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  1. So I have a server built up, which has a trial version of Windows 2003 server installed. I want to create my base image of Windows XP + SP2 + Hotfixes and then I am hoping somebody could explain how I could point the installation to various 'application packages' on the same drive in the server (i.e. these could be contained in folders, Application Pack for Low Spec PC, Application Pack for Medium Spec PC, Application Pack for High Spec PC etc). In easier terms, I want to be able to install a no frills XP install on any computer I choose and then select from a menu or similar straight after the install which 'package' I want to install. Then the package would be installed using unattended setup files. Also it would be helpful if the 'packs' could be updated easily when a new software version is available or a new software package is found - Is there any way to do this? Thanks
  2. I am building a little file server for bits and pieces as my main PC is just being used too much for storage and it gets messy when I want to format and reinstall Anyway I have 1 20gb hard drive installed (For the actual OS on the server) and then I am going to be fitting 4 WD1200 120gb hard drives (7200rpm) to the system. I will also be offering connection to it using a wireless connection and a wired ethernet connection. Obviously when attempting this project I will want to be using the wired connection Has anybody tried to do such a project? I am expecting to have to create a boot CD for the clients to load network drivers and then point the system to the files on the network (file server) and let it get on with the job. Any ideas?
  3. I have just started my XP unattended CD. I loaded SP2 onto a already slipstreamed SP1 CD and also used a tool to merge all the latest hot fixes and WMP 10 into the files. I started the CD up to test on my laptop and it stayed at "39 mins remaining" (After copying files) before it started saying "Installing Device Drivers" etc. Why is this?
  4. Can anybody provide an alternate link to the latest version of these, as the official website seems to be down

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