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  1. Is there any easy way to integrate drivers? you know not stuff that risks messing up my Windows 2000 and then I have to redo everything. I want to integrate drivers to my Windows 2000 CD? What I am asking is, is there any freeware to integrate drivers, or software to make a self extracting driver install and install with svcpack? nLite doesn't work, nor does any other method easy to use.
  2. So does this software means all your computers that are legally licensed but if one computer goes rebel (you know replacing messed up Bioses) you don't have to activate each reinstall. Yeah I hate that when you have to reactivate each time you reinstall because if you get viruses or attacks constantly Microsoft will think you're giving it to tons of people. They thought I did that and I think they started attacking my computer as revenge against the pirates game they play. I search, and try all these tricks to try to fix my computer to where I don't have to keep activating. Why can't I just ac
  3. Can I PM you my COMPAQ Information. All my Computers are licensed but one is stubburn with activation. So I need to preactivate that one computer.
  4. How did you integrate SP6 into Windows NT? I always wanted to do that. Even someone begged nLite to allow NT and I think a few others also. I need to know because I have Windows NT Laying around and don't know how to patch it. Besides since it no longer gets security patches support it will be easy to patch Windows NT.
  5. Inserted that information. Thank you Hyipo for telling me that. I will have to study more into it to get more information to paste into my little tutorial.
  6. I'm with you Hyipo. I can't see this project fail. Heck if a government organization is warning about security flaws maybe we should take care of Hyipo's SP5 problem more seriously. Besides the huge vunerability now is in the kernel. We can't disable the kernel so now we need to seal the vunerabilities in SP5. We need a team not one person that hasn't been on in a while.
  7. I could help until he returns. What about the the DHS said about needing to apply the newer updates because now the kernal may have vunerabilities. I could make a more updated SP until he returns, or help him.
  8. How to make a custom SP like gurgemeyer did? Revision I know how he made SP5. I used the same method but now I figured it out. You take out the contents of SP4, or SP5 by extracting it. You can use 7Zip to extract it by right clicking then extract. It really works to extract exes with 7-Zip but only certain exes can extract with 7zip. you edit the \update\update.inf to add more contents You add, or replace the updated files into the extracted Service Pack layout. Then once your done you don't need a special SP installer. All you have to have is a installer that will extract the
  9. We need to know. How does he make SP5. With Post SP2 for XP it's constantly updated but not SP5. I want to make my own personal service pack because it's taking too long to include new updates. I know your sick, and I understand your situation but I can't wait and getting too many update errors. If it's all in the service pack then no more update errors.
  10. The same type thing happens to me. If theres a bug I may report it in the bug reports. A lot of people right now seem to be having problems with integrating drivers. Should I go back to a older nLite since the whole point was to integrate drivers, and the newer ones got some type of driver bug. How come so many people now after they integrate regular drives they have file copying problems in DOS Installation of XP, or 2000.
  11. If there are no bugs in nLite how come when I integrate drivers I have errors and have to start fresh. The only time I suceed in making a good disk was altering the disk, USP5, and integrating updates. A lot of times with nLite I had to redo the disk over and over again. How come theres no bugs. If there were no bugs in nLite how come there are updates to nLite. sorry about that. I'm just mad because I wanted to integrate drivers too but failed like everyone else. I do benefit from nLite too like without it how could I make a bootable disk, and ISOs. Nothing is wrong with having bugs. Every so
  12. I have been having that problem too. I can't add ATI, Nvidia without some problem. I thought all I had to do was add drivers then i'm done. I need help. I don't want to have to reinstall drivers each time I restore my computer.
  13. nLite really has done a lot to try to help and most don't realise it. nuhi You do a lot of work and charge no money for nLite. Is that correct? I should appreciate things that are free. Most have charged because no one said thanks. Thank you for this project nLite. You have done a lot of work and a lot of time and dedication. Also thank you other team members that helped in the nLite project. Also thank you ZCWorld for all your work and dedication in the addons forums. You have all done a lot of time and work and thank you for nLite. Does anyone else want to thank the nLite makers, and team fo
  14. For some reason my disks cannot take hardly any MSI installers and I want a Apache service runnig right after installation of Apache. I don't want any preinstallations. No preinstallations I only want the latest Apache, and latest MySQL addons. I am making my own since I added more features like MySQL support, PHP5, GDImage, and maybe more. So could you make the 2 addons? Pretty please with the server cherry on top!
  15. Do you think maybe someone could work on the unofficial service pack 5 while hes sick? Maybe someone can make a unofficial service pack 6! Also one more thing if I modify any SP5 files with upgrades how do I input it into a SP Installer, or even how do I make a service pack installer.
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