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  1. This depends on your hardware configuration, if your PC is mostly using parts not made in the last three or four years, you're better off sticking with Windows 10 until its support ends on October 14th 2025. Several improvements came to Windows 11 over Windows 10, such as the deprecation of 32-bit support, meaning update sizes are smaller on Windows 11. Kernel improvements mostly focused on gaming and creating more seamless experiences across devices with a synced account. Importantly, too, were the scheduler improvements for more modern CPU's with higher core counts (Ryzen 9's, Threadripper, Xeon, etc) and hybrid architectures (Intel Core series 12th gen and newer), there's of course more changes that were made and Microsoft has a blog post detailing some more of them here. This doesn't mean it's a perfect OS, either. Requirements are (thankfully IMHO) steeper. There's also the issue of tying an MS account to actually being able to finish the OOBE if you don't take any unsanctioned side-routes such as disabling internet for a minute by unplugging ethernet/shutting off WiFi.. It's not a perfect Operating System but I would recommend you do a bit of research of your own case for and against upgrading. Remember that Windows 11 was released in the midst of a pandemic, so there was a focus on telework, gaming and supporting the latest processors and their platforms. If you decide to research, try to weed out the MS fanboys and haters, plenty exist here on this forum who are misinformed about their liking AND disliking of Windows 11. I've noticed a memory leak issue when editing audio file metadata with Japanese characters that I reported a while back (but was drowned out by the salty tears of consumers hatred for TPM 2.0) that problem was fixed in Windows 11's File Explorer. Why do you not recommend Windows 11 for people using an AMD processor? My 5950X performs great on Windows 11. If this has to do with the scheduler conflict Windows 11 had previously with AMD CPU's, this issue was fixed almost a year ago.
  2. On version 3.0a, installing the English language version switched some of the UI to Japanese on my Thinkpad T43. This issue doesn’t happen in my virtual machines though.

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