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  1. How to: Find undocumented registry settings gosh tip #1 One thing that has always annoyed me is all those websites that list reghacks that are all the same. It's very rare to find any new reghacks because everyone just wants to copy someone elses work rather than learn how to find reghacks. There have always been undocumented reghacks for several reasons: New functionality in windows Everytime a new version of windows comes out some behavior is changed that people depend on. For example, a company uses a 3rd party app they spent $100,000 to develop that works fine in win2k but doesn't
  2. goshy2007

    my inf's

    These are inf's i recently wrote. Theyre far from complete but thought i would post anyway in case it helps anyone. -gosh INF.zip
  3. you must mean that keuyoung guy? he had a site on canada isp rogers.net -gosh
  4. when i left the inet i gave everytning i had to a friend who no longer talks to gosh...i gotta go, ill try to get my pw, if you ask aaronxp i told him i was leaving but he never took me serious then i just left. i remember my pw for activewin.com, for username gosh. thanks for the nice words -gosh
  5. hey- to those old skool people here i used to post here 3 years ago. i havent been online in about 3 years and i only have a couple mins. I didnt write down my passwords soi cant seem to remember the password togosh. If you need proof im gosh just ask me a question. Im just posting to say hi, in case anyone wonders where gosh went. i should be online for a couple mins next thursday, ill read any posts. -gosh
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