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  1. @soldier1st you gotta good logic am impressed thanks all for the view
  2. thanks for the solution cheers
  3. i have already placed out the old NIC this problem arise when i hooked a new NIC card in replacement of OLD NIC of same model in a new PCI slot.
  4. Till date microsoft is PAY and Linux is open source In future in any day if both gonna be absolutely free then which OS will you prefer
  5. i gotta intel d845wn board installed 256 + 256+ 128 RAM will this combination of RAM work perfectly or just 256 +256 will work and 128 is fake i have heard all the RAM must be of same size
  6. this is all because of newly installed programs or explorer version mismatched
  7. ultra iso is a pay software For CDIMAGE free http://www.tech-hints.com/prog/cdimagegui.zip
  8. check the file EULA.TXT in ur i386 folder if it is there try to open the file to check is whether it is corrupted or not.
  9. i hope this will be the perfect answer to build the ISO: for newbies CDimage will messed up a lot so better CDIMAGE GUI version to build the ISO with optimize option another is ultraiso which also have optimize option but the compression is not good as cdimage For burning: ucan use whatever u find the easiest and user friendly softwares Nero CDimage ultraiso alchole easy cd creator mkiso blah blah blah it is on u whatever u choose
  10. there is a freeware tools to take registry spanpshot of the settings u just made. make a snapshot of a normal settings and save then make changes ( icon spaces) and as u wish and save another shot then compare the both snapshots u will find that changes had windows made in the registry and extract the necessary registry tweaks. cheers
  11. how can we get rid of this problem
  12. boot ur computer in safe mode login to administrator and delete the account cheers
  13. choose the working ISO image that to tested in virtual PC / vmware and burn it with nero
  14. WAN Miniport didn't get updated after reboot and update method... all other worked fine
  15. the main thing is u r installing ur operating system in vmware in a small default windows try installing ur UAXP in fullscreen vmware5 windows solved cheers
  16. What will u do if u create new user autologon reg tweak will automatically logon to ur previous account, not in new account so be sure
  17. u need to integrate jo.sys in ur bootfiles
  18. some settings might have gone wrong with user accounts try deleting ur user a/c and create again the same user try repairing registry as well. install antivirus with latest signature
  19. some etting might have gone wrong with ur user try deleting ur user a/c and create again the same user try repairing registry as well. install antivirus with latest signature
  20. if ur windows installation CD contains ryan*.cab inside i386 folder
  21. check the paths and don't disable the registry settings putting ; or - infront of registry information will disable the registry key

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