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  1. You can buy & download from the Microsoft store can you not?
  2. On the front page at msfn.org clicking the topic links under "Latest Forum Posts" doesn't go to that topic instead it just goes to the forum index.
  3. redxii

    nLite quiet?

    vLite development halted too. That's what happens when only one person holds the source.
  4. It was Manual Install, you need to keep the setup.exe in the sources folder (not the one in the root of the DVD).
  5. This is how via unattended: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=853068 Replace the info in <OEMInformation> with your own. On your DVD, create this folder in the sources folder: $OEM$/$$/System32 and put your oemlogo.bmp in it.
  6. redxii

    too big image

    The DirectX ones? They aren't exactly monthly, more like every 2-4 months. I suppose they add functionality for something that plain DirectX doesn't have. Usually if a game requires a dll from the monthly updates, it would include the files.
  7. redxii

    too big image

    Ain't nothin wrong with my addon. You only need the i386 folder. You can delete the Docs, DotNetFX, Support, and ValueAdd folders. That's about 60MB. In the i386 folder, you can delete Win9xMig, Win9xUpg, and WinntUpg folders if you are not upgrading an older Windows installation. That's another 40MB.
  8. Most of those are essential for networking.. Server and Workstation depend on Computer Browser, so if you disable those two you should be able to disable Computer Browser. Server is for allowing other computers connect to yours, Workstation vice versa. Remote Access Connection Manager depends on Telephony. Network Connections depends on the Windows Firewall service (I'd disable Windows Firewall only if you have another firewall or are behind a router) Windows Time has no dependencies and just syncs the time automatically to an internet server. Are you up to date on your drivers? I found this but this is for SP2 and should already be fixed in SP3: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/903737
  9. When the problem is occurring, you can mouse over that particular svchost.exe in Process Explorer and it will show you what services are running under that svchost.exe, or view the properties and it's in the Service tab. You can tell us what the services are.. as for which service is using the CPU PE doesn't break them down by cpu usage so you'll have to stop or restart them one by one, but not all services can be stopped.
  10. I don't know if that's the only thing, my particular laptop also uses the generic audio driver at first for hd audio but I need a display driver as well, or I can't set the desktop to 1280x800 and everything will be a slideshow because the generic driver is so slow.
  11. Windows usually includes a basic driver that will enable basic functionality.. no control panel settings, mixers, configuration, etc. hdaudio.sys is a generic driver for HD Audio sound cards. IMHO you should keep the proper Realtek driver from Toshiba or from Realtek's website. As for the display driver, the drivers you get from Windows Update (or Microsoft Update Catalog) are full drivers, but drivers from the catalog don't always include an installer (has to be installed through Device Manager or done for you thru Windows Update ). You just got a newer version than Toshiba posted. My OEM (HP) stopped posting drivers updates for my laptop a long time ago, I get updated drivers from Windows Update/Microsoft Update Catalog, they are the exact same in functionality. Microsoft didn't make the drivers, the respective manufacturer did, they are distributed through Toshiba's website or Windows Update.
  12. A graphics card upgrade would help only if Flash could take advantage of your GPU. Win 98 should have System Monitor and you can run it in the background to see if your CPU is maxing out when videos are fullscreen.
  13. Fullscreen Flash video is incredibly CPU hungry. I have a XP 3200+ (2.2GHz)/GeForce 6800XT 256MB AGP/2GB of RAM, when I watch videos on Hulu I drop my resolution down to 800x600 (1024x640 for widescreen videos) from 1680x1050 and the video will play fine in fullscreen.
  14. Try removing it if you haven't already. There are also numerous websites with details on how to fix it, since it's a Vista problem, to avoid reinstalling.
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