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  1. sorry as im a bit late, BUT, you anyone had thought this over they would have pointed you to driverpacks.net ofcaurse its 'questionanbly to download drivers from a 3rd party website rather than from your OEM, Microsoft update or the cdrom at hand, but you could always pick a few files and compare them agains the real files.. what i did was randomly compare 1000 drivers *.sys files against the files that i downloaded from the OEM's website as expacted all md5 where correct - so no tempering was done - from that moment on i was allowed even to use those driverpacks (the exact versions i downloaded and tested) in a semi-public-service (gorvernment) workspace. what i mean to say is, there are ways to test them, and they DO save you alot of problems, i for one, since than allways include the dp_massstorage dp_lan and dp_wlan drivers in my windows xp iso's so that ... [A] i can allways install windows to the hdd (regardles of the mobo, the raid adaptor or the scsi-controller. i can allways connect the pc to either lan or wireless lan to go to windows update and install the remaining updates or drivers...
  2. in my view if you want this badly enought, and you fear for legal issues, i would advice you to NOT use the microsoft tools ... instead you could just copy the whole ISO (win 7 installer) to a hidden partition and use a non windows bootloader, to be able to boot it if needed, some bios'es also support this kind of feature - but not verry many do (with non oem firmware). in my opionion 'we (the comunity) should focus on being able to installed windows without its boot loader' after that its not hard at all to either boot from a dvdrom iso (on the harddisk) or from a disk clone (norton ghost, or equivilant) so how do you 'patch' windows vista / windows 7 to not force itself into your Master Boot record.
  3. so tell me are you still using reshacker... - lol sorry im a bit out-of-date as being a full linux user ive had little time and space to keeping up to speed on any windows related stuf..
  4. thank god that you guys dont have my email address, cuz if never ever seen sutch crapware as this, its unsecure badcoded verry viral-effective (or should i say defective) ... nope, just give me evolution mail anytime (specially with the groupware plugins).
  5. first of all, you need to read the frickin manual, there is tons of posts about, what 'services' do i need for ....... or the what not to remove for... toppics are verry helpfull, 2nd off all, nlite is a tool by witch you can Hack your system to not install windows components that Microsoft thinks are essential for your convinience. I guess that if your not familiar enought with the windows operating system to know what service does which .... nlite may just not be for you... yet even still nlite may do things that you had not expected - so in any case you WILL need to try and try again for anny disk you build - you probably best first test it with a VMware or better yet a CD-rw and a test box.
  6. in this case, i would even go further, - you shouldn't even use nlite for the driver part, even though nuhi did do a great job, its not the best (imho) possible solution, here is what i do, slip servicepacks, slip updates and stuf, remove all drivers and some other components, aply tweeks and unattend ---- quite nlite save your nlite-ed source, slipstream drivers with driverpacks.net create iso and burn.
  7. -I-

    [Info] Future of XPize

    well i got 2 out of 3 msca certs now - and been away for quite a while now, and to be honnest i must so disagree with you.... (honnestly - the mor i know and understand about windows) teh less im getting to like it... face it you cant stand by and not knowing windows - but my favorite os no longer has anything to dow with four colored blocks but rather with some sort of south-pool-ish anymall any way... sad to see that the x64 version never made it .... i just hope that anyone who understand your xis scripts will pick it up some day... verry kind greetz ..... from an ex windows user.
  8. im probably the devils advocate here, but, why not drop drivers (and driver.cab) all the way, and creating a driverpack (or set of driverpacks), its not all to dificult and WILL safe us all quite a lot of problems, even though at this point mostly that project (at driverpacks.net) is geared to winxp they have a verry good tutorial on how to create your own, imho - creating such packages (and removing all non-win2k files (like win98 / xp / 2k3 etc files and comenting them (or removing) them from the ini file would still allow for driver-signing - also it would GREATLY improve default hardware support... the process (even on win2k) is verry stable - the sole reason i dont intend to do it myself is that i no longer run windows on any of my pc's other than my vista laptop only untill i have so time to move it too... i Would however support any effort by others, if you are willing and are stuck somewhere just send me a pm or so..
  9. wow this is nice, - yet i wonder why - not a pre-sp5 roll up. it will save you a whole lot of work, i do really wonder what is left to do besides DX9 and WMP9 as IE 6 isn't so mutch supported anymore, and IE7 wont run .. also i do think 2k is rather complete as it is, unless one concidered an alternative Grafical interface, (custom explorer - and desktop - ) perhaps over the years ROS has evolved enought at this time id recoment something based on the mozilla suite (recent version) or firefox 3 with some aditional plugins and a decent windows 2 theme. also something like a replacement of editpad (rtf) by something like abiword - witch also supports MS office filetypes...
  10. i have four words for you... and ill give you them in pairs of 2... CALL Microsoft. < is pair 1> Known problem < is pair 2> at my work quite awile ago we had this kind of problems too with a VLK license... and a search on google told us that along with us, a lot of home users ... had those to.... you call MS an tell them your prob... also send them the required proof of auth ... where you buy it etc. and they should give you a new code....
  11. how about the other way arround is it possible to crate a cd version (either from the cdversion or dvd-version...) (vlited vista HB on a lappy that doenst have a dvd-drive (after it broke i replaced with a cdburner cuz i had one laying arround).
  12. false, - .NET v2 is NOT the same as .NET v1.1 - and .NET-v2 cannot run v1 aplications, So if by now your app isn't ported to .NET v2 you still would need v1.1 installed but most apps should be ported by now, thus you could say version 1 is kind of obslolete.
  13. Read posting guidelines on msfn.org boards ... no topics like help me first or plz help or READ or URGENT or NOW HELP ME or whatever.. also read other topics.. (if you would have you'd know its near to impossible to re-intergrate any component after removal ) build a new install - and try again...
  14. -I-

    Older Versions?

    not afaik, nor have i ever seemned to come accross your 'problem?' maybe you want to include more details about what it is your looking for (what going wrong), also most of us recomand running xpize unattendedly on first run - instead of patched the iso (most of the time anyways), if for some valid reason your iso creating doesn't work (or give error) you'd better just use the (unattended) installer after you installed windows - untill there's a new version avail which is based on a new system....
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