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  1. Afternoon All Was wondering if anyone out their could help me out, i have a server with TFS 2010 installed running Sharepoint 3.0, i want to know is it possible to upgrade Sharepoint to 2010 without having to remove TFS or change the current server as it stands? Can anyone help? Thanks Phil
  2. Evening Everyone Hope your all well, i was just wondering, does anyone know any sort of official release date for Windows Mobile 7 Phones? I have seen a few sites report next week (11th Oct) but their doesn't seem to be much buzz on the net about it all. So just wondering if any knows of any official announced release date? Thanks Phil
  3. Evening All Was wondering if somebody could help me out, got a bit of a problem with Outlook 2010, i have installed Office on a 2008 R2 Terminal Server box, and im logging in as a user (To Test) and opening Outlook to check my email, now when i open it i have two problems. First problem is, Outlook does its auto discovery bit, and finds my users name then errors with "An Unknown error occurred, error code:0x80070057. If i ok this and configure the account manually by typing in the name of my mail server it connects and works fine, mail server is Exchange 2003, is their any compatibility issues does anyone know? Second problem is, once you open Outlook as the user i get a "Help protect and improve microsoft office" setting prompt, asking me to choose "Recommended Settings" or "Install Updates Only" just wondering does anyone know if group policy can get rid or choose a option for the user Thanks Phil
  4. Morning Everyone Now this may sound like a strange request but bare with me on this one, was wondering if anyone could help me out, was wondering if their is any way to stop Windows XP computers from finding other wireless networks? Basically i work in a school with wireless network, all working fine, but some of the kids are connecting to local unprotected networks and browsing the internet which is unfiltered? Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  5. Many Thanks for the reply Managed to work this one out actually, the server name was resolving to the wrong IP adress, changed it in the hosts file to the right IP and all working fine Thanks again anyway Happy Bunny now
  6. Hi Everyone Wondering if somebody could be of some help with a problem im having, ill try to explain it as best i can but feel free to ask questions Got a Windows XP machine that is using a database program which sync's though port 65100, now i have 3 other machines thats working perfect, i just have one that cant find the sync server?? Now im thinking windows firewall is blocking the port, so i thought telnet, now if i try to use telnet with the name of the server "telnet rs0 65100" i get no joy, now if i use the server ip address it connects "telnet 65100" Now when i have checked the firewall logs in Windows XP its reporting letting port 65100 when i sync the database, only issue is its destination its syncing to is which doesnt exist. Im assuming the fact i cant telnet the server name is kinda the issue, but not to sure were to go from here. Anyone got any advise or resolutions, they would be very gratefully received as im pulling my hair out currently Thanks in advance Phil
  7. Just thought this maybe of intrest to somebody, intresting to see Microsoft are mostly on Server 2008 http://bink.nu/news/microsoft-it-numbers.aspx Phil
  8. Hi All Was wondering if somebody could be of assistance, created a new signature in Outlook 2003 with a image, everything is working fine when i do new mail it appears not a problem, when i open a word document and do file>sendto> email as a attachment the email opens and then i click insert and signature, i then get the same signature without any image. Only seems to do this if i do it this way. Anyone any ideas Thanks
  9. Hello Everyone Wondering if anyone could help me out with something, got a shared calendar in a public folder on Outlook 2003, this is using Small Business Server 2003 with Exchange, now i want to change the labels on this shared calendar but cant I can change the labels on my calendar but not on the public one, i have set the access rights to Editor for everyone but when i click on my label list at the bottow edit labels is grayed out, now i know this is possible because somebody has changed the labels to what they are now Anyone got any ideas please Thanks Phil
  10. Morning All Wondering if somebody could help me, working on Outlook 2003 in a Server 2003 enviroment, somebody is saying all their appointments from Nov 06 backwards have all gone Does anyone know if Outlook purges calender entries after a set amount of time, if so do we know were this setting is so i can change it Many Thanks Phil
  11. Its because the game doesnt support onboard graphics, doesnt matter how big the memory is it just dont support it Sorry but your out of luck
  12. Happy Birthday guys Have a fun day
  13. Ow Dear ! So im stuck with a Polish copy of XP then am i ? Wait till i speak to the guy who sold me that
  14. Hi Guys Wondering if somebody could help me out, just installed Windows XP Pro on my machine and its in Polish Need to obviously change it back to English but not sure how, i have (i Think) gone into regional settings and added what i think is English but it wont change, anyone any ideas for a quick fix rather then a total reinstal Thanks Phil
  15. Hi Guys Wondered if anyone could help me out, got a user who has just received a few CSV files though email, when she trys to open them its saying they dont have permissions, when i give the user Admin rights it opens first time without any problems, as soon as i take them away the same thing happens, ive checked the security permissions on each file and they have full control I cant leave the user with Admin rights for security reasons, anyone got any ideas ? Thanks Phil
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