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  1. Is there any way to modify the texts while Windows XP (or other) is installing using nLite or any other app ? ty
  2. Yes... i want to make different CDs (not in the same) I'm only requesting usefull things for next version (several for x86, and several for x64)
  3. I'm trying to make my own customized Windows XP install CD. I use WINDOWS XP x64 (for work) and WINDOWS XP x86 for gaming. Is it possible to implement these improvements on next version of nLite ? Windows x64 and x86 - integrate a MUI Language package. As you know, Windows XP x64 is only in English language. I'm from Spain, and i want to make my own spanish CD (x64) and galician CD (x86 and x64). Is it possible to integrate them like if they were a Service pack or a Critical Upgrade ? I saw several pages that explains hot to make a different language CD with the 0C0A.MSI and _MUIINST.BAT and editting WINNT.SIF . but i think this method sucks, and it waste a lot of disk space (0C0A.MSI is 181Mb long, and i have to use a DVD) and when i re-edit the installation folder with nLite, it looses the WINNT.SIF text line that call _MUIINST.BAT. - Integrate dotNetFx 2.0 and 3.0 - Messenger Live! (like if they were a Critical Upgrade and not an AddOn) or just replacing the old one it comes with WINDOWS XP. Being an addon, i can't cutomize to be Spanish, because the addOn is in English lang... - Customize names in more folders when XP is already installed (like COMMON FILES, DESKTOP, CONTACTS, MY DOCUMENTS and much others) to translate them into spanish/galician as if they were the DEFAULT names like it happens in WINDOWS XP x86 CD (in that SPANISH CD they're translated) Windows x64 only - Slipstreaming WMP11 . Not possible in x64 (yes in x86) What do you think ? Any other usefull implementation that people may think it's interesting? Just write your ideas ! Thankyou very much ...and excuse me if my english is not perfect, but as you have read, i'm from Spain...

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