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  1. And here it is. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LDAP] @="URL:LDAP Protocol" "EditFlags"=hex:02,00,00,00 "URL Protocol"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LDAP\Clsid] @="{228D9A81-C302-11cf-9AA4-00AA004A5691}" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LDAP\shell] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LDAP\shell\open] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LDAP\shell\open\command] @=hex(2):22,00,25,00,50,00,72,00,6f,00,67,00,72,00,61,00,6d,00,46,00,69,00,6c,\ 00,65,00,73,00,25,00,5c,00,57,00,69,00,6e,00,64,00,6f,00,77,00,73,00,20,00,\ 4d,00,61,00,69,00,6c,00,5c,00,77,00,61,00,62,00,2e,00,65,00,78,00,65,00,22,\ 00,20,00,22,00,2f,00,6c,00,64,00,61,00,70,00,3a,00,25,00,31,00,22,00,00,00,\ 00,00 security_vlitefix.reg
  2. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=96544 Windows Mail Using "net user" command or netplwiz you can correctly create and manage user accounts even when it is broken. You also have to use cacls to set permissions and icacls to set the owner.
  3. I disabled superfetch once I found out it was caching movie files I've viewed (process monitor). Most people only view videos once and the player (VLC) is set to cache one second. I only disabled the service. I never remove services.
  4. Can you say which reg entries? Vista is already installed.
  5. I am having this problem: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...;hl=permissions , because I removed Windows Mail. I did not know Windows Mail was that tightly integrated into Vista. Is there a fix or do I have to have Windows Mail? icacls and calcs works, i'd use those if it came to that. Attached is my last session.ini. VistaBusiness.ini
  6. Ignorance runs high. C:\Windows\Temp or \WINNT\Temp in 2000 has always been a restricted folder that non-admin users can't open. Vista accounts default to non-admin "Admins" which means you are a non-admin and admin tokens are only used when needed, hence the UAC prompt. It's just a secure way of using ANY modern operating system, which many people like LeveL don't approve of yet complain about security.
  7. I don't run as administrator, therefore the permissions protect system files from being easily overwritten by malware. Permissions are a non-issue for most people because most people run as administrator. They may was well use Windows 9x. I frequently have files over 4GB. I can use BartPE to run scans even if all partitions are NTFS. The file system doesn't make a difference if the files you attempt to rename or replace are locked by the OS, not file permissions. I would never use any operating system from the DOS bloodline (DOS - WinME) outside of a virtual machine.
  8. No. SP2 is integrated which means all the files have been replaced with SP2 files. What sort of driver explicitly works with SP1?
  9. It's not enabled by default in XP Pro either (unless you joined a domain). It requires to disable Simple Filesharing in the Folder Options. By design, there is no Security tab in XP Home and depending on your version of Media Center (that is based on XP Home) while in regular mode and is only visible in safe mode. Configuring file sharing: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304040
  10. Editing setupp.ini to get a VLK disc from OEM/retail media or vice versa will not work. That will only work for OEM <-> Retail. There are some differences with the binaries. You can either put your company in jeopardy by searching the internet for these files to make a VLK disc (illegal act or potential unknown/undetectable trojan horse) or contact Microsoft and perhaps they'll let you have a CD or two for free or a couple of bucks.
  11. Non-admin account AVG Router & Windows firewall, Windows firewall being for blocking other PCs connected to the router because to me they are untrusted.
  12. What, are you using nlite to integrate hotfixes, and instead of installing them on your current install, you reinstall Windows in order to have the hotfixes applied? They're called hotfixes because you don't have to integrate them into the installation source and reinstall the OS. I'm writing this on an install of XP done in June of last year and hadn't had to reinstall/repair/recover or reactivate for various hardware changes. Heck, when I changed out the master hard drive with Windows, I didn't have to reinstall. I used my imaging software to clone the old disk to the new disk and not a peep out of Windows. I have Slackware installed but I don't use it all that much.. and I hear the exact opposite of people not using their Windows install much with a dual-boot.
  13. What security do viruses go through, in XP or 2000, when you are running as administrator? XP as an administrator has no more security than running 9x. In Vista you have to give viruses permission (and viruses are fundamentally like any other program, so you have to give other programs permission as well) to compromise the entire system.But I should say my install of XP Pro is still chugging along 1 1/2 years without even a repair install (heck, my profile is just as old and never "refreshed" it yet) thanks to not running as administrator.
  14. Because I like knowing that I don't have any layers (like running as non-admin in XP) preventing code from writing all zeros to my BIOS and leaving me with a paperweight.
  15. You have to install an English version. There's something called the Multilingual User Interface Pack that localizes Windows, but it's only intended to localize an English copy to other languages.
  16. redxii

    Lite Windows

    I deleted all of the following as part of 16-bit subsystem: _DEFAULT.PIF ansi.sys append.exe autoexec.nt avicap.dll avifile.dll bios1.rom bios4.rom clock.avi cmos.ram comm.drv command.com commdlg.dll compobj.dll config.nt country.sys ctl3dv2.dll ddeml.dll debug.exe doskey.exe dosx.exe drwatson.exe ds16gt.dll ds32gt.dll edit.com edit.hlp edlin.exe exe2bin.exe fastopen.exe forcedos.exe gdi.exe graftabl.com graphics.com graphics.pro himem.sys kb16.com key01.sys keyboard.drv keyboard.sys krnl386.exe lanman.drv loadfix.com lzexpand.dll mciavi.drv mciole16.dll mciseq.drv mciwave.drv mem.exe mmsystem.dll mmtask.tsk mouse.drv msacm.dll mscdexnt.exe msvideo.dll netapi.dll netware.drv nlsfunc.exe ntdos.sys ntdos404.sys ntdos411.sys ntdos412.sys ntdos804.sys ntio.sys ntio404.sys ntio411.sys ntio412.sys ntio804.sys ntvdm.exe ntvdmd.dll nw16.exe nwapi16.dll odbc16gt.dll odbc32gt.dll ole2.dll ole2disp.dll ole2nls.dll olecli.dll olesvr.dll pmspl.dll progman.cnt progman.exe progman.hlp redir.exe setup16.inf setver.exe share.exe shell.dll sound.drv stdole.tlb storage.dll sysedit.exe system.drv system.ini tapi.dll timer.drv toolhelp.dll twain.dll twunk_16.exe twunk_32.exe typelib.dll user.exe v7vga.rom vcdex.dll vdmredir.dll ver.dll vga.drv vwipxspx.dll vwipxspx.exe wfwnet.drv wifeman.dll win87em.dll winhelp.exe win.com win.ini winnls.dll winoldap.mod winsock.dll winspool.exe wow32.dll wowdeb.exe wowexec.exe wowfax.dll wowfaxui.dllNone of my 32-bit programs give me a fit.
  17. I have it disabled.. it doesn't provide anything as far as I know.
  18. Sys admins have no use for WMP on a server. Hopefully no one is paying $999 + tax for a workstation.
  19. ctfmon.exe is a component of 2000 and XP, copied by default in XP to system32 and only copied in 2000 when adding input for other languages. When installing IE7 it is forced upon the user even if they don't have additional input languages or Office installed and can be disabled in the Regional settings.
  20. It is required for East Asian language input. Do this: Start -> Run, and open intl.cpl. Go to the Language tab and click Details. Go to the Advanced tab and put a check in "Turn off advanced text services" and Apply.
  21. Tools > Options. Security tab, and set a "Password to Modify".
  22. PerfectDisk 8 will allow a non-admin user to defrag without using Run As. They said that non-admin users run PD in Standalone mode, yet it runs in Networked which is what admins get when they launch it. The way I see it the driver it installs allows this to be possible.. even a non-admin user can launch the PDEngine service from a stopped state, and it runs as SYSTEM. I'm not sure if there are any security risks, but i've expressed how I don't like the behavior. I'm sticking to v7.
  23. Upgrade? You should never upgrade an install of 9x or ME to 2000 or XP.
  24. Anyway, here's an updated one. I forgot the [strings] and added flags for the copying to require a reboot if some files are in use or don't replace if already exists. Removing requires WFP to be disabled. NTVDM_nlite.inf

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