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  1. Happy New Year everyone !!!! Its been a while since I stopped by and thought I would pop in and say hello.
  2. i havent heard of avast ... u got a link for it or there webpage?
  3. Thanks for the info ... now to try and get rid of it.
  4. keep getting this and wonder if anybody may know what its comming from? Intrusion: BD Blade Runner 0.80a. Intruder: localhost(5400) Rick Level: High Protocol: TCP Attacked IP: localhost Attacked Port: 3746 Thanks
  5. yea Allanol I remember you too good to see you. and thnx for the offer WolfX2 ... i may take you up on that
  6. yep yep hey is gamehead, Aaron, and xper still around?
  7. Hiyas ... Well Im not new but its been a while. Your current time: May 24 2006, 01:12 AM Your last visit was on: Aug 25 2005, 06:21 PM There has been 131234 new posts in 21544 topics Just thought i would say hi .. and hows it goin? i will try and be around more now
  8. read : Steps for completing the nomination survey and use the guest id at the top
  9. to get started with beta testing you need a guest id for a current beta test. after helping with that one you will get other invites. the more you help the better stuff you get to test. you can also win small prizes sometimes. here is an invite you can use if you want to get started. cant guarantee you will get in. Your Guest ID: msnmob MSN invites you to apply and become a member of the MSN Mobile Beta program! MSN has made major improvements in the way you access information and communicate with others using mobile devices. If you are accepted in to the beta program, you will experience first hand some cool features and improved experience. This is also an opportunity for you to give us feedback about the product and have a key role in developing great products and services for you and other MSN customers. Please note this beta program will be conducted in the United Kingdom and United States only. You will not be able to join this beta program if you live outside these countries. What is a beta program? A beta program is a group of key customers who have agreed to test a new, unreleased version of a product. Through testing, these customers provide valuable feedback that we utilize to make MSN Mobile Services easier to use and better meet your communication needs. The beta program is your chance to make a difference in MSN Mobile products! We are looking for beta testers who are excited about mobile technology and are willing to provide useful feedback (especially suggestions and comments on feature design). The beta period is currently expected to run in August through September '05. It is essential that once in the beta program, beta testers actively participate in all the required activities and submit to us feature suggestions and bugs they find. Their feedback is crucial to the success of MSN Mobile products. If you are selected as a beta participant (AKA beta tester), you will need to: Use the web browser on your cell phone or other mobile devices for testing the beta product (Subscription services and/or wireless airtime charges may apply). Follow a set of scenarios that we provide in order to verify the new features Submit bug reports and feedback to the MSN beta team in a timely fashion Participate in private beta newsgroups Participate in online Chat(s) with developers and management on the MSN Mobile team Work directly with a product team engineer to investigate bugs Complete periodic surveys How do I apply? To qualify for this beta program, please fill out the MSN Mobile Beta Nomination survey. Your answers will provide us with your contact information, your commitment level of participation, your availability during the beta period, as well as whether or not you meet the hardware and software requirement. Please note that due to the number of nominations for this beta, we will not be able to respond to everybody individually. If you are selected as a beta tester, you will receive an e-mail from us with further information and next steps. Steps for completing the nomination survey 1. Go to http://beta.microsoft.com 2. Sign in with your .Net Passport 3. Click on the link for Guest ID in the sentence "If you were issued a Guest ID by Microsoft, you can sign in by clicking here" 4. The guest ID for this beta program is "msnmob". So type in "msnmob" in the Guest ID field and click "OK" 5. Click on the "MSN Mobile" link next to the MSN Mobile beta logo 6. Read the introductory page 7. Select 'Survey' on the left navigation bar 8. Complete and submit the "MSN Mobile Beta Nomination" survey. If you are selected to be a member of the beta team, you will be sent a Welcome e-mail when the Beta Program starts. Thank you for taking the time to complete the nomination survey and learning more about the MSN Mobile beta. If you have any question or comments regarding this survey, please send email to: msnbinfo@microsoft.com Kind Regards, MSN Beta Program Team Please note that your BetaID and password are personal to you and should be treated as confidential information. MSN will never request that you send your password information to us via e-mail or by any other method. Any attempt to obtain your password could indicate fraudulent activity and should be reported to us immediately. Access to the Microsoft private newsgroups is limited to participants of this beta release. Please do not share your account information beyond the scope of what is allowed under the License Agreement for this beta. In addition, please do not discuss this beta in newsgroups outside of this program, including other Microsoft newsgroups. About this message: You are receiving this message because you are a valued Microsoft BetaPlace member. If you have questions about BetaPlace privacy policies, please read our privacy statement at http://www.beta.microsoft.com/content/Part...y_statement.htm
  10. You Are Invited to Join In the Pre-Release Testing of Windows, code-named "Longhorn"
  11. Dear Microsoft Beta Tester, We are pleased to offer you an early preview of Windows, Code-Name "Longhorn," by extending this invitation to join the Longhorn beta program. Your participation is completely voluntary. Longhorn Beta Program participants will preview software for the next generation of Windows as well as Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. If you choose to participate you will have the opportunity to provide Microsoft with feedback as we continue work on these exciting new releases. What is Windows Code-Name "Longhorn"? The next version of Windows, Code-Name "Longhorn," promises to be the most secure and intuitive Windows release to date. It delivers on the promise of allowing people to use their computers more effectively and confidently to achieve their goals and pursue their passions. It offers new tools to help protect the integrity of your system and your information, easier ways to find, visualize and organize your information, and provides better integration across applications, devices and systems. Longhorn will provide advancements in the following key areas: · A strong focus on the fundamentals of the operating system, including advancements in reliability, performance, deployment, and ease of use. · Major improvements to help PC users to work smarter and provide exciting new experiences for home users. · The next-generation developer platform to make it easier for developers to create breakthrough applications. What you can expect if you choose to participate: You will be notified by email this summer when the software becomes available to test. The beta software will be available via download. If you elect to receive mailed releases, only major milestone releases (Beta1, Beta 2, etc) will be sent to you. Participants can expect access to Windows, Windows Server, the Windows Driver Kit the Platform Software Development Kit as well as Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. We may make other software available as well, and it's important to note that some of the above software may not be available immediately after the program gets underway. If you choose to participate, we ask that you install the software once it is received. At a minimum we ask that you provide us feedback about your experience by reporting bugs that you encounter. We have other activities planned such as private discussion groups, online chats and chances for you to help the Windows development team test some of the new Longhorn features. More details on these will follow if you choose to join the beta. If you are currently a tester on BetaPlace or WindowsBeta, make sure to log into Microsoft Connect with the same Passport credentials (email address and password) that you use there. Once you enter your Invitation ID and reach the My Participation page, the link to the Longhorn content will be near the top of the page. Please do not select Decline Participation unless you have decided you really don't want to participate. Please note: there are no downloads or product keys available at this time. You will be contacted regarding the availability of these items when they become available. To accept this invitation and become a member of this program, please follow these steps: 1) Use your Internet connection to visit our Web site at http://connect.microsoft.com. 2) Click on "Invitations" on the left-side menu. 3) You will need to sign in using a valid Passport and register with Microsoft Connect before you can continue to the "Invitations" page. If you have already registered with Microsoft Connect, you can simply sign in. 4) Enter your Invitation ID in the blank. Your invitation ID is: blocked out It's important to note the above ID needs to be typed exactly as shown. If you receive an error please be sure to check that when you enter the invitation ID you do not include any extra spaces at the end. The easiest way to avoid this is the type the ID, and not use cut & paste. We are working to resolve this problem but until then the invitation ID needs to be entered with no 'trailing space'. 5) Click "Go." Now, please follow the steps shown to you by that program to become an active participant. (You may be asked to take a survey, or complete other activities.) To report a problem or to ask a question, please visit the "Contact Us" page (linked to at the bottom of every page). Thank-you for your participation, and we look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, The Windows Product Team
  12. thanks ... it worked perfectly

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