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  1. I think i have traced the problem, with trend micro real time scan disabled office seems to run this document fine, looks like its a problem with trend micro.
  2. Hello One off the users in my office is attempting to edit a word document, this document has lots of formatting on the page, eg columns small pictures different fonts etc, but it is constantly crashing and runs very slow on any machine that opens the document repairing the document does not solve the problem. This is a reoccurring problem as many off the documents that we need to create having lots of formatting. These documents constantly need repairing converting into rich text and back again or in some cases become completely corrupted and have to be started again. We run Office 2003 with sp3. Is this a common problem with word? I would be grateful for any help on this matter. thanks
  3. Hi I am having a problem upgrading my copy's of office at work, we have around 20 copy's of office 2002 and my manager brought 20 copy's of office 2007 upgrade, as far as i know i can upgrade to office 2003 as long as i have the office 2007 upgrade license. problem that i have is that when i try and use the office 2007 key codes when installing ofice 2003 they dont work and when i try and use one of the 2003 codes on a few computers it says its excided the number of installs. is there anything i can do to over come this problem or do i have to run office 2007 which i dont want to do yet.
  4. I been told for the last few years that windows ME is rubbish and that i should have brought a new copy of windows XP or 2000 when i brought my computer about 3 years ago, but i have installed most of the fixes and pathches for ME and it has allways ran fine on my system, about 3 month ago i decided to upgrade to windows 2000 but its been causing me lots of problems. it keeps crashing even though everything is compatible with it, and i have SP4 on and all the hotfixes and patches. the internet is a real problem as it always gets viruses after a couple of days even with the latest version of norton anti viruses and firewall, and yesterday when i went to delete a video file dr watson got corrupted and now the hole system is corrupted, win 2000 has been so bad i have had to do 3 fresh installs in a week, i have decided to go back to ME but now my friends are telling me to go for XP but i think ishould just stay with ME for now. what do you guy's thing

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