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  1. i agree. people upgraded just to have a glance on a new OS. and if we talk about 5years. its not the scheduled GAP, its DELAY. i am gonna switch back to XP
  2. Why are you using VISTA rather XP ? can ur kids operate it as efficiently as they upgraded from windows 98/00 to XP what have u seen in vista that u r forced to upgrade on it is vista really worty to upgrade (OS and HARDWARE) These are some questions, then only comes the matter of memory management..
  3. Simply creat a batch file to take the file ownership and to alter it. I hate to take ownership going to system directory, right click, an blah blah blah it will be much better if somone could made it better like VBS or EXE just to ask the file name which we wants to take ownership. Registry entry to gain ownership
  4. Well well well.. it will require to build a DVD from the scratch and will lead a new topic again.
  5. yeah neo.. definately, it will help those who got 256 or 384 MB of RAM. But, will they satisfied with the performance ?
  6. great @cluberti Thats what MS gonna say tooo... Upgrading hardware isn't practical for everybody just to experience Vista interface. Operation of vista for basic user is still a crap. What is vista for a basic user ..just a sleek UI. Most of the user, i bet, have installed VISTA just to feel it, but not the wants. Yep for sure.. i am gonna shift to XP soon..
  7. why dont you turn it off or leave it as default
  8. Double click the notification icon it will open windows security center you can see "change the way..."on left buttom there you can choose whatever you like. enjoy
  9. okey... here you go disable UAC first.. (control panel--->user account-->Turn user account control on or off-->remove tick-->ok) go to system32 [run(winkey +r)-->system32] locate notepad rt click on it-->properties-->security tab-->choose administator-->advance-->choose owner tab--> click edit-->click administrator-->ok-->OK-->on security tab again click administrator--->click edit-->click administrator again-->give full permission by putting tick mark on FULL-->ok-->ok Delete notepad or rename to else paste ur fav editor as notepad.exe Voila... cheers
  10. i have already talked abt the file name.. Edit the ICON from the file wmploc.dll X:\windows\system32\wmploc.dll (this file contains the ICON that you want to change) i have changed my icon have a look... enjoy..
  11. Download AIK package for VISTA
  12. Now the thing for memory managemt.. if VISTA itself gonna take whole amount of RAM, whats left for other program. Every body, who is gonna upgrade to vista wants to run updated programs eg. office 2007 photoshop CS3 coreldraw X3 these are to tell few.. whats left for these programs Even i have noticed if u run mediaplayer, sidebar, aero and some programs, it will eat up all RAM + Processing speed I still think 2 GB RAM is also less for vista.. if u gonna try VISTA on its full performance. Gosh....................
  13. you might have noticed that, VISTA refused to install on the machine consisting 256 MB RAM. Now you can install Vista on 256 MB RAM machine replacing the file on your DVD or Source. Eg:- X:\vista\sources\winsetup.dll But it is not recommended to install VISTA on just 256MB RAM. Hope u upgrade ur RAM soon Download Patched Winsetup.dll
  14. Most of the user updated their OS from 98/ME/00 to XP without upgrading their existing hardware, and one among them is me. Coz 128MB RAM is good for 98/00/XP as compared with 512 MB RAM for VISTA XP and VISTA got so big gap on hardware requirement Eg: 1024 MB RAM 128 AGP P4 compactable processor it consumes lots of RAM. 128MB for XP - 512MB for VISTA ( and its minimum as well) without 512 RAM it won't get installed. so must of the user are refusing to install it. This way MS won't get more consumer.. and the last thing.. is it worthy to upgrade to VISTA upgrading heavy HARDWARE ?
  15. For me i have installed Vista Ultimate on Intel 1.8 Ghz 768 MB SDRAM GE Force 6200 17" CDT Monitor
  16. the thing is icon for what... program icon is displayed with wmplayer.exe but other icons may be from other core files as wmploc.dll or ????.dll use resource hacker program to change the icons of exe and dll
  17. this ur vista sorce and name of output ISO well.. what will be the format UDF or ISO
  18. VISTA dvd is in UDF format.. now i want to add some of my collection that DVD automated xlm file how to make it .... can i use ultra ISO to directly modify.. the DVD source i have extracted bootloader with the help of isobuster as well.. the newly DVD should be in UDF or ISO whats the difference.. will $OEM$ works like in winxp in vista sorce....
  19. is it possible to modify vista core files as we do for windows XP source (modifyPe and Make CAB) I want to rebuild vista DVD. extracting source to HDD and modify core files with resource hacker and create again a vista DVD ISO with UltraISO I am afraid , if vista will refuse the modified files during the procedure of installation.. coz i haven't checked yet..( lack of DVD-RW )
  20. If this so,, what the way to activate the genuine version of VISTA if all user get the same key... will be there different serials..
  21. If you browse through some files of Vista RTM DVD you can find vista serial.. i am confused.. I got this on my original DVD vistasource\sources\inf\setup.cfg Since this is the part of Vista DVD, so i don't think its warez..
  22. this is the first time i have faced this problem. on the very first boot, it asked for the plug and play monitor driver xpsp2+ryanvm 2.1.6 + addons ;; driversigningpolicy is ignored nondriversigningpolicy is also ignored
  23. oh my god.... read the post clearly first ... Focused : Can i have the content of boot utilities he is asking the content of boot utilities not the program to build boot menu if i am posting in this forum, i must know CDSHELL is absolutely free i would be great ful if u could provide me those stuff for free including ERD commander, Norton Antivirus, Partition magic, Drive image, Ghost, Recovery Disk. and thanks for regestering on MSFN Welcome to MSFN
  24. uuphss,, u cannot get those without purchasing. warez,cracks and piracy are not discussed in this forum sorry to let u know,, some of the programs are not free, better u purchase those
  25. use ultra ISO to read the ISO and extract the bootableinfotable

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