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  1. Are you checking the log on the router or the PC. If it's on the PC go to the command prompt>type in arp -d *. This deletes all the arp tables. If it's on the router, you should probably reset it. If it keeps happening, your router might be messed up.
  2. ****, thanks! I think I was limiting myself by only looking for free ones.
  3. Dang, maybe it's time to look at another company.
  4. Sounds like your browser is blocking either java/script, or cookies. Try giving that site access. If that doesn't work, try doing it from a different account on your system. If that wont work, try a different system.
  5. I've been looking for the better part of my day and all I've found are slideshow screensaver with pictures of stars, galaxies and whatnot; or screensavers with spyware/adware injected in it. I'm wondering if anyone has seen or used a screensaver of a galaxy in motion? Any help is appreciated. EDIT: BTW, sorry if this doesn't go here, just couldn't really make it fit anywhere else.
  6. So we kinda need a PC auditor that's free-for-corporate use. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a good one. The only ones I could find that pretty much meet our expectations is belarc but that's free for personal use. I'm mainly looking for info on what printers are installed, what software is installed, the last user logged in... standard stuff. Also, if anyone knows of a way to code all of this I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  7. You can use an app that was mentioned by one of the members a while back.
  8. Straight from M$: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Local Security Policy. 3. Under Local Policies\Security Options, and then double-click Network Access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users. 4. Click Enabled, and then click OK.
  9. "OK, here's a new laptop/PC. You'll have to reconfigure it, and next time, ask me to delete the files please. Thank you." If only life was that simple. +1. Many users don't believe in "Sorry, there's nothing I can do."
  10. Do a system restore, see if that works. If it doesn't uninstall Adobe Reader.
  11. What do you mean by disables? Does a message pop up saying that the cable has been disconnected?
  12. Check it out. The film is called zeitgeist. It examines religion, 9/11, and ultimately, the new world order: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5547481422995115331
  13. The only thing that would be limited is whatever is connected to the wireless. Not only that, but the speed is further limited by the inherent slowness of wireless anyway. So you wouldn't see much change now, but you are future proofing your network.
  14. What printer are you using? The tab you should be looking for, depending on how you installed the printer, is Device Settings in the printer's properties box. Or, go into word, file>page setup>paper. Change the paper there then click the Default button. Click yes or ok when it pops up and that should be it.

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