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  1. i like orion style toolbar for windows explorer and internet explorer. i don't to use yz toolbar i want to integrate it in shell32.dll by reshacking if any body got then plz post it or give me link.
  2. Nepali

    Windows XP

    is there is HOme corporate ?
  3. what the main difference for which we must choose the particular version of windows XP PRO MEDIA HOME I didn't found any between media and Pro except one folder in system32 something like ehome or just like
  4. The main thing is why it asked for activation,, as i got windows XP pro version also which never ask for activation after installation. is there no XP home version which doesn't ask for activation like in Pro version after the full installation of OS. if so, then i wll return this and buy another one .... also what's new in media center edition.. what are the noticiable difference between PRo and media center
  5. i recently purchased windows XP home edition including SP2 i have also got one manual and some stiker which consists of CD-KEY i just installed it but it ask for activation .. it is only for 30 days why i don't have internet also,, i have purchased this in UK rt now i am in nepal.. is my windows XP home pirated did that seller cheated me ? why it is not registered
  6. while it reaches t 35 ~ t32 it prompt to click YES for driver installation i am using VMWARE
  7. is this possible to creat account already in outlook express in UAXP.
  8. this post has already been discussed several times, try searching .. thats all becuause of *.cat files in i386\svcpack\*.cat try removing all the traces of *.cat in svcpack.inf file
  9. for question 1 :- for question 2 :- for question 3 :- I think these all queries has been already posted,, try searching honestly, I have gone through those posts.......
  10. there is no much difference between standard and gosh
  11. option: 1 option 2 U can try acronis disk director suite as well
  12. i do not like to press F10 as i already told,, i want this in bootable menu..
  13. Prepare ur mytweak.reg tweak file under $oem$ folder creat reg_files folder place ur mytweak.reg in reg_files folder (XPCD\$oem$\reg_files) under CMDLINES.TXT file add this line under install.cmd file add this entry Note: These are my settings,, U can do it as per ur settings as well
  14. Got VAI board with LAN (VIA RHINE) 128 RAM (32 is shared) SMLINK modem i have unattended rasphone.pbk file which work perfectly in other hardware but recently i got error in one of the computer i have sufficient disk space and changed memory as well Fig Error 1 When i refresh network connection folder Fig Error 2 After when i click finish button in DIAL up icon creation
  15. sale teti pani jandainas;;; use winimage winimage can handle img files
  16. update ur antivirus>> for me kaspersky works great
  17. i have unattended XPCD with EZboot menu my menu u can't be able to have recovery console in UAXP except pressing F10now i want that feature in my ezboot menu so that when that option is choosed it will boot to windows XP recovery console
  18. will work for sp2 or not... just for confermation coz i think SP2 has nothing to do with the process.. am i Rt ?
  19. i appreciate the command i think this a command script but didn't worked in mine the command windows exit leaving font folder opened
  20. i am currently using the same visual theme thats CodeopusC this is my best theme i haven't seen any theme to defeat this theme till date

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