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  1. Tomcat, on your latest WinXP SP2 updates, you say that you added KB923689 but it's not listed.
  2. I agree with Tain. csapi3t1.dll is used in spellchecking by M$ Office and Outlook Express. If you don't use MSN Explorer, M$ Office or OE, you don't need csapi3t1.dll. Might not be a bad idea to add a spellchecker reducer titled "MSN_Office_OEZZZZ" or something like that.
  3. Was downloading the latest updates to Russinovich's sysinternals tools and noticed that he rolled up FileMon and RegMon into one new program called ProcessMonitor and added several new enhancements. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...essmonitor.mspx So I dl and try it out on my HFSLIP and HFCLEANUP system and I get this error message: "Process Monitor requires Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 or higher" followed by "Unable to connect to driver" Anybody else get this error message with ProcessMonitor? Is it looking for a file that I HFSLIP'd out possibly? I was wondering if anyone could try ProcessMonitor on an HFSLIP Win2k system that wasn't HFCLEANUP or nLited.
  4. This is good news. M$ did the right thing. The prior restrictive Vista license hurt the enthusiasts community who are always upgrading chips, motherboards and graphics cards and that's the wrong community to alienate. If DX10 is great and the gamers love it, that's what will drive sales of Vista.
  5. Not a licensing expert, but it sounds like if someone upgrades his chip and then his motherboard burns out, he'll have to buy a second copy of Vista? Geez, that's wrong.
  6. Tomcat, you are still including KB917159 in your XP list, which was replaced with KB923414 in latest updates. Also, in my list I have KB923996v2, which neither of you two include. I'm confused by KB923996v2 because it can be downloaded from this page, but it links to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-042 which refers to KB918899, an IE cumulative fix. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  7. Oleg you were missed, good to have you back.
  8. If I'm with a beautiful woman, I roll over once.
  9. Wendy, you are a goddess, amazing work!
  10. How do I use NET USER command to create users? I only need to create 1 more user.
  11. In my latest build, the option to add new users was removed from control panel. Which HFCLEANUP file relates to this? I know it's not OSOptions_User Pictures.
  12. Nah Dont want to bother in this build, IE already there, keep it simple
  13. @tommyp I want to remove all the help files included in Win2k BUT leave the .dlls and other system files necessary to maintain ability to open up help files (i.e. .chm and the like). How do I do this?
  14. You know how the security bulletins say things like MS 06-42 replaces security bulletin MS 05-55. Thing is, when you check out the hotfixes that have been replaced, most of them are no longer on Tomcat's list! So why is M$ saying previous security bulletin is replaced when it has already been replaced? Weird.
  15. You can do a search on your hard drive but if you dont know where they are, chances are you don't have em. I'd download from the_guy's or tomcat's list, have fun.
  16. yeah but the only downside to that is no unicode support Yes but it still does have support for lots of languages. But if you require unicode, WP is not for you. Depends on what languages you need and how complicated your documents are. long complicated documents with multiple styles can be a mess in Word or Writer, but very easy to work on and fix in WP.
  17. If what you need is a kick a$$ wordprocessor, WordPerfect is by far the best. No styles, use html type codes to format your document and if formatting is screwy, go into reveal codes to fix it. Don't need to decipher style sheet dependencies.
  18. Nah thanks for putting HFSLIP and HFCLEANUP together. Your stuff rocks. I have a great, clean install now. System works fast, no hiccups. nLite I'd always have odd bits and pieces left over or there'd be some portions I want to remove but can't. HFCLEANUP is harder but once you get hang of it and tweak it the way you want, it does better job IMO. Plus it works a lot faster than nLite.
  19. Whew, spent a bunch of time at the nLite forum and playing around with nLite. Came across a bunch of old posts by you and Clint where you two are like mad scientists figuring out exactly which comopenents and .dlls to remove to get the slimmest Win2k. Unfortunately, doesn't look like a lot of your suggestions got incorporated by Nuhi. This computer is for parents who live far away. I don't want to update their machine. I want to set up automatic updates and forget it. I thought the WGA files were Windows Genuine Advantage only, which I figured were not needed.
  20. Tried an IE6 HFSLIP Win2k build with M$ Windows Updates. All update cabs are included except for legitcheckcontrol.cab. For some reason, I get an error message and the Windows Update site won't let me install any updates. Attached is my HFSLIP log and list of my HFCLEANUP files. Any suggestions? HFCLEANUP_files.txt HFSLIP.LOG.txt
  21. Never touched ME. But XP Pro before SP2 sucked for me. Crashed a lot, would just freeze all the time, took up huge amount of bloat. Was more stable after SP2, but even more bloated. Yeah, you can cut out bloat with nLite, but why bother when you can just start off with Win2k and cut bloat from that to get a lean, mean OS?
  22. Thanks Tomcat, see how it works now. By putting in HKLM string, I wiped out the entire HIVESYS.INF, a little bit too much HFCLEANUP! Sorry for all the dumb questions.
  23. @tommyp Well, gave it a shot. Below is code in my OSOptions_OS2Posix.rin file. I clearly screwed something up because my HIVESYS.INF file in SOURCESS has no entries Looks like you already worked out the right .rin file but I'm wondering if you could give me pointers so that next time I catch something I can make the file myself instead of passing the buck to you. HIVESYS.IN;HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment","Os2LibPath",0x00020002,"%SystemRoot%\system32\os2\dll" HIVESYS.IN;HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems","Optional",0x00010002,"Os2","Posix" HIVESYS.IN;HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems","Os2",0x00020002,"%SystemRoot%\system32\os2ss.exe" HIVESYS.IN;HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems","Posix",0x00020002,"%SystemRoot%\system32\psxss.exe"
  24. OK I think I follow how it's done now. I guess tricky part is knowing which .INF file the entries you want deleted are located. I created the requested .RIN file and am going to test iit with the latest HFCLEANUP. If it works, I'll post it here.
  25. @tommyp I get what you're asking me to do but I still don't understand the .RIN files and what goes on with the INFs. I looked over the README and it's basically beyond my level of understanding.
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