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  1. I swear that i found this option in one of 'tweak vista program" but i can't remember with one :-(
  2. That is not what i mean: auto refresh is when you have a folder with some files and you copy another files into that folder-vista make automatically "F5 buton" and files are sorted with i don't want to.
  3. Hi. How to disable "Auto-Refresh" of folders content feature ? I't ****ing so terrible , i can't do anything pls help !
  4. Thank you for you help but RivaTuner don't detect drivers in windows seven :-(
  5. hi ReForce on Windows 7 don't work. Any chance to fix this program ? Does anyone know other program witch do the same thing and works on VISTA/SEVEN ?
  6. If you integrate SP3 you can't integrate WindowsXP-KB894871-x86-youlang WindowsXP-KB908536-v2-x86-youlang and you can't use slipstream womp11 :-(
  7. As topic say: Z:\WINNT\pchealth\helpctr - 80 MB and i want to know can i delete those and don't have ANNY problems, missing files etc.
  8. As topic say: I have 2GB GHO file and i want to edit it. Ghost explorer form Norton Ghost 2003 say that files aren't proper gho files but they work when i make DOS Restore using Norton Ghost 8.5 and system is restored. Witch i should use ? Norton Ghost 10 ? 12 ? 14 ?
  9. I will defintly try Windows Server 2008 after reading all this - thank you nuhi genius !
  10. Does Slipstreaming IE7 & WMP11 after clean integrating SP3, will require also all that old hotfix's for IE7 and WMP11 ? Or i can just use nlite to integrate IE7 & WMP11 Slipstreamer to WMP11 ?
  11. Not work - LAN drivers are instaled but no NVIDIA SATA Controler etc
  12. Hi. I want to silent install of nforce_xp_6.86 I extract .exe, run setup.exe with -R, copy setup.iss file and yes everything is install silently...but there is a problem: I don't want Network Access Manger to be installed (cos if Firewall is ON, sharing of Internet Connection via LAN not work) I even try to replace NAMSetup.exe with some other s*** but its not working Someone can help me ?
  13. Hello. I Install VISTA SP1 and i have problem - when I click BACKSPACE key several times on a folder window - it works as "BACK" button not as "UP" I can't get to Desktop folder in simple and fast way, also i am confused when I click BACKSPACE key and i think that iam in "4 folders up" but I back when i was before . Can someone tall me how to correct this ? I used to bind Mouse Thumb Button as a BACKSPACE so it is really important to me.
  14. Any way to shrink Office 2007 cos after adding SP1 to Updates folder size is 980 MB !

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