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  1. http://downloads.stupidlag.com/AdobePhotoshopCS2.rar
  2. http://downloads.stupidlag.com/AdobePhotoshopCS2.rar
  3. PRTG is what comes too mind for me PRTG
  4. IMHO one of the problems is "ME". I know im going too get bashed by the ME lovers. But i have hated that operating system, since it hit the market and i booted, and BSOD out of the box experience. As an IT director for a large cable operator; i've seen my fair share of O/S. And "ME" took the cake on the term "CRAP." So on another note, i would tell you too goto M$ update. On another note ME is no longer supported. But if you search this forum, there is an unofficial ME service pack. Try finding that first too see if it helps in any way. AB
  5. Duud are you replacing the original with mine? Or are you just trying too run it after you download it too where ever? Cuz ive not chanegd the file, and everyone on here has had no probs with it. I jsut tested again on my end and it works just fine.
  6. Works for me just fine http://abadaba.googlepages.com/AdobePhotoshopCS2.rar
  7. according to Micro$oft's EULA, you're not allowed to modify any of their files, yet most of us do do that.What I find especially ironic is how easy it is to remove this WGA update, I would definitely not consider deleting a few files and registry keys as a crack. M$ does not force you to install it, and an installation of legit XP without it is legal. Thus, you should also be able to legally remove it. Thats exactly what i meant. So the mods actions of deleting the information pratty much was a pick and choose type thing. This entire forum and most of its contents are against M$ EULA. Now if he would have been stating how too crack it, then thats a dif story. He was telling us how too disable it. But too say that this action is illegal. But KELS addon for the WGA that is hosted here is not; IMO is just selective modding. Or too allow xpero.msfn.org too exsist, or win2k3.msfn.org "which i tell you is way against MS EULA." They again are all against EULA. And i would go as far as too ask mod's too allow this too be reposted. WGA is just as much a part of windows as system32.dll is. So if legitcheck.dll can't be allowed on this site with out being called illegal. I dont think xpize should be allowed on here, being that it modifies almost every MS file there is! By the way i love Xpize GOOD JOB XPERO = }
  8. LOL this entire forum, includeing MS addons, Nlite, XPize shall i name more? Are against M$ EULA, please correct me if i'm wrong. But there is certain person/person's on here..Not saying any names, that has direct links too the addon for the WGA for Nlite. And its been there, and updated for months...Im not bashing here...But im seriously getting annoyed with people picking and choosing, whom, what post, and what is against M$ EULA. Yet there are plenty, that are big contributers too the community that are looked passed. I've been in this idustry for 16 years. I've never had a site more helpful than this one honestly. But i'm getting a little irritated at mods getting too pick whats legal, and what isn't. According too the DMCA about 80-90% of the addons are distributed withought written consent...am i right? Nuff rambling, i got 1200 servers too tend too, and im hungry = }
  9. Vista http://abadaba.googlepages.com/vista1.jpg http://abadaba.googlepages.com/vista2.jpg http://abadaba.googlepages.com/vista3.jpg
  10. LOL i find it funny that people in here say things like "That comment is illegal." 99.9% Of this forum is illegal in retrospect. I mean Gdogg, your MicroWINX is so "illegal" its not even funny. But all this is just MY OP....And DOGG knowing how you are, understand this IM NOT BASHING YOU BRO PLEASE DONT START A WAR LOL...Im just saying i dont think he is asking and "illegal" question...Or am i wrong? EDIT: and just thought i would post this...Yes i see now the legal issue of it...But just too point one thing out thats illegal on this forum...Is the LegitCheckControl hack thats all over this forum...The file is for people with non "legal" versions of windows too be allowed too update...
  11. Do you have links too bigger screenies? Those are really small, i cant see very much...But from what i can tell it looks good!
  12. Im trying too convert my WIN2003 server, into a workstation. Ive followed the guides on MSFN on how too do so. I currently have the WHQL 6.3 Catalyst drivers installed. Yet DXDIAG reports that ati2dav or something or other is not WHQL certified and that D3D is disabled. The card is a Radeon 9800 pro...I know this has probably been discussed, but ive searched and cant find it...Andyone have any ideas?
  13. In all honesty i didnt even know i was in the top whatever lol...The VS is Soul luna 2... =} Available on wincustomize.com
  14. In all honesty i was looking forward to both projects. IMO something was said too someone, somewhere, about something being copied. Or for that matter far to comparable too the other project perhaps? Either or with that being said they are both still violating M$ EULA. And their both projects that the community is waiting to see. Why even compare the two to see if the other is closer to this one or that one? This seems more like a childish p***ing contest to me "My trucks bigger than your truck." But in this case i guess we should say "my truck is smaller than your truck." In all honesty too MSFN mods...Bring gdogs forums back up, and quit all the BS...And just work on your projects and leave each other alone. You both sound like this is something you can actually patent, or make claims too owning the rights to..With one more oppinion i would like to state it would FRIGGIN rock if you both got together and made something work together...Zip up your pants, and just GETRDUN! Me
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