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  1. What's your internet connection like?

    Download 15.08 MB - Upload 1.63 MB I just got an upgrade
  2. What's your internet connection like?

    Soon i will get a 50MB Download - 10 Upload ADSL2 or ADSL3 connection
  3. What's your internet connection like?

    Download 15.57 MBIT Upload 0.87 MBIT
  4. Witch speed should i burn the ISO image on?

    All my pc are desktop - so witch speed would you recommed i burn at? I don`t use nlited.
  5. Witch speed should i burn the ISO image on?

    The media is Verbatim 4x DVD+RW DVD Rewritable 120min - and the burner is a Nec DVD-CD RW ND2100AD and other one is a LITE-ON DVD-CD RW SH-16A7S.
  6. My friend toll me to burn it on a much high speed, because last time i try install it hours on the way, but it never finish the installation?
  7. I can sometimes not go online with my stationary PC. When i i am connected to the internet. it come with message Limited or no Internet connection? I know the Internet connection is working ok, because talk to my intetnet service provider about it many times about i In addition, there is a yellow ? signs in Device Manager under PCI indputenhed? PS: I am also connected to a wire Linksys router BEFSR41 Version 3.1 with latest firmware 1.05.03. I have read on some sites that version 3 or 3.1, has had alot problems. because bad firmware? My question is this : Can the PCI driver the reason i have problems with my Internet connection`? My pc is a Dimension 4600 I can not find the driver at dells driver download site, and my support has expired 45 days ago. Hope one of you can help me
  8. What's your internet connection like?

    Home Download 13064 kb/s Upload 855 kb/s
  9. Yesterday I formated the c drive and reinstall XP, My PC boot directly into Windows XP? C: Windows XP Home D: Server 2008 Standard Last time i had problem with the Bootloader i had luck with useing EasyBCD, but not this time i also try VistaBootPRO this but still no luck. Can somebody help me?
  10. MSCONFIG Problem "can`t tune back to normal statup!" ?

    I did try that and everything in msconfig look as it should, and i restarted my pc but for some unknown reason my pc did startup as normal.
  11. I had a problem with ZAP so when to the site below to do a clean uninstall and i forlow the guide. But XP still can`t startup normal, as it cot do that befor i use the guide so from a littel problem with the firewall has tune into bigger problem. Please help me to fix my problem so i don`t need to reinstal xp... http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/uninstall.htm MSCONFIG Problem "can`t tune back to normal statup!"
  12. Blocking pop3 again?

    Again i can`t download mails from the pop3 server. I have problem some 6 mouths ago but the problem was fix with open some ports in ZAP more excaly the incoming TCP and UDP port 110 and the same in my router. But the last 3-5 days the problem has come back So i try to shot down the firewall and mail is being downloaded as it should be. I am useing thunderbird Zone alarm Pro the latest version
  13. Thank you very much to all of your.
  14. I would like to tune off account control is one of you who with help me with that? That would make me very happy... I run Windows Server 2008 standard
  15. How to Restore Recycle Bin?

    Thank very much for your help but, drag i it from some folder.