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  1. with 7 boot options Edit: sorry i posted it on wrong .. somebody plz move it to Unattended Windows Discussion & Support > Multi-Boot CD/DVDs
  2. simply create a img file with the help of virtual floppy of 2.48 MB then build the rescue media on that.
  3. i have never used nlite.. but have heard theres option to patch the systemfiles.. patched syssetup.dll for winXP SP2 2180 syssetup.dl_
  4. couple of perfect programs @ Yzöwl this is what i was looking for... the program which can be run in DOS mode , no popups at all but i wonders, why it isn't giving the perfect time,, though it is set to 180, but it is more then 4 minutes ( countdown isn't in seconds)
  5. Great application but,, HTA is perfect job,, but the sount down isn't in actual seconds,, it displays the seconds in very slow mannet,, actual time passes 20 seconds,, but it shows just 10 -12 Sec. For VBS the shutdown box flickers.. ( blink blink) is that a bug
  6. this looks cool idea for few seconds,, but i need it for more then 3 minutes,, so got no idea !!
  7. there is a problem with ur shellstyle.dll i hope u have modified luna theme.. please verify once again,, coz every other shellstyle.dll works with ur theme except urs shellstyle.dll
  8. As shark007 told,, make it clear first t-12 or 1st boot runonce ? blue background ? in t-12, where is ur winntbbu.dll wallpaper ? then t-12 or 1st boot
  9. u have done in perfect manner,, but try booting into safe mode first,, have u checked in ur hardware or just in vmware .. hope u haven't used any other version of files,,
  10. sth wrong with ntoskrnl.exe,, be sure u have just changed the bitmap but not alter with version and HEX editing. were u able to login into safemode ? try once without ur modified ntoskrnl.exe
  11. try to change ur bootscreen to ntoskrnl.exe and replace ur original file to check whether ur bootscreen is working fine or not .. (don't forget to keep original ntoskrnl.exe incase of disaster) i think ur bootscreen has problem..
  12. please post ur theme file as attachment here,, so that i can tell you where those must go along with ur shellstyle.dll *.msstyle *.theme
  13. in runonce,, i have to give reboot command, currently i am giving i dun like this at all,, coz it gives a popup windows which overrides any running programs hiding the messages running in MS-DOS windows, and many of user afraid of this popup {similar popup as of w32.blaster worm } i like to use some dos command which should show the countdown for 3 minuts and restart the PC in DOS windows itself, not in additional pop up. just in that black window !!! example c:\countdown -60 -restart >nul [should only give countdown number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ....... 60 and restart] hope u got me...
  14. i am posting this,, coz this happned to my UACD, so i am just sharing my idea.
  15. i hope u have used patched syssetup.dll ( nlite has this option,, i hope, i haven't used nlite) and be sure with the settings in ur winnt.sif [Display] BitsPerPel=16 Xresolution=800 Yresolution=600 Vrefresh=75
  16. yes u can.. thanks @The Glimmerman it certainly creates a temp bat
  17. These are the complete components list for windows 2000
  18. i have checked on both file system FAT32 and in NTFS,, same problem
  19. collect all ur switchless installer rename those exe to dll Eg: test.exe -->test.dll test1.exe-->test1.dll test3.exe-->test3.dll (I prefer similar to system files as: system67.dll, fontgui.dll) MakeCAB these files (output will be test*.dl_) paste these files to ur UAXP\i386 Edit ur UAXP\i386\dosnet.inf txtsetup.sif cmdlinex.txt uaxp.exe (use .bat script ) convert this script to EXE (exescript.exe will help you)winnt.sif autoXP.exe (use batch script) convert this script to EXE (exescript.exe will help you)convert all ur registry to exe (reg2exe) use ultraiso to build ISO hide folder $oem$ with the ultraiso (action menu -----> Hide/Unhide) your UAXP is now ready Summery: Additional programs u can use for ur UAXP hope this will help to make ur private UAXP so that nobody can alter ur contents. this is just my idea.. plz share yours ideas tooo This is my Funny sample exe (bat --->exe) test.exe
  20. i have tried in t-12 my cmdlines.txt it ran perfectly giving perfect output as i want it also ran perfectly in my guirunonce winnt.sif it can't be executed in pure dos mode(MS DOS 6.22, command prompt of win98 bootable) Message will popup as : This program must be run under Win32 but it can perfectly run in t-12 none other worked for me (Quick Batch File Compiler failed the process)
  21. plz read the post from the begining once... ur answer has been given several times,,, plz Do as i have told before from the begining
  22. i have made my own screen saver clock.scr ... i have changed the file name as clock.dll (so that other can't recognize the file) in CD, then i compressed with makecab and it became clock.dl_ now what i want is ,, i want to place this file inside i386 edit dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif so that the file copies to my %systemroot%\system32\ as clock.scr (but not as clock.dll) is this possible ? if yes how ?
  23. Thanks all,, exescript was the solution i was looking for.. it convert my bat, cmd to EXE,, completely encrypted..
  24. Well i am extreamly sorry @ mazin, i didn't meant that.. what i actually meant is ,, my CMDLINES.TXT has following code' i got file named user.cmd and installs.cmd inside $oem$ User.cmd installs.cmd codes are more.. i am just giving the example so anybody can view the contents inside my cmd files i want to hide these codes permanently , so that the code are un-understandable to anybody but still can perform the task specified. sth like bat2exe I tried Quick Batch File Compiler, the output exe can perform in windows environment like a charm, but can't give the same output in t-12

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