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  1. I was wondering if there was any way to hack the uxtheme file with vlite?
  2. I've pretty much been having this issue since vista came out over a year ago. Here's my original post on the issue: http://www.msfn.org/board/Constant-disk-access-t91567.html Unfortunately I've been having this issue for the entirety of the time. My solution has been to suspend the machine when i'm not using it but I really hate doing that. I was wondering what the hell is causing this access and if there was anything I could do to kill it. I've turned off the search indexer and it's not the issue. I'm thinking it's shadow copy. This is not a feature I need if I need to shut that down.
  3. After installing SP1 two of the programs i use the most started freezing a bunch, Firefox 2 and a media player i use. The media player is old so i'm not athat surprised, but I use it all the time pre sp1 with no problems. I was wondering if it's painful to revert, and if not how do i?
  4. I'm thinking of setting up a WHS machine at home. I was wondering if it'd be easy to set it up as a Ruby on Rails server (very low volume) as well as a few other applications like sabnzbd and utorrent so i can have a machine running that can download 24/7 without worry.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew how to send email via pop3 using either the command line or powershell? Thanks
  6. Here it is, just drag and drop the original file on the script, it'll modify permissions for the original file and make another copy of the same file in source directory.. Thank You gunsmokingman! Dim Act : Set Act = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") Dim Fso : Set Fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dim File1, File2 For Each File1 in Wscript.Arguments Act.Run("takeown /A /f " & Chr(34) & File1 & chr(34)),1,True Act.Run("icacls " & Chr(34) & File1 & chr(34) & " /grant administrators:F"),1,True File2 = Split(File1,".") Set File = Fso.GetFile(File1) File.Copy(File2(0) & "_Original." & File2(1)) Next BTW, how can I add now this new script to my right click selection? I have made this new script into a sfx fle that extracts to the Sendto folder, this one does not create a extra copy of the file Save As OwnTheFile_V2 I have made this new script into a sfx fle that extracts to the Sendto folder Save as OwnTheFile_V3 i get a permissions error when i try to run and i'm not sure how to force it to run as admin (or whatever permissions are needed) SHIFT + Right Click = Gain Ownership context menu This doesnt allow for gaining of ownership of executeables
  7. one thing linux still has better is with root you can f*** up your OS as much as you want if you know what you're doing.
  8. This is still infuriating, i'm positive I have enough RAM that thing sre not being passed into the pagefile. It is indeed the search indexer causing the problems, but svchost.exe (LocalServiceNetworkRestricted) also has lots of access. I dont get why the google desktop indexer is so much better then one made by microsoft.
  9. the only issue with this is i'm not so certain that i want to disable UAC, and i've heard that disabling it and then re-enabling it causes issues.
  10. hrm, this doesnt seem to work for me
  11. As i do in my windows boxes i'm tyring to replace notepad.exe with a better editor. however it'll never let me copy the file over, even when running in admin mode (or whatever). I get the UAC popup and after accepting it still says i dont have access to do the replace. Anyone know how to get it to overwrite?
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to have one image span both monitors in vista, or at least have two different backgrounds for each monitor. anyone have any idea how i can do this?
  13. Can samba talk with vista file shares? i've been trying to talk to my vista shares with samba and it's not recognizing it.
  14. It seems like vista goes though these spurts where it's CONSTATNLY accessing the disk. Since i'm running 2x raptors in raid it gets extremly noisy. Sometimes its the Search Indexer (which i cant kill no matter what i do) sometimes its just svchost. but it's rediculous. i have no idea what it's trying to do but i'm just browsing hte web.
  15. im not a fan of the 7z file manager. and since i get the corp version through work i prefer to use winrar, but no i havnt checked the latest beta version.
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