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  1. what the output.. i tried hidcon.exe installs.cmd (they are in same folder) but i couldn't see any output.. nothing seems to be happning
  2. Edited: it on the CD.. inside $oem$.. how can be a CD contents be deleted ..
  3. during t12 my installs.cmd executed its operation and after my uaXP finishes,, it runs a run.bat on gui runonce i want to use *.exe instead( sth like converting bat to exe) so that all my code is encrypted or hidden i tried Quick Batch File Compiler but it unable to operate its command in t-12 hope the application is only for win32 plz guide me.. what to do Edited : I tried exescript,, its amizing,, it totally hide the contents of the batch (convert to exe)
  4. of cource u have to apply it,, or use some script to load it automatically.. for me,, i use autoIT script to load any theme automatically in my Unattended installation of XP
  5. there is no such problem in ur uxtheme.. the problem is with ur theme.. i hope ur problem is solved in ur another topic....
  6. I am using acronis universal restore, its the perfect solution for sysprep,, so simple so easy, no need to do anything ,,, its the best ever software i know which can restore any image to any hardware,,
  7. must be %windir%\Resources\Themes\Golden\shell\NormalColor\shellstyle.dll
  8. your wallpapers goes here $oem$\$$\web\wallpaper\"your wallpapers"
  9. you dun need to modify ur .theme just place as it is and u may try this in ur running system..
  10. its simple Do as this : e:\HFSLIP\$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\golden.theme e:\HFSLIP\$OEM$\$$\Resources\themes\golden\golden.msstyle e:\HFSLIP\$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\golden\Shell\NormalColor\shellstyle.dll
  11. Seems that u messend up with some settings (may be with drivers or winnt.sif or may be file corruption/missing) Try testing the CD in VMWARE and Few more PC Did u load some kinda initial Drivers ? Check ur Winnt.sif once again,, if not again try to rebuild once again from scratch
  12. shellstyle means ? does this mean whole visual theme,, or just shellstyle.dll For Visual Themes: U need to have patched UXTHEME.DLL for third party visual themes,, then place ur theme inside $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\(urtheme) Then give ur theme settings in winnt.sif as [shell] DefaultStartPanelOff=No CustomDefaultThemeFile="%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\urtheme\urtheme.msstyles" For Shellstyle.dll Go to $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\energy_blue\Shell\NormalColor then replace original shellstyle.dll with yours.. or rename original shellstyle.dll as shellstyle.dll.old and place your shellstyle.dll (Here i have taken energy_blue theme as example) You can do it with ur own favourite theme
  13. still can't believe that u changed only username,, from the example of both winnt.sif u created there should not be such problem with the changes u made in username section.
  14. why dun't u try and let us know,, till now i haven't got success in this matter,, i dunno why,, where i have messed up..
  15. yes, u can add as much such programs as u can till ur CD space is ruined here is my boot menu , exactly the same what u needed, simply create acronis product bootable CD in CDRW, (u won't loose any CD) use ultraiso and save the boot file,, ""will be in form of *.bif"" (no need sets of floppy/USB stick) then create ur boot menu with ezboot and give command as : MENU---------------->Command-------------------------->description 1. run UAXP----------->(run boot.bin)-------------------------->(this is xp boot file to setup ur windows) 2. run acronis PE----->( bootinfotable;run ape.bif)----------->(this is acronis partition expert boot file saved by ultraiso) 3. run acronis TI ----->(bootinfotable;run tie.bif)------------->(this is acronis True image Ent. boot file saved by ultraiso) 4. Norton ghost ------>(run ghost.ima)------------------------>(this is norton ghost image, created by floppy/winimage) 5. blah blah blah ----->(run *.ima/ *.img)-------------------->(Your additional bootable image file) 6. restart-------------->(restart)-------------------------------->(To restart the PC/system) 7 boot from HDD----->(boot 80)-------------------------------->(To boot from HDD even u chosed to boot from CD) these two are my bootmenu sample created with help of ezboot: lemme know if i can help u further
  16. it is best if u compile ur own with the help of some third party softwares like winrar sfx, ....... u have to compile ur installer in such a way that the path u r giving must be the same where u want those files to be reside
  17. i dun't think it will do, if ur hardware differs,, it is hardware dependent..
  18. u can take help of boot menu (easyboot, cd shell) and include two menu in boot option 1. install Unattended windows 2. run recovery console i hope u got the idea.. (u need to modify some files for this) this is just the idea, if u still want to know how,, lemme know
  19. yeah,,, winrar cannot compress like makecab does,, i have tried already.. it will fail
  20. oopss,, @Wraith,,thanks for the tips but i have been playing since a year with sysprep but have never got success even gone through various tricks including urs.. many sites discussed its the matter of HAL and drivers,, i got success only on 10 % PC tried on all typese of dell multiprocessor, HP desktop, Compaque Laptops, AMD PC, 32bit, 64 bit but just failed so i always go through unattended rather on syspreped/ghost/wim image
  21. aggree @blinkdt yep,, the word simplicity.. unattended for newbies... goshhhhhhh if we talk abt the simplicity for newbies,, how many things to tell.. do u think these are the only things...
  22. this was the first item that i tried for the first time,, when failed i tried autoit script to load custom theme in runonce still failed.. but when the windows loads and again if i choose the same theme from disp. properties and apply,, every thing works (wallpapers scr blah blah.. ),,, dunno why ?
  23. lol,, u both got same avtar... for this,, i had assigned user defined extension in winrar,, just double click those file and it will open in winrar
  24. agree with TD Winnt.sif is a aswer file,, i don't thik it has to do anything regarding such problems,, but i request to post the winnt.sif previous settings ( the changes u made) rebuilding the source may solve the problem Also dun forget to check the VMWARE virtual DISK size
  25. if i am not wrong CPYDER is talking about zipping/unzipping (not Sector by sector copying programs) Ghost is concerned with imaging software,, but still HAL matters,, so not the perfect solution...

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