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  1. First problem: how do i know i got windows server 2003 R2 installed on my machine -------------------------------------------------------------- my fren got windows server 2003 R2 CD but the there is two disk (first one is similar to my windows server 2003 ent. whats the difference then ? it was installed with sp2 installing R2 disk i got this message : ————————— Windows Server 2003 R2 Setup Wizard ————————— Setup cannot continue because this product disc is incompatible with the service pack installed on this computer. To complete the installation of Windows Server 2003 R2, you will need to insert the latest version of Windows Server 2003 R2 Disc 2. ————————— OK —————————
  2. thanks for the quick reply, i will give it a shot tomorrow as i am away rt now.. Few more things to ask still: 1. why does it take age to login to 2003 domain for windows XP (windows 2000 is very fast) 2. WKS documents and settings contains profile directory of all the users from domain controller ( how to disable to chache those) 3. why does windows 2003 + AD take 5 - 10 minutes to login ( i tired on many system) 4. will the cached profile get updated as soon as the DC is UP, (if i change some settings to that profile user on DC, will it get updated on that cached profile on WKS if my domain is UP) 5. how can i know how many clients can my OS handle.
  3. i installed windows 2003 ent server with act. directory "DC=dserver.radius.com" clients are windows 2000 and windows XP i got a user created "demo" and "test" on active directory users and computer on staff organizational unit For the first time i got logon to the domain with username "demo" it succedded to logon to the DC but second time my DC is switched off (system is switched off) but also i am able to logon to the domain from the WKs computer with the same username "demo" to the same domain the fact i don't have demo user created on the WKS system. Is it possible to login to the the domain controller system without its existance on the network from the previously loggedon username. how can we disable it. i tried it on various WKS system,, all got same probmem. i want a complete restriction: ie, domain users can't logon to the domain if it is not present on the network. My problem is , the users created on the domain can easily logon to the domain from the WKS computer withour domain. also i figured theres some folders created inside "documents and settings" with the username in local wks computer . please help
  4. does this mean that if i compressed drivers abt 250 MB resulting 80 MB, which may take 2 minute to extract meanwhile t-37 starts will affect driver detection....
  5. thanks dude, i managed to build a winrar sfx to compress all my drivers and to be extracted under %systemdrive%\drivers during t-39 stage. but one thing, which phase of windows setup process actually starts to detect drivers .... i got fear if this could jump th setup without detecting my drivers ..
  6. i have successfully created a unattended XP of 655 MB now i got some additional drivers Approx. 60MB compressed will become 4 MB, if i place these under $OEM$\$1\Drivers\mydrivers, my CD will become 715 MB. isn't there any way so that i can compress this and place somewhere, but should work like as if i have placed inside $OEM$\$1\Drivers suppose say:- shell32.dll is compressed to shell32.dl_ (reduced size ) and it decompressed in system32 with 8MB isn't there a simple way for this so that i can easily put my additionals drivers
  7. this thread will help u from the begining http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...p;p=636295&
  8. updated with more OEM logos and information These files are winrar SFX, you can easily modify these with ur custom logo and information with the help of Winrar
  9. i dunt think the method and the bootloader differs with the version of the vista, there might be somthing else wrong.
  10. After the OEM logo and information has been applied, you will see Welcome Center and System of Control Panel as in screenshots below DELL ACER Included : Download the related : Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Benq, Fujitsu- Siemens, HP, Gigabyte, Toshiba NEC sony vaio ASROCK BIOSTAR MSI HP (bugfix the white border) IBM NEO NEC MEDION AG compaq Alienware MSI GATEWAY ECS lenovo abit E-machine
  11. yeah,, even in windows, if are logged with the administrative rights u will be able to do the same as u do in linux from root but i hope this is better regarding the security
  12. oohps,, no no no .. for XP its different..
  13. Run as administrator is causing u the problem Merge this registry script and u will be able to take the EXE file ownership merge it now follow the previous steps
  14. To take the file ownership, follow the thread Take ownership here is more boot screen Black Arura Blue whipe core 2 duo colorize AMD
  15. this is for windows Vista not for windows XP save that script on notepad and save it as reg file merge it now only u can see the option press shift + rt click on the file
  16. How to install: 1. Navigate to c:\windows\system32\en-US for english or \NL-nl for Dutch and so on 2. Open the properties of the file "winload.exe.mui" and take full control of the file so you can move it or replace it. 3. Now copy the chosen bootscreen from the package and replace it with the one in the system32\en-US folder 4. Go to start > Run, and type "msconfig" 5. Choose the "boot" tab and enable "No GUI Boot" 6. Close msconfig and reboot your computer download
  17. retail Vs RTM Retail: this was released on 30th january 2007 for the end user including we individuals RTML: released on november 2006 for the big manufacturer Both are final release( build 6000) both are equally stable. thers no any further updates intregated in retail after release of RTM if u got RTM and RETAIL in hand, and concerned which to install then retail will be ur choice, but but but ,, i don't say RETAIL is latest or stable in comparision with RTM. The only fact is RETAIL is for end user. Somebody posted: RETAIL got more drivers, updates, applications and stable this is absouletely wrong. the only changes in retail is few wallpapers and media center ondemand playback, but i think this is not gonna give u much difference.
  18. well, if u already got success then a tweak for u guys.. Now u can place whatever ur best programs inside the dvd and build it. like office 2007, nero, live messenger, winrar etc etc... just creat another folder inside vistaDVD Eg: "H:\vistaDVD\Myappz"
  19. well seeing ur output, i am quite confused.. Could u send me ur Vistadvd folder screenshot, i.e H:\vistadvd\ your source is 2.49 GB but directory tree are few... i think ur Vista DVD source is incomplete.. (i assume) another thing here i found is the incorrect command line u have missed something in ur command where is that - sign before lVISTA_EN_DVD Please copy and paste this command in ur command prompt to paste it, simply click the top left icon of the command prompt click edit---then paste Here is my output,, just compare directory structure of mine with urs PS: u just got 3 files in 2 directory and do not type the output manually, use SCREENSHOTS so that we may be sure what u r doing.
  20. Note : This tutorial is to build a NEW VISTA DVD. It doesn't concerned with any other custom made VISTA DVD. This is the tutorial from the basic level Just perform the following steps assuming you are in 0 level N' you will get success. Don't get smarter to modify any of the command below untill u r Sure what you are doing. 1. create a folder inside E:\ named vistaDVD 2. place all ur vista source inside the folder eg (E:\vistaDVD\*.*) 3. download oscdimg.exe 4. copy oscdimg.exe to your c:\windows\system32 directory 5 open command prompt (Run--> cmd ) type this in ur command prompt 6. go to ur E:\ and locate a new file named vistaDVD.iso 7. burn that ISO with ur favourite burning software Eg: nero 8. Boot your system with the created DVD 9. must work if u go perfectly..
  21. place/extract all your vista source to ur E:\vistaDVD then open command prompt and type this command (you need to have oscdimg inside system32 directory) Output will be stored on E:\ with file name vistadvd.iso The output vistaDVD.iso will be in UDF format and will be bootable as well ( Tried more then 10 times and 100% successful) Now check if ur DVD is bootable (set the option to boot from CD/DVD from BIOS)
  22. it will never.. not to be so worried here u can use script as well to gain the file ownership Shift Right on the file you want to gain ownership and click Gain ownership then do whatever u like with the file
  23. it must load on 512 MB RAM without problem, but i hope ur graphic card is not more then 32 or 64 MB

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