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  1. From the brief research I've done on this; there should be vendor provided drivers. I don't think you can assign a com port to a usb port.
  2. I think I can answer this without any more info. Your ISP is only giving out one IP address. You can't have two systems connect on one IP address unless it's natted. Here's one of the two possible topologies you can use. So basically, you can either buy a router, connect the modem to the router, the pc's to the router, and then have the router be the DHCP server. OR You can buy a second network card, put it into one of the systems. Connect the modem to one card, connect the other card to the hub. Configure both a static IP scheme on the INTERNAL portion of your lan. On the second system have, set the default gateway to the first system via the internal IP address. So on the card that you have connected to the lan, you can assign it an IP address of; on the second system, you can assign that Set the default gateway on the second system to be
  3. Ok, so the icon is displayed on both systems? Do you have more than one network adapter on either of the systems? Do you have a wireless card on either system? Can you post up a diagram of your physical or logical topology?
  4. Sounds like you may have a bad motherboard. Take out the hard drive, memory, optical drive, and battery. Plug it directly to the wall jack. See if it still beeps. If it does, you'll need to send it in to have a laptop tech fix it. If it boots up, use process of elimination and add a peripheral one at a time to see what's causing the problem.
  5. Right click the taskbar>properties>Start Menu tab>Customize(make sure start menu is selected>advanced tab>check the last check box.
  6. Open up windows explorer>tools>folder options>view>uncheck Use simple file sharing. Browse to the folder>right-click in it>properties>security>advanced>owner>click your name>click the check box that says "replace owner on...>ok>ok That should do it.
  7. Check it out, it may not be the same thing, but I found this site that states that if you ever had trouble getting a gigabit connection with a crossover cable, it may be the pinout. Here's the site: http://logout.sh/computers/net/gigabit/ FYI, the pinouts do look different. Also, from what I've been reading, you shouldn't expect to see anything past 25MB/s transfer speed unless you have a RAID array set up.
  8. Oh come on! It's funny as hell!
  9. Blanky has left me....I need to take some personal time.
  10. Sounds like there's an access list of some sort that's blocking your browsing activities.
  11. Anyone know the name of the song that's being played while peter parker is struttin down the sidewalk acting like a doofus?
  12. Sounds like the e-mail account is associated to a different active directory account. Was a duplicate account created for your coworker?
  13. After using google for about two minutes, I found a couple possible reasons for your issue. Because you are using nero, you need to make sure that you used the correct settings which are: Kind of emulation - no emulation, Load segment of sectors(hex) - 07c0, Number of load sectors - 4. If any of these are wrong, you will get that error. But if you want more info, google it; I found about 10 diff pages with people having this same issue.
  14. Okay, so what did you want to know?
  15. WTH?! That test is rigged. On the plus side, here's what website I am:
  16. Do you receive an error message of some sort? Does MSN explorer only close when you visit a certain site? Go to control panel->go into administrative tools->open up the event viewer->click the application selection. Are there any lines with a red stop sign on them? If so, double click them and post the information that's in the text box.
  17. First of all, what "program" are you talking about? Also, googling this error message gives this microsoft support page at the top of the list. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/141117 In case you don't want to read it, it basically states that that error message usually means that there's a physical problem with the media.
  18. Read this regarding the hal.dll corruption. http://forums.legitreviews.com/about6705.html. If your hal.dll is corrupted, then you will have issues. The hal.dll file is a way for the OS to talk to the hardware.
  19. If the partition is bootable, just boot to it and install.
  20. Microsoft has a how-to:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyo...;displayLang=en
  21. I also use comodo+peerguardian. I love peerguardian, I'm iffy about comodo though, it's been failing recently. Of course, it could just be my system. Time for that yearly reinstall. This time though, I'm going to buy zonealarm and reimage my system.
  22. Let me see if I understand this, when creating a user account, you receive an error message stating that "this is an example user for demonstration"? I've never heard of that. Is this a legally bought copy of windows xp?
  23. Ok now, sensibilities aside, need I remind you of WoW's song regarding the internet and its usage? While the internets is good for business things like banking and stocks and bonds; or entertainment things like playing online games, we must still go back to its roots. The internets is for pr0n. About 85-97% of the members on here that run AV and FW browse the net for pr0n, the rest are lying about it.

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