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  1. Something's wrong Dirtwarrior, shouldn't take that long. Post your error log so that we can look at it.
  2. TommyP, the way I have my HFSLIP folder setup, I have HF with just Hotfixes (no IE specific stuff). Then I copy hotfixes from IE5Hotfix folder if I'm doing a FDV HFSLIP, or I copy stuff from IE6Hotfix and IE6Cabs folder if doing an IE6 HFSLIP. scripten.exe is in my IE6Hotfix folder so back when I was looking at this real carefully, my conclusion was that scripten.exe is only needed if doing an IE6 HFSLIP.
  3. There are so many hotfixes now that HFSLIP can take a while to run. nLite has always been slow because it uses the .NET framework which is just plain slow but it's supposed to be easier to program and debug in. What you remove depends upon what programs you run. Check out the nLite forum. They have a stickied post of stuff not to remove for certain programs. I'd recommend after nLiting your XP install to test it on a virtual machine and load up all the software you intend to use and test it. It can take 4 or 5 builds to get it right. I think msconfig is part of the command line tools in nLite, which is highlighted in red, so just don't remove that. If you do remove it, then put "msconfig.exe" in the Keep Box or whatever msconfig is called, do a find to find the exact name of msconfig. Be careful with the stuff highlighted in red
  4. Link, I agree with your general viewpoint and think that the NT OS's are better in general. That's why I run Win2k (with suitable FDV fileset and nLite modifications). But given a choice between XP and 98SE on my personal systems, I'd go with 98SE because the bloat and crap on XP is just unreal. Even nLite doesn't take out all the $hit I hate on XP. Plus I hate prodict activation. Also, I just don't see the point of upgrading just to upgrade. There are some very smart and talented forum members who have come up with ways to make 98SE work very well for them. As long as it works on their hardware and runs the software they want to run, why upgrade? I think we all need our $ more than Bill Gates does.
  5. Not sure why so many (or maybe it's just a vocal minority ) are bashing Win98. There are a lot of MSFN members who have done work like put together unofficial Win98 service packs or provide advice and help on how to remove IE from Win98 (makes Win98 a lot faster and more stable). Win98, as an OS, has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the NT based OS's. I think the only real legitimate beef against Win98 is that M$ will cut off security updates for it soon (if it hasn't done so already), since most people seem to be able to find a tweak or a software package that will run on 98 to fit their needs. Edit: 1 thing about Win98 if you can make it work is, no need to do a software and hardware upgrade. If it works, why get new stuff? Keep the $. If I had working Win98 systems, I'd keep 'em until M$ completely abandoned us, and even then, as long as Win98 fans put out their hotfixes that worked, I'd still hang on. Who needs M$'s "Genuine Advantage" crap and "Proudct Activation"?
  6. Win2k is faster than XP by 15%. XP is faster than Win2k only on PIV chips above 1.8 Ghz or something like that when those chips can take advantage of hyperthreading. If you have a PIII, slower PIV or AMD, Win2k will outperform XP in every situation. Best gaming OS is Win2k SP5 (using HFSLIP) + FDV fileset (cleaner removal of IE than nLite) + nLite. I've tried this and it rocks. 2nd best gaming OS (for the few games that require at least IE5, non require IE6 to my knowledge) is Win2k + nLite (not removing IE5). IE6 adds a lot more bloat and slows down the OS a lot compared to IE5.
  7. OK thanks. Without boot time defrag I had no interest in Perfect Disk but now I'll try it out.
  8. How do you do boot time defrag with perfect disk? When I tried it out it didn't have boot time defrag option. Also, another defrag option for those running XP is SpeeDefrag 3.0. It's free.
  9. saugatak


    Duh, I feel stupid, my apologies. Windows Script 5.6 is scripten.exe.
  10. saugatak


    @FDV and TommyP Building a new HFSLIP Win2k w/ IE6 and checked out the updated Jan. 11, 2006 webpage. In my HF folder, I still have scripten.exe but aside from a reference to scripten.exe in TommyP's old build set, there are no other references to scripten.exe. Also, it's not referenced in either Tomcat's or The Guy's page of Win2k update files. Do I need to keep scripten.exe or can I dump it? If scripten.exe needs to be kept, then don't The Guy's and Tomcat's Win2k update pages have to be updated to add scripten.exe?
  11. that's an interesting point of view dump the security of NTFS and format FAT32. as strange as that sounds, it may be sound advise - i dunno. Yeah I know it sounds stupid but it's actually true. I'd only recommend it on home systems used by 1 or 2 family members only. More than that and you'll need NTFS file permission security. I still use 98 on one home laptop I maintain for old mom and dad. I stripped it of everything but FF which opens up 3 home pages at once, a Korean newspaper and 2 flickr.com pages where they can see newly posted photos of grandkids. With virus checker running on background and download ability disabled, they're OK. I think I'm going to switch them over to an HFSLIP'd, FDV fileset Win2k next time I go home running on FAT32. M$ isn't releasing latest security updates for Win98 anymore and I want to set their Win2k box to automatic downloads and install so I don't have to take any more of their, why isn't my computer running anymore calls?
  12. I think virtually all of the latest viruses are targeted to NTFS file systems and targeted for XP and 2k. Another alternative to beat viruses is to run Win2k/XP on FAT32 file systems.
  13. One problem doing codecs this way. When new version of Codecs comes out (particularly QuickTime and Real Alternatives) how do you uninstall the old stuff to re-install the new stuff. I had HFSLIP'd some CODECS on a new OS build and then, next **** day, QT Alternative and Real Alt 1.67 came out. So I said screw it and haven't done it since and just do manual install of above 2 after installing OS.
  14. WordPerfect Office WP > Word QuattroPro < Excel, but close enough Presentations = PowerPoint, but Presentations a little simpler to use. WPO cheaper than Office, but no Outlook equivalent. Can get OEM for $20.
  15. Mr. Cluberti, thanks for providing that information. With respect to Vista, will it be more configurable than XP, i.e., can remove those things you don't want?
  16. saugatak

    WMF vulnerability

    CoolWeb I'm sure Gates got one look at your avatar and said, Get that patch out now!
  17. saugatak

    WMF vulnerability

    FDV Don't make fun of my monkey. Well, it's kind of become the recognized shorthand for Microsoft.
  18. saugatak

    WMF vulnerability

    Mr. Cluberti, thanks for posting on this forum. I think everyone here acknowledges that patches should be tested before being released and that takes time, but M$ has no excuses. M$ has virtually an unlimited amount of money. Would it really make a big dent in your billions of dollars of profit to hire 40 more testers to get patches out faster? Couldn't you prioritize localized languages, say by profit, and release patches for each localized language as they're done? Frankly, I really don't care that doing it this way is not convenient for M$ or might cost you some $. If a hacker takes down my computers because of your mistake, I lose almost a week in lost data and rebuilding my computers. You owe it to your customers to do a better job of fixing your bugs. You guys make monopoly profits, but you're so damned cheap or lazy that you can't even bother to make a decent SP5 for Win2k, so TommyP and others on this forum had to do it for you. You guys are so allergic to the idea of competition and that someone else also has the right to make money off of software that you integrate IE, Windows Media Player, Messenger, and all sorts of other crap into your OS so that FDV, Dino Nuhagic and others have to go to great lengths to give consumers of the OS a choice as to what they want on their desktop. So Mr. Cluberti, while I respect what you do and am glad that you and others at M$ are working every month to fix yet another critical flaw in your OS, please refrain from complaining when we bash M$. We're suffering from your mistakes, and you're laughing all the way to the bank with our money.
  19. thanks for clearing that up for me tomcat. yeesh, so many **** hotfixes, when is M$ going to come out with Update Rollup 2?
  20. Pedro80 Can't help you on your problem, but your avatar cracks me up!
  21. Tomcat, great job with the updates. I have 3 Windows 2000 updates not included in your list. Not sure if these updates have been superseded by other updates. 1. KB840987 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...#additionalInfo Described in Security Bulletin MS04-032 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms04-032.mspx 2. KB885834 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en Described in Security Bulletin MS05-010 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS05-010.mspx 3. KB890859 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en Described in Security Bulletin MS05-018 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS05-018.mspx
  22. Why don't you use hfslip to slipstream what you can and then batchfile the rest?
  23. Great thread. One tip. I copied my CD to a hard drive, then did the administrative install from hard drive, naming folders like this: Acro7Install - using setup.exe /a command Acro7 - CD dump I accidentally applied the 7.0.5 patch to the Acro7 folder and it worked! So you can slipstream not only to an administrative install point, but also to a hard drive dump of the CD itself. Since I put all my programs on to one large USB drive and install from USB, this is real helpful.
  24. Dude try 'em and make up your own mind. There's no right answer, just what you prefer.
  25. @FDV I'm flying in on Christmas, parents live in Bergen County, northern NJ. Name the date and place, I'll be there. Maybe we should start a party thread, get suggestions for places to hang out?
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