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  1. remove win8 install win7 on new laptop

    My neighbor got a new laptop (HP Envy DV4) with windows 8 and after a few months she hates it. she got a new win7Pro disc and wants me to install it. I am in the install process and the "where do you want to install" window is up (see pic) Where should I install it? Should I reformat the drive completely? if so how? thanks
  2. This has been driving me nuts for some time. When I hover over an icon/folder the text turns dark blue to where I cannot read it. When i back off it is light grey. I have tried all the "advanced" settings under the appearance tab of display properties and have also tried IE options>colors. I did just figure out that when i disable my Royal Zune theme it goes away. But I know I did not have this problem before while having this theme. Here is what it looks like before touching it with the mouse: Then this is while the mouse is over it: Then it turns to light grey after pulling away I am using WindowsXPSP3 anyone? thanks
  3. "Windows could not start because...."

    would my oem xp pro disc work on this xp home laptop? thanks
  4. "Windows could not start because...."

    I was given a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop that was working fine and on a reboot I got this message: Invalid boot.ini file booting from C:\windows then I immediately I get this error: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll. Please reinstall the above file I do not have the windows XP Home disc or any Dell discs. Is there away to fix this with the "Ultimate Boot CD" or some other way to run a chkdisc? tia
  5. XP Media OS issues

    I am working on a HP Pavillion DV8000. the main reason the client gave it to me is because the sound is choppy (media player, utube etc) However it seems the issues are deeper than any sound hardware, drivers etc. Everything is very slow. I have done a thorough cleaning and this thing should be fast but takes ~10 minutes to start. Process explorer shows the cpu being worked hard by "hardware interupts" I have run full HDD scans and no luck. I also ran memtest and the memory is fine. Hijack this is clean. I scanned with Nod32, bitdefender, adaware, spybot, ccleaner also. I also tried to restore using the OEM restore partition but I get a blue screen: STOP: C0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file):\System Root\System32\Config\SAM or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable. So I do not know if it is hardware or OS related. I would just reformat and load windows but I have no disc. Can I download an oem version? I have the MS license key? options? ideas? TIA
  6. Unmountable_boot_volume

    did you run the "chkdsk /r" ? it fixed it for me. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555302
  7. Unmountable_boot_volume

    chkdsk /r did it the second try? thanks for the reply
  8. Unmountable_boot_volume

    I am getting this BSOD: Unmountable_boot_volume, after getting past the XP start up logo. I tried doing a XP disc repair but the option was not available. I also tried mounting the hardrrive in an external usb case but cannot get any of my pc's to recognize it, if I could I would back up the data and do a full reformat. I ran across this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297185 MS document, and realized I ran the application "TuneXP" and enabled "UDMA66" in the hardware settings. Could this be the reason I cannot boot into windows all the way? The system is a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop. any help is very much appreciated. thanks IA
  9. Cannot install windows game component

    Clean sp2 oem disk
  10. Cannot install windows game component

    I am unable to install the windows games within the "Accessories and Utilities" I uninstalled them awhile back now I want to use them. When I go to install (check the games box and click 'next') I get prompted to install my XP pro disk and I do. Here is the window prompting me to do so. So I put the disk in and hit enter ok etc. I then get this error/window:L Retry is worthless. I then try browsing for the file it is asking for and can visibly see it: But selecting it just brings me back to the previous window. I have tried: 2 different XP discs, installing from a usb drive that has the i386 folder, different dvd drives, different ide cables, I took my overclock off, my memory passes memtest for 3 passes, the windows hotfix : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/884018/EN-US/ Any ideas? I am contemplating trying to do a xp repair, but I am not ready to reformat so I want to stay away from this option unless I can do so while being relatively assured of keeping my current HardDrive contents etc. TIA
  11. USB Receiver driver will not update

    I do not plan on ever trying to call MS. I am over it. I am doing a recovery right now and using the new mouse to reconfigure. I was having some other driver issues and I spent to much time trying to figure this out. So now I am going to spends days retweaking my laptop. I suppose it will give me something to do! thanks for the reply.
  12. USB Receiver driver will not update

    I am trying to install a Logitech VX nano notebook laser mouse on my laptop and the hardware wizard wants to install/update the USB Receiver driver but it is not on the install disk or anywhere. It shows problems with it in the device manager under "Other Devices>USB Receiver" I have pointed to System 32 file so that it might find the usbccgp.sys driver but that is not what it wants. I have tried uninstalling the usb receiver and then restarting to go through the add hardware wizard. I have also tried reinstalling the logitech software. I posted on a logitech forum and they advised me to contact MS but that cost'$. I plugged the new mouse receiver into my desktop and the mouse works right away without any drivers. Under the Device manager the mouse shows up under mice and other input devices as an HID compliant mouse. My microsft mice's work fine on my laptop as does my camera and other usb devices such as flash drives. any suggestions would be great. thanks you
  13. Will changing mobo effect XP Pro install?

    No, I built it: Athlon 64 3800+ X2 S939/Naked @ 2.82ghz-1.5v/Scythe Ninja-12cm Scythe 1600rpm ASUS A8N-E rev2/b.1013 Antec Sonata2 smart pow. 450/ Scythe 12cm 1200rpm intake(chasis)/Tri-cool 12cm exhaust WD Caviar 250GB 16MB SATA 3.0Gb ASUS Extreme N6600LE Silencer/TD/256M Corsair XMS Twinx2048-3200c2 @ 3-4-4-8 2T & 5:6 (234Mhz) ZoneAlarm-Pro /AVG-Pro Samsung Syncmaster 19" NEC 3550A (1.06)/ LiteOn SOHC-5236V
  14. Will changing mobo effect XP Pro install?

    Great To reactivate is no big deal right? I just put in my serial # and my configuration is the same? Thanks everyone for the replies and info.! Cheers
  15. I may be swapping out my Motherboard for the exact same board. Some say I would be allright with my Windows installation; others say that windows will recognize the different Mobo Serial number and see it as a second PC. and not allow it? I am running Windows XP PRo SP2 OEM. Would I have a problem just swapping mobos and booting into my current Windows configuration? Thanks for any input.