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  1. tommyp, just wondering, why do you think NLITE is better than HFCLEANUP?
  2. That's weird. I only have to download a small program which provides a number (different number every day) and then enter it in to download an update. Other way to do it is to click on TomCat's members profile and he has links to all updates you need to HFSLIP. Anything that requires Windows Genuine Annoyance can be downloaded from BetaNews.
  3. Well, then I guess my question was pointless Sorry about that. Edit: What is the Windows Update removal set and Office Update removal set? The only thing I see that looks like it could be the right reducer set is "Service_AutomaticUpdates.rem". Is that the reducer set I have to remove? Sorry for all the dumb questions.
  4. This is why you gotta stick to Win2k OR and I hope the mods don't take this wrong, find a way to circumvent Windows Genuine PITA. This piece of crap from M$ is spyware, doesn't belong on a machine.
  5. Sooooo glad I have Win2k. Will use it until June 2010 when support runs out. ****, that's only 3 years from now.
  6. If I just run the windowsupdate reducer, it'll remove all the update files. I want to remove the old windowsupdate files like the FDV fileset does, and leave the new ones alone. I guess the other alternative is not HFSLIP the new windows/office update files, run the windowsupdate reducer, and then download and install the update files after install. But I was hoping to set it up to do it all in one go.
  7. I used to use Word all the time and I tried out OOo Writer. The problem with both of these programs is that they're styles oriented, in other words you have to program paragraph characteristics, page characteristics, etc. and then apply that "style" to the program. Then you have styles based on other styles, so if you change one style, you can end up changing another. In the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use styles, this can have serious unintended consequences as formatting that you spent a lot of time working on gets undone because someone changes styles on you. If you hate style oriented wordprocessors, there is only one program for you . . . and that's WordPerfect. It's based on "stream formatting", i.e., the use of codes which can be shown with reveal codes to program the formatting. So if you bold something, there is a <bold start> code and a <bold end> code. You can see the codes and figure out what's going on with your document. It's a completely different paradigm for styles but it is a much better way to do complicated wordprocessing. Since I've switched to WordPerfect, I almost never use Word. Give it a shot.
  8. What are the file for the old, obsolete Windows Update programs? I'll mod the reducer to leave only those file in. Will that work?
  9. One question on HFCleanup. If I HFSLIP all of the various Windows Update stuff, will HFCleanup fileset remove it? Is it possible just to remove the old Windows Update junk like the FDV fileset does without touching the new Windows Update cabs?
  10. saugatak


    Tomcat, you are once again RIGHT ON. I had it removed from my Win2k update list but not my XP update list. Thanks.
  11. saugatak


    @tomcat You don't list KB900930. Has it been replaced? According to this, it's still required and I don't think any of the April updates replaced KB900930.
  12. There are still too many Windows only programs that I rely on for me to make the switch. I think OOo will have to get better and get more market share before the switch is made wholesale. As OOo gets market share, third party software vendors will start integrating with it, then they'll start integrating with OOo on Linux. It's only then that M$ monopoly will be broken and then I'll switch.
  13. OK thanks. I didn't do any compression at all on this HFSLIP (first time I didn't) just to see whether it would run faster. I'll give it another shot.
  14. Attached are the files I removed from HFCLEANUP, most because they look like they applied to XP or Win2k3 Server so I didn't think they were necessary. Some I removed because I wanted those features in. Removed_Files.txt
  15. I am HFSLIPing IE6 for this build, so FDV folder is empty. The only FDV files I copied into the FIX folder are SETUPAPI.DL_, SFC.DL_ and SFCFILES.DL_. I did not copy FDV's IE.INF into the FIX folder. However, a lot of the stuff that HFCLEANUP was supposed to remove still shows up in the OS. I removed the 2003 HFCLEANUP files. Are there any HFCLEANUP files that absoluetly must not be removed? ATTACHED: Files in HFCLEANUP folder HFCLEANUP_folder.txt
  16. Wow, HFCLEANUP is awesome. Congrats on fine work by TommyP and Oleg2. Couple of questions. FDV includes IE.INF to lay waste to the registry of all the junk that the FDV fileset removes. Is there something like this included for HFCLEANUP? Edit: Oops. I'm finding some things in the VM OS which should have been removed by HFCLEANUP. I've attached my errorreport.txt. Put SETUPAPI.DL_, SFC.DL_ and SFCFILES.DL_ from FDV fileset in FIX folder. Any suggestions? ERROR_REPORT.TXT
  17. How do I name the .reg file to HFSLIP it? xxxx.reg and then just put it in HVSVPK? Do I need to add any special command up front?
  18. I like Win2k3 Server a lot. I wouldn't mind using it as my OS desktop with the FDV fileset except that it would be illegal whereas I have legal copies of Win2k.
  19. I've tried SpeeDefrag 3.0 recently on an XP system (don't run on Win2k) and I like it. It's free and it does the defrag when system is not running and then shuts computer down when you're done. So you can set it once a month, let it work and not worry about leaving computer on all night. Works pretty good too.
  20. It has been a rough few months. My rebuilt OS is acting up again . . . always have a problem with printer drivers after a while, sigh. O well, time to HFSLIP again. Want to give HFCLEANUP a shot, great to get all in one.
  21. What are the modded files you're talking about. BTW, I'm playing around with HFCLEANUP right now, really great job again guys. Lots of options to pare down the OS the way you want it . . . which is both good and bad I guess.
  22. saugatak

    Bug in my fileset

    @FDV, are the bugfixes incorporated in your latest fileset?
  23. I'm getting confused by all the windows updates. Looks like there's v2 and v4 of the Windows Updates. Anyone knows the difference between them? Is v2 the one that comes pre-installed with Win2k or WinXP? I know FDV's fileset takes out the old Windows Updates in Win2k. Anyway to do the same in XP or if not using FDV fileset?
  24. @TommyP, wondering if it's possile to bifurcate HFSLIP for Win2kSP5. First, HFSLIP will test to see if it's SP4 w/o Update Rollup v2. If no update rollup v2, slipstream update rollup v2 with the option, "Do you want to just slipstream Update Rollup v2 OR all hotfixes?" If update rollup v2 already slipstreamed, then just slipstream the other hotfixes. It'd be great to have a base SP4 w/ Update Rollup v2 already included as HFSLIP's base because update rollup v2 is what takes the longest time to unpack and slipstream.

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