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  1. I think mine is highly reshed.. if unpacked it is about 40 MB all the Icons, Bitmaps, and AVI are changed but the strings are intact
  2. change from here resource hacker winntbbu.dll string table value 2
  3. another way start command prompt point to ur folder "ren filename.txt *.cmd"
  4. This sort of problem arise when you -->pirated version of softwares -->Faulty Ram -->CPU temperature -->Faulty powersupply -->Video/Graphic card
  5. my xp is unattended,, i need to skip this step,, so this file doesn't mean anything for unattended installation. also nothing special has been changed in the ... just few which is not cared very much... must of the user say it's as usual.. try to make it hot and different
  6. where is ur :start variable this is stupid command no need to make hidden and system for those which is already hidden and system
  7. yahoo isn't working.... still not time to upgrade to ie7,, let final ver release
  8. same thing,, seems to be multiple OS, but in actual all version share the same file so the single OS and multiple file size won't change suppose ur xp sp 2 is abt (650 Mb) after adding other version just increment 1 MB thought it seems to be more then 1 GB but u need to simulate the files
  9. for installation from bootable calling bootsect.bin u don't need to have smartdrive enabled for ryans update pack try commenting out all the cat file under svcpack.inf eg ;kb?????????.cat
  10. who buys all those branded computer at once so how will it be possible to know abt their support from a single person
  11. u mean automated... thats not fair.. thats just a comand prompt windows with some tools .. all u have to do i manually.. copying missing miles, deleting files, replacing files edit files repait MBR, fix MBR don't expect automated process just like scandisk /chkdisk used to repair minor HDD problem
  12. are u just typing it here or being curious just type it in run command where it will guide u of course windows folder %?????????% are the variables used by windows
  13. always use variable for this sort of problem as %systemroot% %systemdrive% do not point to direct link as d:\ c:\ e:\
  14. very bad habit to burn the CDs in high speed
  15. yes it can be done.... but u need to go through special guide regarding making multiboot DVD/CD process:- u need to hex edit some files (read multi boot CD /DVD) copy winnt.sif in ur auto installation and $oem$ folder as well now use ezboot menu to create ur own boot menu with different hex edited bootsect.bin creat iso with ultra iso using simulate option (simulate will remove all the same file traces so that u can have all version of windows in same normal 700 MB CD) i have given only raw idea.. try to read multi CD guide for detail
  16. whenever my computer goes in scandisk .. the backgroung is blue,, just like winlogon screen (logonui) which file is to be changed to change the color scheme of that background which file holds the icon of "set program access and defaults" in modern start menu
  17. my XP sp2 + rvyaned + xpized + dot net framework sp1 in my xp SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe program doesn't install same thing happned in both newly created xpsp2 + ryan 1.2.2 + xpize and xpsp2 (another CD) + ryan 1.3.1 + xpize i thing problem isn't with unattended
  18. why u have placed the quote mine look like this, and working perfectly bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=oemkrnl.exe" /A /ID 1 remove the quote, and place the /A infront of kernel=.....exe
  19. the main thing is whether ur PC is standard or ACPI, uniprocessor , or multi so if differs imaging process fails
  20. for low resolution video card (24bit) and 14" monitor ur display settings won't work perfect coz 24 bit videocard and 14 " monitor mostly doesn't supports 1024 X 678 @ 32 @ 60Mhz
  21. still same problem opens fine but finally restored covering half windows

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