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  1. I feared that. It's a very disappointing limit since it forces to manage a different installation for each SKU Thank you anyway for your reply I'll put everything on hold then. If someone find out something, please let me know.
  2. Hi all, I keep a fully updated and configured "technician PC" with Win7 Home. From time to time, I sysprep it and then imagex /capture to create a new install.wim The problem is that this only generates a "Win 7 Home" install.wim! Is it possible to generate a install.wim for a different edition (let's say "Starter") from the same PC? Thanks
  3. I can't understand WTF, but I tried to re-burn a CD with no label, and this time it worked. This is really, REALLY wired, since I did everything again as I did the first time!!! but now everything is ok... Anyway, thanks again for your time.
  4. Thank you for your reply I forgot to mention: I already tried that one, but I still get the problem Uhmm, interesting... I'm working on an italian Office. Could you please be more specific? which one?
  5. Hi all, this one is driving me mad. I created an admin install of Office 2003 with this e:\setup /a MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 This installs flawless both from a network share and from CD. Then I slipstreamed SP3 in it with this msiexec /p d:\pacchi\sp_scompattato\MAINSP3.msp /a d:\OfficeAdminInstall\PRO11.MSI shortfilenames=true MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 /q msiexec /p d:\pacchi\sp_scompattato\OWC11SP3.msp /a d:\OfficeAdminInstall\OWC11.MSI shortfilenames=true MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 /qb The sliptreamed installation works as well as log as it's on a network share but (**** it) fails when I run it from a already-double-verified-CD: I get a "Insert Office CD" message. MSINODISABLEMEDIA should prevent exactly this kinda stuff, but it ain't working... Any suggestion will be really REALLY appreciated.
  6. Can hardly wait for it! focus on crap-ware (Accessibility Option, for example!!) first! nLite 2.0 is what I suggest. nLiter is also very cool! To the person who asked: pronto means ready in italian
  7. Hi people! I removed the 16 bit support, but now my Visual Basic 6 cannot be installed: is there any way I can restore the 16bit support without reinstall the whole o.s.? I'm in extrahurry due to school reasons, than you for you help!
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