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  1. Aww man that's a real disappointment. I love the unattended install. What if you don't integrate anything new into windows (SPs, drivers, etc), or don't remove anything, but simply use it to answer all your questions up front. Will it still break WFP? Slipstreaming is great but I can do that manually if I want.
  2. Since I do tech support for a living, I sometimes call all my friends and family "clients" when I'm working on their systems. Haha. No, I don't build systems for money, as cool as that might be. Just everyone I know! My professional activities are strictly call center. But I still don't want them having to deal with a weird error popping up. I'm doing my in-law's new system this week and errors aren't a good stocking stuffer. As for turning off the windows file protection, I don't want it turned of permanently. Will turning it off during the install keep this error from popping up later when it's re-enabled?
  3. nLite seems like a super-great tool, but the two times I've used it to create lite version of XP, I get these annoying errors popping up randomly or whenever I install anything on the system afterwards: I've done both XP Home and XP Pro, each with SP2 slipstreamed and various junk removed from Windows. I removed nothing marked red or that sounded important. The error requires that you put in the windows install CD and let it do its thing, or hit cancel. I certainly can't give a system to a client (friends & family, that is) and have it do this Any suggestions?

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