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  1. Dear crahak, Thank you for your patience and help. I talked to my concerned Project Co-ordinator about the project, making all the points you mentioned. He pointed to some problems that might arise. I'll let you know topic wise. I said we'll maintain a Library web Book Rating - I said Users can give the books ratings. He said like in a movie, the ratings depend on acting, storyline, direction and screenplay, on what basis will the students vote? What criteria? I replied the ease of language, the way a topic is dealt with by the author. He said all your books are technical, so the ease of language is almost out. And he said like authors, students also have a way to learn, and might have differences on which author deals with the same topic the best. Tag clouds - He agreed, he said it's s nice idea, but how many users are going to do it? Many of them are ignorant. Moreover, there are so many books, who will tag them, let alone do a multiple tag? I will have to produce dummy hits. Reservation/Due Date back/Issued to/copies remaining - Good ideas, but it seems these are the only ideas remaining. He has asked me to tell me some other features as well (Well, I was 50 minutes late, so I had an alibi that I just thought it up and will finalise it this week). Well I hope you're there for me throughout to help me. All of you guys, thank you, and I appreciate it. The Rock
  2. You are of great help already. I'll ask tomorrow is C# is allowed. Let you know then. Thank you
  3. Thank you all for your time and effort. @crahak: I have 3 months just to make sure this will work, and next semester I have to implement it. I mean this time, I have to arrange all the give the idea, find what's needed, get the codes, hardware (if needed) and finalise. Next semester I have to stick the assembled things together and make it work, taking out all the errors and such. And it's not C++ ONLY, it's C++ as I am more comfortable with it. I can use either C++ or Java. Also, by implementation, I mean to show to my Lecturers how it will work. Not actally making it work in the Library. I can just take 10 books with me and show them "It will do this". The librarty idea that you have provided is the best I have gotten from my own search, and other 'helps'. I couldn't get you on TAG CLOUDS". Also, I would rather not take the Barcode. I would make it difficult for me to make it too. For the time being, I'll stick with the Library one. Would you help me with it? Thank you all, I highly appreciate your help.
  4. It has to bea project which can be implemented. Like, something for the library, canteen, etc. Not stuff like games.
  5. Hi all, I am in Final year of my B.E Degree (Computer Science), and I have to make a Project for this semester, and implement it in the next semester. Can anyone give me any help in this regards? Anyone else made it (Considering it is a Computers related Forum and many of you might be Engineers yourselves). Any information, help, and ideas will greatly appreciated. Thank you, The Rock
  6. Why not ask The Rock?
  7. They are already off. Still this Security Crap pops up.
  8. It happens to me too. Any file. mp3, jpg, gif, and from any user. Microsoft has been getting on my nerves lately. Maybe it is because of any hotfix. I read one has a problem with different softwares. I just pdated my PC from their website and since then it has happened. There is no virus cuz i tried sending it from ym Laptop to PC too. Same error message.
  9. No problems like this on Opera 8.50.
  10. Elektrik, i think you didnt understant. I already unregistered the OCX. If i replace it and register it, the Unwanted Program might operate. After I Downloaded it and unregistered it, the prompt screen is no longer there just the RUN KEY Modification. Thanks.
  11. Googled about Unregistering and Unreged the OCX, the prompt screen is no longer there, but the startup entry prevails still. Dont know why because it runs no program. Thanks for your help GunSmokingMan. I always thought it(ERROR) to be a friend of MicroSoft Irritant Squad. Now how the h3ll do i remove the startup entry for good? Thanks for your concern.

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