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  1. the question is upgrade.. nothing to worry abt..ready to go.. free up a primary partition abt 15 GB (NTFS or unallocated) yes it has its own boot manager and installer.. different then XP. thanks
  2. thats the situation.. what to do with the them and their needs. .. and to my knowledge.. they aren't also allowded to R & D the operation system so is it worthy to those situation over here.. specially installing OS or automating the OS or troubleshooting.. Accourding to ur situation, troubleshooting is done in ur fren office is done either by third person or by one of them but they will certainly have to bypass those limitation. PS. Please don't double post.. instead edit the previos one..
  3. merging this, you will get option to gain ownership for files and folder SHIFT + Rt click
  4. now you can take ownership with the registry file SHIFT + Right Click = Gain Ownership context menu ownership.reg
  5. so that you can collect your favourite flexible windows settings registry and save them to a single reg file Incase of reinstallation and distribution of your OS u can simply merge the REG file you created collecting registry entries and the best thing all you setting are set back intact without manually editing one by one. ISN'T this great.... thats why i prefer registry entries.... :cheers
  6. heres how much my XP consumes for the same apps yahoo --- 9MB iexplore -- 13 MB messenger --5 MB isn't this low in comparision with same appz of vista all are same version
  7. As for me.. i have many time confuse and click powerbutton on vista start menu resulting VISTA to go on sleep mode. so here is the reg tweak to act power button to shutdown Change the value as per ur setting (0 = Sleep, 1 = Hibernate, 2 = Shutdown)
  8. For Windows Vista Ultimate/Business/Enterprise: 1- Execute secpol.msc 2- In the left list, choose "Local Policies", then "Security Options" 3- Set "Accounts: Administrator account status" to Enabled. 4- Set "User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account" to Disabled. Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium: 1- Type "cmd" in the search area, right click on "Command Prompt" and select 'Run as Administrator". 2- In prompt type "net users Administrator /active'" (Case sensitive), you will get a confirmation as "The command completed successfully". 3- Click Start, and type "regedit" in the search area and click Enter, locate to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] Double click on "FilterAdministratorToken" and set it to "0" Logoff or restart
  9. why don't u try once being connected into the internet. i also guess the same as gunsmoking guessed.. it may be the vlited edition...
  10. Yesss, it is working great with every files i have checked till now.. if problem persist.. rectification will obviously be done Thanks Gunsmokingman for his effort for making the VBS script for sendto menu.
  11. Working perfect... please add the script to rename the file for backup purpose well.. as for previous one.. B)
  12. actually what i have noticed is The VBS script works on the files directly in system32 directory Eg: sysdm.cpl, syssteup.dll but it didn't work for program files directory or files Eg: iexplore.exe But the batch script works for both directory, what could be the problem if i copy the same iexplore.exe to the desktop, it loss the ownership by default, it doesn't need to take the ownership of the file. So ownership should be taken from the default folder where the actual file reside.
  13. well fren that XP is designed by Me.. why don't u ask me.. Thats AutoXP 2006 isn't it !!!
  14. heres the slightly changed Script ... but this didn't work this screen popuped once while executing VBS script, does this have any meaning. I only changed the text with BOLD
  15. yeah, internet explorer 7 is really wired.. have anyone checked it RAM consumption of iexplore.exe its more then 30 - 40 MB Also most of the third party program which ran on VISTA is consuming approx 9 MB RAM but the same app. is consuming just 3 - 4 MB RAM on XP. Eg: msn messenger : 10 MB on vista------------> 2 MB on XP yahoo messenger: 23 MB------------>1 - 2 MB on XP Even a idle systray icons are consuming 9 - 10 MB I must say this is what called a proper memory management
  16. then don't get worried vista original format is UDF, so u need to creat a UDF format ISO image with the help of cdimage or oscdimg Here i am going with oscdimg { coz i already got success with this method, and i am sure u will get too..} i assume ur Vista sorce is inside E:\vistaDVD then ur command line to build ur original vistaDVD will be Download oscdimg Here, boot info is given by =E:\vistaDVD\boot\etfsboot.com Vol label = VISTA_EN_DVD source = E:\vistaDVD Output ISO = D:\vistaDVD.iso Output image can be burn on DVD PS: if u want ur additional softwares/tweaks/updates to be included on the DVD, simply create folder inside ur vistaDVD folder source eg. [e:\vistaDVD\myupdates]. It will be included while compiling the ISO. cheers Edited: typos
  17. do u have the source of your original DVD if Yes then theres many way to create ur own DVD. but be sure you got original vanilla source of ur original DVD intact.
  18. DVD cover HilledSE theme patched Uxtheme winsetup.dllRun vista on 256 MB RAM Tweak Vista Manage ownership of the file OwnTheFile.exe
  19. Nepali


    it Sololy depends upon u. if u think u feel secure and comfortable to disable, then disable it. personally, i prefer to disable it.
  20. i have gone through my processes.. only 100 MB Approx is used accourding to task manager but system is using approx 320 MB RAM
  21. yes, i think this is the first modded theme for VISTA RTM Download HillesSE theme for Vista Screenshot Patched UXTHEME.DLL
  22. umm, those apps are 1. yahoo messenger 2. cmi-8738 Mixer 3. security alert 4. sidebar i closed all, but not even a bit changed.
  23. currently my VISTA is consuming 50% of RAM of 768 MB, then i disabled my un-necessary services including readyboost and superfetch as you beleive it will hogg all RAM but on the next reboot there isn't any difference still the same usage of RAM. 50 %. this is what the meaning of proper memory management ? Now the performance of vista on macbook, initial installation of any OS will obviously be faster. even XP on 128 MB or vista on 512 MB machine will be faster but with the period of time and third party software installation it will become slower. and you will face the same with your vista installation too. then again u have to apply some tweaks to boostup .
  24. Fantastic.. thats what i was looking for.. a perfect script. Gunsmoking, you are always great on script..
  25. If so then i will wait for win2009 (if it will get released on time) MS isn't punctual on time as vista was scheduled to be released on initial 2006 and delayed a year..

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