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  1. you can install the retail version on as many pc's as u like(yours obv)... aslong as its installed on one pc at a time. i have the oem version that came with my old dell pc i had ages ago (long gone in the bin that pc) but i still use the licence off it for my pc today... i have to phone ol microsoft about it every time i reinstall and have to answer the ruddy questions every time there aint no way ur gonna get it to preactivate on a retail disk either sorry pal (i cant on this either as im upgrading motherboards pretty much every 3 months) ur best bet is using a ghost image or something simlar to preserv your activation on ur pc that ur using (and remember u can only install to one pc at a time)
  2. it just shows how much of your cpu IS NOT getting used dont worry
  3. i was on about my own menu lol i dont have any of the others... and yeah long time since ive been on here
  4. added an adrive link the download should work now
  5. reuploaded the boot menu, ive been offline and ignorant for some time now,,, sorry about that
  6. ive been using compression bin for so long i cant remember the days i used to manually compress the files
  7. yeah i got a adsl2 wireless router off ebay for £9.50 the other day lol why would you want a bloted xp router anyway linux is the way to go for a router?
  8. Please could you upload your batch + reg files and any tools (not upx or nlite) that you use to create your install this is indeed a very interesting project
  9. i want to create a new boot menu for the community that can be used by everyone but it need some ideas for what to put into it also i need some ideas for the backgrounds im going to be using... im going to make the menu with submenus too
  10. my friend got one of them built... he's not happy lol @XPERO i think this app is quite usefull thanks
  11. xp has never looked so good *drools in a homer simpson style*
  12. yea yea wpa wga tomato bla bla.... anyway i was saying backup wga.wpl so i didnt have to re activate the clients computer so it wouldnt invalidate the key ive been reading a load about people affected by "WGA" tonight it seems that peeps are calling for anti virus companies to detect it as spyware and remove it... fingers crossed eh...
  13. i know how the guy feels im wanting to start my own pc repair business ive been repairing pcs for loads of ppl (including one when i went to bulgaria and i dont have a clue how to speak their lingo) anyway the activation of windows is really annoying... ive learned to backup the wga file b4 formatting windows it is better than saying to ma m8's "soz dude because your too stupid to know the difference between x and z app ur windows product key has now been invalidated" when i now just say... keep off the dodgy porn sites lol
  14. glad to see someone values my work... working in a nightclub seriously is rotting my brain and a waste of my talents but ah well plenty of pussy

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