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  1. Might be technical reasons (perhaps the devs wanted to take advantage of NT's superior kernel/resource management without having to cram backward compatibility for 9x in there) or "just because". Funny you should mention BF2.. EA denies that it will work in 2000, only XP, even though it will run on 2000 just fine. When I used 9x it always sucked my memory dry in no time flat. People were like "Oh, you have to do this and that and the other thing to keep 9x from doing that." But I shouldn't have had to do anything. The deal with Mozilla is that their programs fail to launch. By default, attempting to launch Thunderbird from IE using the mail icon produces "Cannot find 'C:\PROGRA~1\MOZILLA' ..". 8.3 (max of 8 characters in the name, and 3 letters for extension) is a DOS limitation that doesn't exist since 95 or NT4 atleast. 2000 and XP keep a 8.3 record in the MFT and this behavior can be disabled. I so happen to disable it to get rid of the legacy nonsense. During install, Firefox and TB will correctly put the long filename and quoted, but for some reason when the user chooses "yes" to make it default the paths stored in the registry turn to 8.3.
  2. I do believe IE and DX have seperate binaries. There is one in DX for NT based and another for 9x. I think IE (6 SP1) has different binaries for NT, 2000, and XP because if you do a Download Only they are seperate cabs. Mozilla is, however, one install and set of binaries fits all.
  3. 9x is junk. I heard Vista removes support for 16-bit setups... woohoo! Don't get me started on how even the mighty Mozilla still programs Firefox et al for DOS because of their lack of use of Long Filenames. Other programs simply don't work because of unquoted paths (Paint Shop Pro 9 comes to mind, you can't be in a folder with a long filename and launch an image with PSP). That's all if 8.3 name creation is disabled for NTFS.
  4. 40GB--that's a given, you'll have to use NTFS. It should be faster than FAT32 on a 40g drive. Plus NTFS is more reliable.. NTFS has security, the permissions capability doesn't mean jack always running as admin; but if you want encryption, it's there.
  5. Made the videos. Near the end as running as admin, it was CRAWLING to grinding halt. I could not complete the HJT logs, because it would have taken an hour to do so! It was alot of work to get it to a decent speed so I could get the video file. It was a driveby exploit, so no ifs ands or buts about if the user "decided" to run it. Basically, as admin, the malware had to ability to: - Edit my hosts file - Use group policy to disable task manager, enforce various IE settings system wide, among other things It is XP Pro sans any service packs OR patches, nor any anti-virus or security "hacks". The limited account was much, much less severe. No crawling, and completely isolated from the rest of the system. It is also secure for IE, because driveby ActiveX exploits aren't possible. You can only get exploited by existing ActiveX plugins but even then it can do less damage. It's a 1.09MB rar file.. this forum won't let me upload it.
  6. I have two videos showing one exploit, unpatched machine, default security settings + NTFS, a limited user and an admin user. I show you this and that in the video, and go to the site with a drive-by and watch the sparks fly (admin) or nothing happens (non-admin). The "showing of this and that" is inconsistent and made a few embarrasing mistakes (like HJT took over the clipboard and replacing the URL of the site and accidently pasting). I compare admin and non-admin all the time so perhaps soon I will have something more professional and clean to present, if not if you give we webspace for the videos I will upload what I have.
  7. My tip, but forget it if you aren't using NTFS: There is a group called Administrators, and Users. Remove your account from Administrators, and add it to Users. Start -> Run -> lusrmgr.msc There ain't nothing like "I have an anti-virus and anti-spyware and am unable to clean my computer [because the virus is deeply embedded into every nook and cranny], guess I will have to format!"
  8. My CD is 584MB with SP2, and nothing else added by me. Can't speak for if it is the exact size, but that's my figure.
  9. I would say you can transfer a license from a OEM vendor once. Dell et. al. do not spend countless hours making sure each machine's install of Windows has a unique key, matching the key on the CoA. Instead a special cd key is used on all their media, and activation is locked to the BIOS. That means you can't use that key to activate on a non-(insert OEM here) BIOS (simply won't work). So when transferring, use the key on the CoA. After all, the key on the CoA never got used. It will activate (one computer) just fine. Not like they are going to hunt you down. Since you do it for customers, it is best to charge them for the cost of the license.
  10. I use Winamp and ml_ipod. I also spent an hour pulling out my hair wondering why when I updated the plugin my iPod was no longer detected. It was because it had fudged around with the files in ipod_control.
  11. If I have missed this, then please point me to the correct place. http://www.publictechnology.net/modules.ph...rticle&sid=4224 I didn't see this updated in the news, checked my usual outlets for news and they don't report anything. What's the decision on this? The EU gets to keep ruling businesses with an iron fist?
  12. Holy s***, news just in that both OSes use the hard drive for extra memory and that the hard drive is a very slow component.
  13. I haven't received any problems on all the computers I installed it on.
  14. Simple: Don't run as administrator. Don't run as Power User either. Run as a user in the Users group. http://blogs.msdn.com/aaron_margosis/default.aspx It's a b***h to do so because 3rd-party software is often designed disregarding ACLs. Instead of placing preferences in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application\appName it will dump everything into the same directory as the program and write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry after being installed. Because you are unable to write to Program Files and Local Machine, programs will: 1) Fail silently, 2) give an error message, or 3) falsely state that you need to be an administrator or have administrator privilege. #3 is untrue because all you really need is write privileges and you don't need to be an administrator to gain additional write privileges.
  15. OEM comes from a computer manufacturer (Dell, ...) or from a retailer which you are supposed to buy hardware to go with. OEM has activation. Volume license does not, but is NOT licensed to home users. You can't just buy one license for one computer you have to buy it for many. Illegal versions are usually volume license.
  16. http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=342 There's more where that came from.
  17. I use IE. I installed all the updates for XP SP2 and I don't have any problems, nor does my virtual machine with XP SP2. Firewall et. al appear to be working just fine. Perhaps because Microsoft doesn't test every single 3rd-party addon? Since testing 3rd-party addons for IE isn't their job.
  18. We are paying to LICENSE the software for use. If we paid FOR the software itself, then the hooey about reverse engineering in the EULA would not be there.
  19. License/product keys don't appear out of thin airPeople like us don't give a $hit about paying $15 for a hologram stamped to a 99cent (or you can get them for 30 cents a cd in a 100 spindle) CD. I just found an article about this method for Win2000 that actually bypasses needing a CD key/license. That I consider illegal, and sometimes I just don't give a hoot what that manufacturer has to say sometimes. Are EULAs even admissable as legal contracts?
  20. it is. please stop making it worse by posting more on how to do it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How is it illegal? Such method does not circumvent activation. I needed a cd for my legit MSDNAA xp pro license but you can only check out (borrow) the cd, otherwise pay $16 for your own media. Ok, first of all I am sure the hologram cost $15 and the cd itself $.99. In the end, I paid nothing for my legit license and to use it. I even replaced EULA.TXT with the correct EULA.
  21. Windows is better, for me. Dependency problems, and so much bloat, the apps incliuded MUST stay installed otherwise I risk breaking something else. I am of few who actually know how to use Windows, especially as non-admin. Oh yeah, well worth the $ spent.

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