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  1. the file should either go to system or system32 directory and the main three files to read this setting are oemlogo.bmp oeminfo.ini sysdm.cpl try to replace these three files from ur running system to ur XP CD remember to makecab for sysdm.cpl before placing it to CD\i386
  2. copy this rasphone.pbk file put it on ur CD inside $OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\pbk now u have your connections on unattended CD copy ur shortcut icon to this folder for DESKTOP $OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Desktop
  3. it should go inside system32 not system for windows XP whats ur operation system ?
  4. i think i had already got those but i suspect syssetup.dll isn't working anymore what does this file actually do ? as i am getting welcome screen and user creation windows on my fully unattended CD which worked on SP2 very well. i thought to remove OOBE, and tried with both method, Nlite and kit OOBE removal (ryanvm), but this caused my theme service not to worked. and i am preety sure abt this coz i integrated all the addons one by one, at last the problem was with OOBE removal on my XP i am using XP SP3 VLK directly from microsoft Edit: corrected filename typo
  5. try putting these files on ur running system (c:\windows\system32) first if ir works or not ? then only go for unattended CD
  6. how to bypass welcome screen without removing OOBE, i hope no body has tested OOBE removal on XP SP3 where can i get oobe removal addons without using nlite..
  7. yes this be done easyly first of all u need to create the connection on your PC then you need to copy %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\pbk and has to put this file in the same directory on ur unattended CD or manage it to go to the same directory during installation procedure note: i have packed it with winrar and made it a self extractor exe, placed inside $OEM$\$$\system32\network.exe which extract it to %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\pbk during t-13 hope you got the idea
  8. i have more then 300 MB drivers that should be integrated into my XP CD when compressed it is just 90 MB to save space, i compressed it with winrar and make self extracting EXE (driver.exe) which decompress it to %systemroot%\drivers\ at T-13 and mentioned the path in my winnt.sif as OemPnPDriversPath="drivers\101_lan;X\vm;drivers\845v" My pc isn't accepting any drivers in this manner but when i put the same drivers under my CD under $OEM$\$1\Drivers it will work is it too late to place those drivers under %systemroot%\drivers\ at T-13 is there any alternative for this or detachprogram will help me ?
  9. simply save it as 256 color not in 24 bit ot true color it will give u the transparency
  10. XP SP3 VLK is my Source due to this reason i need to remove OOBE, so i choosed nlite to remove it. removal is successful but poofffff where has my theme service gone My theme service won't work anymore why is so ?
  11. I had successfully removed oobe and now unattended CD reaches to desktop but it has loosed its theme service i used nlite to remove OOBE why this happining to me only... ? i have started several times from the scratch.. but the same problem if i don't remove OOBE every thing works fine but the setup process will stuck on welcome windows why why why
  12. i have only few addons integrated with my XP CP boogy WMP11 slepstreamer and one peice IE7 2.2.1 oobe removal addons (ryanvm) now my theme service isn't working and show desktop icon is missing from quick launch bar. I haven't figure these sort of problem in XP SP2, but in XP SP3 there are so many things to be managed .. why ? is this bug on SP3 or bugs on addons ... what i did is : XP sp3 (original VLK) ryan vm to integrate one peice IE7 boogy wmp11 slip dbase massstorage patched system files,, uxtheme, syssetup.dll,
  13. successful integration is not only my wants..i want settings to fit on my choice . this time i am chasing IE7. It is working great on my UAXP, but by default there are few settings which i wan't to change There are few things i want to customize in my UA IE7 1. To make it a default browser 2. google as a search provider 3. instead of redirecting any links to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?... it should open my mentioned home page link Eg www.msfn.org
  14. you may start in this way: copy ur XP source to a folder called XPCD integrate any SP you want to add on it (SP2 or SP3) then use ryanvm integrator to integrate any addons (nlite is but messy,, you might have messed up there somewhere), i personally also till date didn't got 100 %success with my UAXPCD with nlite then check if the problem persist or not for winnt.sif, follow my winnt.sif (it worked for me very well) don't forget to match this with yours
  15. you might have messedup somewhere.. just copy ur oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp inside ..\$OEM$\$$\System32\ also you need to modify ur winnt.sif this will 100% work
  16. thanks for the video driver for VMWARE, the problem is now fixed i removed the OOBE from nlite as well, and working like a charm (its VLK version) but the theme service is gone now, i will rebuild it again from the begining. i used the registry to bring back the icon, its cool i used the language bar registry tweak to hide language bar as well... now i got a perfect UAXP CD thank Kelsenellenelvian For OEM i will search other option ..
  17. what to do with my OEM version of XP ? i cannot remove oobe from my system so time i need to take my system to adifferent hardware and has to perform sysprep and mini setup as well. the question is : why this welcome screen is poping up this time with SP3 ? the registry setting only helped me to recover the icon but not the option in the customize section of desktop properties.
  18. for the first one: along with the screen resolution, it also popup welcome screen and also prompt for the user account creation. I had already set a user on t-13 will this one also be fixed on physical PC (running system)
  19. i came to know that it is all because of VMWARE does it mean that it will be fixed on physical PC or it is machine dependent with VGA driver compactability ? i am confused if not and only appears on some PC then what will be the fix that will be applicable all PC.
  20. i have integrated IE7 and wmp11 on my XP SP3 but i need few tweaks for IE7: how to make google as a default search provided unattendedly how to make it default browser (it isn't a default browser by default) how to make it open a blank page instead of http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=74005 WMP11: for every user it ask for express install or custom install it want it to set express setup for all user
  21. 1st: yes, it is in VMWARE, does it mean it will be fixed on phycal PC 2nd: what will be the process for unattended to set the wallpaper for every user 3rd: how to bring back the option 4th:i am unloading it by rt clicking taskbar--toolbar--language bar but on next retart it will appear it again..
  22. 1st : my unattended screen stuck on screen resolution and welcome screen and i am sure every bit of settings of my winnt.sif is correct (not fully unattended) 2nd: wallpaper isn't changed even for the applied theme (dark blue screen appears) read this it doesn't point to ..\web\wallpaper 3rd: no option for internet explorer to place it on a desktop on customize desktop section (display properties) 4th: language toolbar on the taskbar exist everytime i boot the system even if i unload it. how can set all these settings back : specially the screen resolution and wallpapers issue
  23. it same in both case,, original XP source and on pre installed system for driver it won't be a big trouble to delete untill n unless u plan to install other hardware..
  24. Try to add AutoLogon [GuiUnattended] AutoLogon=YesI don't get mentioned screen at XP SP3, no edited files added. http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserve...d799eb1033.mspx By the way: Do you provide acess for Moondance? http://www.pbase.com/bmcmorrow/image/90681729 well i hope AutoLogon=Yes is just to make administrator to autologin i even tried that problem the desktop resolution changer and the add user appears before the logon process.

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