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  1. If it doesn't at the moment, it will soon. Microsoft no longer support sp1. That's your main reason to upgrade, IMO.
  2. Yes I have tested the ram. I have two sticks and each was tested separately, then together. All drives have dma enabled. It wasn't a slow burning issue, but was giving an error half way through.The video corruption thing just occured again. I'd say my card is on its way out. But what I really need to know is if a bad psu can cause the corruption that occured in the dvd burner's firmware, as well as the bad sector. If not then I guess my motherboard is gone too.
  3. Yes Sure did. No leaky caps.The unfortunate thing is none of my friends has a MB which will take my cpu to try everything on. Looks like I'll be going PCIe quicker than I thought. I still can't understand why all these things occured at once. And how the firmware in my fairly new dvd burner seemingly became corrupt as well. Could a worn-out psu cause all these problems?
  4. You sure this is not a keyframe issue? I think you have to make a cut at the start of video on a keyframe, or it won't work properly. Just a longshot, but have had similar problems before.
  5. Well the problem occured again just before - the video corruption, I mean. The card is a generic ATI 9200se. I think it has issues, but like I said even my dvd burner wouldn't work properly until it was flashed. This is looking serious, and I just don't have the money or resources to troubleshoot it properly. Coincidence I don't think. Too many probs with too many parts. Handing out huge amounts of cash for a new comp seems more likely at this stage Could a bad cable cause bad sectors and stuff? I expect modern hard drives to be pretty much fault tolerant in this respect. But I'm only guessi
  6. I have already replaced the psu with a known good one. The weird dates in event viewer happened before I had changed the battery. Bios has been re-configured. I don't have onboard graphics. Can a bad graphics card cause disk and IDE problems? Interestingly, since replacing the cmos battery this morning I've had no crashes and no errors in event viewer. Will do a stress test soon and see what happens. This is worrying me because rather than replacing a bad MB now, I'd like to wait a few months and go PCI-e. Can't afford it right now.
  7. I need help troubleshooting some very weird hardware problems. Sorry for the length. Last week I started getting video corruption problems in xp. At random times the screen would blank, then show a corrupted screen for a few seconds, then come back, but changing to different apps would be slow - like you could see the screen redrawing from top to bottom it was that slow. Rebooting the comp would fix the problem, for a while The next problem was a bad sector on my second hard drive. I fixed that with seatools, and also scanned my primary Western Digital drive which showed no problems. After a
  8. ReWire is a protocol that allows two audio applications to transfer data between them. FL Studio asks if you want to install the ReWire plugin during installation. I haven't used FL for a while, but I think there was a shortcut to add or remove plugins after installation.
  9. Apparently it's nothing to worry about. But with the 1.2RC version it doesn't happen for me. I've stopped using nLite for the moment though, as the install seems very unstable. Only lasted 2 weeks before I had to reinstall due to large number of problems. Really hope it gets better. Using slipstreamed RyanVM OS at the mo' without nLiting and it's **** stable. What's that? **** is a banned word?????
  10. janger


    VMware Tools installs like a normal windows app. It will ask to reboot the machine once they're installed. Basically they install an SVGA driver for better graphics, support for shared folders and drag&drop, and several other tweaks. Most of your questions can be answered by reading the user manual.
  11. What programs have you tried so far? SUPER seems to work ok for me converting in both directions.
  12. But mp3DirectCut can automatically split the mp3 into individual tracks by detecting the gaps (silence) between tracks, and it does it non-destructively. However, it works best on CBR files. If you have a VBR, run it through mp3packer first to convert it to a constant bitrate mp3.
  13. mp3DirectCut Cuts natively without having to decode the mp3. So no quality loss.
  14. The One Step Photo Fix in paint shop does a pretty good job too. Does PS Elements have scripting support?
  15. Well many older (60+) people I've shown both programs to say they prefer paint shop. They say it's more intuitive. And now PSP has 16-bit support, there's really not that much u can do in photoshop that can't be done in it.
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