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I am always pro-user and anti-greedy companies who will sacrifice quality of their software for more $$$. If you help people improve their computer experience, I have only respect for you. I loved the old Microsoft.

Did you know the Microsoft of the pre-Vista era? It had this unique ideology of backward compatible product design. It preserved its own excellent innovations and built their OS around that without destroying everything they built. Now that ideology is going down and so is Microsoft. I am a fan of the Microsoft era when they knew what they were doing and had a clear vision. Today, I am a critic. It's over. Microsoft is dead. They still make a profit, but their own foolish dumb products are killing their reputation.

As some of you may know, Windows 10 has been pretty upsetting. It’s not just that it’s crap (which, make no mistake, it is), it’s that it shakes my previously solid faith in Microsoft to its core. It's the same company which created product such as Windows XP. Even Windows 7/8.1 with a Start Menu can't match up to XP, they're just like Vista polished and re-marketed with their massive bloat and slow horrible servicing. I don't say Windows 7/8.1 are total crap like Windows 10 is but they have issues that need to be fixed. Those issues are the same since 2009 and no fixes have come for any of the problems. If the OS does not do what it is supposed to do but the previous one does, how can we migrate off XP? And Windows 10? I see a product made by narrow-minded and arrogant people. In particular, the people in charge of the User Experience. You are stuck with them. You'll think that’s too harsh to say. But they are certainly not the innovative Microsoft of the 90s and 2000s. It’s just another big company that makes crap without even knowing what it’s doing. You can argue that Microsoft of the 90s and 2000s made well-designed but buggy software but that was more an issue of development talent. Bill Gates knew what he wanted, he just didn’t always have the people under him to execute. Now, they don’t even have that. They are lost and clueless, without any idea of user interface design, user experience, usability. It’s depressing.

How much can lower your own expectations and quality standards just to get the latest OS? And it is not a question of just "adapting to change" either because if you have any objectivity, you will realize that new Microsoft software isn't just different, it had less features and it is less functionality, not so much easier to use either. When Windows 7 and Vista were released, some of your favorite XP features got removed too. Now Windows 10 has removed the things you liked about Windows 7/8.1. This is not the Microsoft you like. Those people left - Gates, Allchin, they all left. Hopefully you won't be blind to not see my point of view. Windows 7/8.1 can't do what XP did and Windows 10 is total BS. You should all demand much more of Microsoft rather than just accepting whatever crap they make, only then will they stop abusing their unethical monopoly and dumbing down computing to the point of uselessnees. If you do serious work, that is, on a PC and have certain needs which you can't compromise.

If MS thinks "simplifying" is the right approach, then why does it have such huge trouble for years now getting people rid of Windows XP which isn't "simplified"? Because Windows XP was where the right balance of "advanced" vs "simplified" was reached. Everything afterwards is dumbed down. It's for grandma, it's not for you. Even if you love Microsoft, you should have a certain base quality threshold, don't accept crap. MS will come to their senses only and only when people skip Windows 10 and teach them that customer is king.

I don't deny Microsoft needed to change Yes of course they need to change in response to the competition from Apple and Google. But it's about how poorly they executed those changes and recklessly reimagined Windows. It could have been done in a far better way. They could have introduced the Modern UI without ruining the Desktop. Or they could have developed a separate mobile-only OS. Under-the-hood improvements are not enough reason to constantly keep on upgrading. The user experience needs to improve. But in case of Microsoft, the user experience is getting worse and we're being blackmailed to upgrade to their "improved" dumbed-down products!!

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