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    install wmp11 + k-lite codec pack update ur video adaptor driver
  2. u have to add a new user of ur name (control panel -- user accounts) and delete the old one
  3. yes ofcourse If this post is illigal This post can be deleted .... 1. install deep freeze on a test system (and remember the pw this time) 2. unfreeze the test system 3. boot the test system to a non-win os like knoppix 4. mount the test system's unfrozen partition 5. copy Persi0.sys from the root of the unfrozen partition 6. boot the target computer to knoppix 7. replace Persi0.sys on the target's frozen partition 8. reboot the target (should come up unfrozen) 9. use the deep freeze installer to uninstall before you accidently freeze it again U can find the unfreezer tools on the net (Deep Unfreezer.exe)
  4. open ur Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) locate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion change information under Key RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization
  5. i am also facing the same problem my VISTA DVD when inserted just got a single TEXT file(related to UDF), but when opened with ultraiso got the full content.. whats the matter. OS: Winxp Pro VLK + ryan pack 2.1.3
  6. if it is asking the service pack DISK then the problem is something else,, the CD root contents are not complete u must keep relevent files intact eg WIN51IP WIN51IP.SP2 WIN51.. (depends upon the version of windows XP, 2K, 2K3.........) if u miss these files, the CD is worthless to boot from CD and run unattended Note: the process i explained was for clean install process which will boost up the installation more then 5 minutes.. but doesn't work for upgrade. for this boot.bin must be pointing to WNPE, i must be sure on this To make the structure like this CD -all version of TAG files (WIN51IP, WIN51IP.SP2, WIN51, WIN51IP.SP1, blah blah blah) -home ------i386 ------files ------folders (all necessary which comes on OEM CD) -PRO1 ------i386 ------folders (all necessary which comes on OEM CD) -MDEA ------i386 ------folders (all necessary which comes on OEM CD) in this case, each boot.bin should be pointing to their respective folder, again setupldr.bin is pointing each respective folder. thats all
  7. i can't believe this is possible without editing some files, First thing it is build with optimize option, (crosslinking identical files) therefore it can hold as many distros. second thing there must be each relavent folder that points to the dedicated folder, for that, open the ISO with ultraISO(it will show the hidden content of the ISO) inside the ezboot folder check all the boot.bin (or just like same) in notepad. It must show some thing like this at the end of the file SETUPLDR.BINBOOTFIX.BINHOME . Here boot.bin is pointing HOME directory. Now go to home directory(Approx 8 - 10 MB only) open the txtsetup.sif in notepad. Search for SetupSourcePath = "\SETUP\XP\XPhome\" , again it is pointing the main root folder, i.e inside setup\xp\xphome. here nothing is changed. the folder name is also i386. (this is just a simple idea, this may vary with ur iso but the idea is same) Simillarly check other boot sectors inside ezboot folder open that with notepad, find out the folder name, go to that folder open txtsetup.sif with notepad and search for SetupSourcePath = "XXX\XXXX\XXXX".
  8. could you post describing what actually happens when you perform the operation, if possible post screenshot as well.
  9. some how i managed to find that the information is gathered from registry,, but why it replace the new strings with the old string of windows version. Is this by default with ryanpack 2.1.3 i hope , only ryan knows the solution.
  10. Boot with (Acronis True image Home/Workstation) Bootable CD then perform the operation
  11. @EchoNoise @poor_kenny no offence, u can post ur screenshot and signature of ur kind being under the rules of MSFN, please no comments on these, please free to post without any hesitation and dun be so .....................
  12. for dual boot,, it is not concerned with ezboot,, ezboot is just for multiboot,, for multiboot requiring same i386, u need to go through multiboot CD/ DVD guide by gosh. u need to hack some files to change the folder structure. some of them are boot.bin(boot sector), txtsetup.sif, setupldr.bin
  13. uups,, i forgot to tell one thing,, i am using patched SFC_OS.dll which doesn't allow to run sfc /scannow what i want is which file is responsible to give version information,, i will work on that file only
  14. i hope so,, the file being replaced,, but which ?? particualr file ? the RAM size was because of virtual maching (VMWARE) first i used 256 MB later 512 MB how could the windows file replaced on first boot coz i haven't given any external source so that it will copy different version of file on later reboots.. how could it replace the file without any external media.. (CD, Internet, source)
  15. i used ryanvm pack 2.1.3 with custom edited shell32.dll when my computer start for the first time it gives me one(latest) version information and when again reboots for second or further time gives a another (older) version information New Version (first reboot) Older version (second, third, fourth, fifth,.....restarts ) Which files gives the windows version information when we type winver in run command ???
  16. what i want is,, i want to see what my client computers actual browsing( may be hidden sometime) like we do in linux as of in screenshot tcpview can't solve my problem...
  17. currently i am running a cyber and my Os is winXP with ICS. some time my B/W get chocked.. how could i know which client computer/IP is browsing/downloading/uploading what on ICS server. isn't there any tool to monitor current activities from client computer on ICS server. My isp is telling me that my client computer is downloading msn messenger all the time.. but i can't see the download windows on any of the computer, They even showed me the download request of msn messenger from my IP. I can't find which computer is downloading the msn messenger hiddenly,, thats why i want to monitor which IP/client computer is downloading and browsing such activities. so that i can fix out the problem and control and put the restriction.
  18. i am not sure.. whether there a option to build a bootable rescue disk in paragon or not.. if it provides then its somple.. build the bootable CD. run ultra iso to create bootable info table of the CD/ISO.. (ultraiso--bootable--generate bootable infotable) it will create "paragon.bif" image. place this "paragon.bif" file inside the ezboot folder and in ezboot command will be "bootinfotable;run paragon.bif" instead of "run paragon.bif"
  19. of course, these menu and toolz will come on handy in any operation. Especially recovery console on a automated XP,, partition magic, windows 98 bootable, ghost, antivirus tools, are the tools to talk abt few..
  20. here goes mine.. Easy Boot 5 screenshot 1 (based on Vista ) screenshot 2 (based on XP MCE)
  21. here goes mine clean VS = aurum WP = vistaMCE Messy clock =lclock wmp skin =vista icons = apogee + i candy logon = i dun know where i got this,, but slightly modified by me..
  22. it is cool,, lets suppose i have created the ISO of C:\ (system drive) how to load the iso or image file automatedely,, without user interaction example: ---------------------- 1. boot from CD 2. are you sure you want to revert the OS to factory setting (optional) 3. yes (optional) 4 automated process.. 5 reboot 6 fresh system ------------------------ what the best solution and the switches we can use in acronis and ghost
  23. recently i purchased a branded laptop. it got a recovery/rescue CD, in case of system failure i can easily load fresh copy of XP on factory settings automatically without any user interaction like a automated XP CD. what i want is ,, i want to create the same type of CD for my each PC i sell, so that i can give that CD to my customer as a gift and we also lessen the burden for future field support. is it possible,, if yes,, please guide me .. (xp system should include (c:\ partition + hardware device drivers + default applications)
  24. is there any such third party DOS application.. i have found one,, "waiter.com" it did the perfect job,, the only disadvantage is that when any of the key is pressed,, it terminates...
  25. i have never used cdshell, so not sure it will work for ISO emulation or boot information from an ISO, for me,, easyboot worked perfect.. coz it supports bootable information from the ISO.. but i am sure that CDshell will support ima (floppy image) so i recommend u to create the true image with the help of virtual floppy. i have created ,, and working fine,, perfectly,,, but recovery folder will not work,, even in bootable iso i haven't found that folder working.

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