If you want a real world test, make an ISO of the folder, and mount it to a virtual optical drive.
  18. I may be wrong in this but, noticing the last line in the debug, I see that you put "root/xppc" as the location of where the files are. Did you try switching the '/' to '\'? Also, what is the E: drive? Is it a HDD? I also remember other people having this issue. Turned out you could only save it a personal document location. Try saving it in "My Documents" and see if it works. For me it would make the ISO, but it would be empty, so I took it out until I had time to play with it. I need to update my Admin DVD anyway so once I get it up and running, I'll post up my stuff.
  19. This looks like a hack that you can use: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/Win...aptercards.html
  20. Yeah. They're about average. Not noisy, not whisper quiet either. That's kind of what I meant (noise isn't a problem) I'd say the same, but about Western Digital drives. I've seen countless dozens of bad ones (however we destroy them). Yet, i've had very good luck with maxtors (mind you I mainly buy seagate these fays). Don't want to sound rude, but that's anecdotal evidence... I'll buy any maxtor over a WD anyday. Well, I may be in trouble then. I have a Maxtor and a WD. But I'm saving up some money to build a new system so when I have enough, I may either get a seagate, or maybe the WD with the window.
  21. One other little trick that I've heard a couple times is, put the HDD in an airtight bag and place it in the freezer for a while. An hour or so. This will actually give you time to salvage some, if not all, the documents on the HDD when you plug it back into your system.
  22. Are you sharing the printer? What I mean is, in the Printers folder, which you get to thru the control panel, does a little hand appear on the printer's icon? What's happening is that because this system is proabably a workgroup, it needs to grant access to any machine that tries to connect to it. If you where in a domain, you wouldn't need to constantly enter the password and what not.
  23. I'm confused as to what you are asking. Do you want to keep the taskbar classic and have the menus use the blue theme or vice versa?
  24. To test, try allowing all cookies. From here, try downloading Java from Sun again. Also, what happened right before it stopped working? Did you install any new software? Did you run any update for your browser or from Windows Update? Did you uninstall software?

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