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  1. I live in So Cal now, but grew up in Northern NJ and lived there most of my life. I'll be there for the holidays so if there really is going to be an HFSLIP party, I'd love to come. Miss the East Coast.
  2. As long as you don't use any IE based browser, which is just an open security sore IMO, you can't go wrong. Opera has its good points, but the thing I like about Firefox is that it has enough market share that most websites now make an effort to render well in Firefox.
  3. If I could get away with it, I'd never reinstall. But that's just not possible with Windows. With all the malware out there, you have to keep on top of patches, and once multiple programs get patched, things start breaking, something slips through your security defenses, computer slows down despite running registry cleaners. Plus, I'm always downloading crap and trying it out and sometimes it leaves tons of crap behind that screws up my system, so at some point reinstalls are necessary. After a while, especially when M$ releases one of its monstrous 9 or 10 patches in a month, it makes sense to do a reinstall.
  4. What does this do? Put the option to install or uninstall defrag in Add/Remove Windows comonents?
  5. I've already voted for Sygate, but it's important to note that Norton acquired Sygate Firewall and is now killing it. It'll still be OK for a while, but we'll all have to switch to something else eventually as hackers are now targeting apps such as anti-virus protections and firewalls. Products that don't get regular security updates eventually have to get replaced with products that do get regular security updates.
  6. I have O&O. Tried PerfectDisk. They're both good, but I prefer O&O. O&O allows you to set and forget. Based on your usage, it'll track most often used files and move 'em around. If you leave computer on all the time, O&O will just stay in background and defrag for you. Also, O&O does boot time defrag. Couldn't find that option in PerfectDisk. If you do occasional manual defrag, and don't need to defrag boot files, maybe PerfectDisk is better for you.
  7. TommyP you are the man. Should have realized that the update rollup was forcing IE back into the system because every time I've manually run the update rollup, the IE and OE icon are forced back onto desktop and QL.
  8. It's amazing that everyone who's tried both says that Win2k3 is MUCH better than XP Pro. I don't get why that is? Shouldn't Win2k3 be the same as XP Pro with server stuff added in and consumer stuff tossed out? I guess what I'm wondering is what did M$ put into XP Pro that makes it so inferior to Win2k3? Re XP Pro taking over 1GB with SP1, how much does it take with SP2? Probably in the 1.5GB range. Re Clint, do you have a web page on how you modded XP?
  9. Only way they can get you to upgrade is to add more and more . . . Already I'm freezing my upgrade cycle on a bunch of programs. I drew the line at PaperPort 9, Nero 6 and Win2k. They do what I want, and I ain't paying for more
  10. Hmmm, I thought XP Pro on my sytem took up more than 3 GBs. Well, since I don't I use it anymore, I'll take your word for it that it's "only" 1.5 GB, unless you guys nLite your XP. Still, 1 GB extra is a lot, and for what?
  11. Looks like Dell is going to offer AMD machines instead of being an Intel only shop. Seems like AMD's Opteron blowing away Intel in the SERVER market was a prime reason for their decision. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20051121-5604.html http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/11/11/...touseamd_1.html OK if someone could please explain to me how Intel is superior to AMD after Dell switching in the SERVER 64-bit market . . . well I'd like to hear it.
  12. Is it worth it to get QuickLaunch going if all you have to do is create the appropriate directory?
  13. Win2kPro for personal. Like it better than XP Pro b/c XP has too much bloat. Clean install of Win2kPro SP4 is 450 MB. XP is 3.5GB. WTF is with the extra 3 GB? Win2k3 Server if $ is no object. @jcarle, What is the RAID5 hack?
  14. FDV, did you and Oleg figure out the bug on the QuickLaunch window?
  15. I second FDV's suggestion.
  16. @FDV, think you're missing the following IE6 updates from your web page: IE6.0sp1-KB887797-Windows-2000-XP-x86-ENU.exe IE6.0sp1-KB905495-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe The links for those 2 are up above.
  17. saugatak


    I guess it all depends on what people say is "overkill." I have a bunch of old computers that I don't want to upgrade until the move to x86-64 bit chips is complete. I have to reboot all the time because I shut my computers off, and I only use a very limited number of programs. Given these fixed variables, I'd like to find my ideal system configuration and stick with it. Also, IMO, Windows is just an incredibly flaky system. If you leave a system alone long enough, something weird happens with printer drivers or something. On one computer, for some reason an old version of AdAware just won't uninstall. On another computer, an old version of Firefox won't uninstall. On another computer, my printer driver wouldn't install right so I shifted it to LPT4 and all the other programs as well, but that screwed up Adobe PDF printing. Sigh. These problems start accumulating and my policy is, on average every 6 months, re-install everything on a computer. Since I have 4 computers, this used to mean a lost weekend. Using HFSLIP, FDVfiles and nLite and slipstreaming Office, WordPerfect and other programs, I can do this in one day. Since using HFSLIP and FDV Fileset I've done more re-installs but that's part of the learning process. As all the bugs (including the bugs I introduce) get worked out, the systems will be stable and FAST and won't need as much updating.
  18. Well AMD might not be good enough for some people, but I guess it's good enough for Cray Supercomputers, and that's good enough for me. http://www.tgdaily.com/2005/11/15/cray_amd...tion/index.html
  19. Jackrip, I think what TommyP is saying is that the /integrate switch doesn't really integrate the hotfix, i.e. replace files with newer versions, it just adds the hotfix. So what happens is that the old files are preserved and installed, then are replaced with newer ones. So not a true integration.
  20. OK, after throwing this out there . . . I have to ask. Did you?
  21. Dirt, don't worry about codecs and media player. It's nice to be able to HFSLIP 'em, but there's nothing wrong with downloading K-Lite pac and then just installing. Also, if you put in the media player, you have to edit FDV's files and use an additional file provided by TommyP.
  22. Maybe we should make this a poll? Everyone who's tried out both votes so that we can see easily which is preferable on Win2k, the Win2k3 or XP versions of NTDETECT.COM and NTLDR?
  23. ROFLMAO! Occasional smoker, don't buy my own but when hanging out with smokers and if they ask you want one, I'll say sure. Unlike some posters who said they wouldn't date a hot chick if she's a smoker . . . that is most certainly not an issue with me.
  24. saugatak


    Access also requires MDAC I'm sure. I'd bet Outlook also requires MDAC. The problem with taking out MDAC is not that so many programs require it, it's that you lose the ability to connect to data via ODBC or OLE DB. OTOH, if all your work is with JAVA, you can probably use JDBC and get away with that.
  25. saugatak


    Anyone know which programs rely on MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) which, I believe, consist of Microsoft ODBC and OLE DB drivers.

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