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  1. I am preparing to Slipstream my W2K SP4 by following Fred Vorck's instructions or possibly HFSLIP....I need to decide which one to use. My question is: must I re-download SP4 and the Hotfixes or can I locate them somewhere on my hard disc? I am on a dial up connection and since the file is 129 mgs, obviously I am looking for a way out of that. Is there anything I can do except re-download? Thanks, Ron Gunter
  2. I am prepared to Slipstream my W2k Pro following Fred Vorck's very cool instructions. My question is: Since I am completely updated from MS Update and all sp's and hotfixes are installed, can I slipstream these files without re-downloading them again from MS. Can I get at them? If so, where are they located? It sure would be cool if I could if I didn't have to download them again! Thanks for any help. Ron Gunter

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