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  1. Thanks for the link I'll check it out,it definitely has to do with "Services". When I go to "Services" I see Diskeeper there and it set to start auto but it hasn't started. When I try to Manually start it it still won't start.
  2. I am running Vista Ultimate. I loaded Diskeeper 8 Pro Premier(which I think runs on Vista) but when I try to start program I get this Message "Diskeeper failed to connect to service. The service may have stopped." Anyone got any idea what this message is referring to? Thanks
  3. My dad wants to upgrade from XP to Vista Home but he wants to do an upgrade not a clean install so he can save his files and settings. When I tried the upgrade it told me the programs I needed to remove because of conflicts with Vista,I am having a Problem with Daemon Tools removal. I have uninstalled it,run a Registry scan program and even did a Manual Registry removal of all the things related to Daemon Tools(as far as I know) but still when I try to upgrade to Vista I get a Message that Daemon Tools still there and I can't upgrade. I know a clean install of Vista will work but is there some Program that will remove all Daemon Tool references so I can just do an "upgrade"? Thanks
  4. OK..I did a "google" and found it.
  5. You know how when you open Windows Explorer it opens up like this:Desktop--->User--->Documents. Is there a way to make it open: Desktop-->Computer? Thanks
  6. I am trying MeidaMonkey for my iPod music on Vista. When I "eject" iPod though MeidaMonkey it is removed but I get the flashing "Do Not disconnect" message on my Ipod. I am not running iTunes on Vista and I don't see any Icon in the System Tray that lets me "Safely Remove" the Ipod.What do I need to do so I can disconnect my iPod? Thanks
  7. How do you stop Vista from "popping up" tips/info? Here is an example,I have blocked some programs from running at Startup.A "balloon" comes up and tells me I have done this. I have turned off User Account Control, I get a " tips/balloon" that I have done this. How do I stop this? Thanks
  8. I have XP Pro on my "Main H.D" and when I installed Vista Build 6000 on a separate H.D. I plugged my "Main" H/D.,installed Vista Build 6000 on secondary H.D. because I wanted to pretty much wanted Vista not see my XP when I installed. I now would like to install a 3rd party Boot Manager on either XP's H.D. or Vista's H.D. Is they a Dual Boot program you can Dual Boot if the O.S. programs are on different H.D.'s not different partitions of same H.D.? Thanks
  9. I backed up and restored Build 5536 with Ghost 8.0 using DOS floppy disk as boot up disk for both Backup and Restore but there was 1 "glitch on the Restore. After I restored and did a reboot I got an error saying some boot sector or something was corrupt(I can't remember exact message). I was given a message to place my Vista DVD into my drive and I did. Vista did something and fixed the problem and I booted right up and it ran fine.
  10. I had used EzTrust on previous Vista build but when I tried to install on 5536 I got a message about it not compatible with 5536. I was wondering what other AV you guys using on 5536? Thanks
  11. That the weird part, I am the Admin...LOL OK, I think I got it. I had to change "ownership" for each folder.
  12. That is odd because I have one(but it has an "arrow" almost like it a shortcut or something? On a side note there are other Folders that I get same message.ie Application Data" Thanks I have Vista on a separate HD than XP,what I want to do is copy some info from XP settings to Vista but this Access denied is screwing with me...LOL
  13. I just started playing around with Vista, I am using 5536 ver. I was wanting to access "Documents and Settings" and I get "Access Deined". I did a Forum search and found some info on changing like Permissions and also changing owner,I have tried this but still can't do anything. I am sure I am just missing something,any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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