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    ghost task?

    i don't know if this has something to do with vista vlited.. but lately it has happened to me that some programs (i.e. flashget) remain running in the background even after i close them... has anyone had the same problem? any tips or help? thanks
  2. woups... really sorry nuhi... i uninstalled vlited windows and there was no problem.. i must have screwed up file permissions unadvertedly... sorry for waisting your time... thanks again mister!
  3. Hey there... first of all i must say Thank you Nuhi for your Wonderful Work... There are no words to express my gratitud for making Vlite.. I certainly believe i've found a bug on Vlite.... It happens that when i "activate" the guest user account and log into it for the first time... it won't launch any exe file correctly... pretty much like if system could not identify the ".exe" extension... This happens only in the guest user account... i supose it has something to do with permissions and security settings, which im proceding to check right now... although it is a minor problem for me, i believe there are people who might find a solution useful... thanks again and greets from mexico!
  4. dude unfortunately there's no Gpedit.msc in Vista Premium nor Home Basic... Crappy Huh? Does anyone know how to enable it?
  5. Neat... Thanks Nuhi! You Rock Man!
  6. great! Thanks!! I'll rebuild another setup keeping windows mail... should that be enough? any other sugestions? Thanks!
  7. somehow, it's a bit relaxing to find out this wasn't my faul! now then... do you know what component should I keep in order to avoid this? and also... is there any other "bug" i should be worried about? I'm so happy with my extra 6 gigz... i hope i don't have to install the full package :S Thanks for your help!
  8. Hey all this is my first post in here the question is that i have a Dell Inspiron Laptop which came with a restore cd bundled i used vlite to trim down the thing and leave it lighter and it worked well... how ever the only problem that i have is that when setting rights for any given folder i can't specify my user since it doesn't recognize it i don't know if im being clear here.. ill try to be more specific by giving you an example... let's say i have a folder called "things" which i want to be the owner/onlyuser enabled to access it the normal thing to do would be to right click that folder, then select properties, then to go to Security tab after that i would choose to edit the user list, and then in the new dialog i would choose to add a new user this is when it gets nasty since when i type my username (Phidel) and hit "ok" another dialog box apears saying there's "no object with that name" in the system same thing happens whenever i type another username or so. I really love Vlite since it saved me almost 6 Gigz of space but I really need to recover my ability to allow and deny permissions to users... that's why im asking for some help in here... Thanks a lot peepz.. btw... vista edition is Home Premium 32 Thanks in advance!
  9. heeeeeey i just couldn't help breaking into this post because im having this problem... the files in my root cd folder are: WIN51 WIN51IC WIN51IC.SP2 integrated sp2 xp (¿pro?) cd please help!! and thanks!

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