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  1. I hate BSoDs. After I maintain my computers, over and over and over, I STILL run into them. The most recent being on my Vista laptop. I forgot why, but it was there. It doesn't let you sleep any easier if it appears at 3 in the morning. I swear, it is scary when it happens. That eerie blue glow...
  2. sorry, to change that you're going to have to either a. make a new setup or b. edit the existing setup to change that, afaik. offtopic: i wonder why i always sign up in forums and sites and never use them.
  3. Two things: 1. Is it possible to create a Vista/XP ad hoc network? 2. If so, how? I've been Googling and Googling, and I don't get the information I need.
  4. So, I've made an ISO image of my DVD. I tested it on VMware Workstation 6 and Virtual PC 2007, and I'm having problems. VMware cannot boot off of the image at all. Virtual PC 2007 says that it cannot detect NTLDR, but I have copies of it on the ISO. Also, Virtual PC can boot to the menu, but it can't install... what? EDIT: I have a better idea. I'll just scrap the whole thing and try again.

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