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  1. You have entered OemSkipWelcome=1 on both section.. avoid this Place it only on gui unattended
  2. i tried the script it opened the font folder then after 20 sec.. it restored the windows (maximized to restore mode) doesn't closes the font folder its there only only the size of the windows is changed.. i am shocked i have attached both the screenshot (initial and final) first one is the open stage second one is after 20 sec is passed
  3. how does ur winnt.sif looks like....... attach ur winnt.sif hers my, i think u got ur answer ur winnt.sif strings is messed up.. try to fix that
  4. take off ur RAM one by one and check it
  5. did not worked.... opened fontfolder in maximized order after 20 sec it restored but didn't closed..
  6. what will be the autoit script to opea a particular folder (assum windows) and close it automatically after 15~20 sec open it and close after 20 sec
  7. ntfsdos pro bartpe winpe erd commander these programs can read write NTFS or take ur hdd to ur frens home, connect as slave edit boot.ini then connect back in ue home voila
  8. i am not concerned with winntbbu.dll i am concernet with the very first stage of installation ,, thats is hdd partitioning stage.. and pre file copying stage,, not the winntbbu.dll stage.
  9. whats ur writing speed of DVD/RW also try to creat a new ISO and burn it with lower speed
  10. use regshot or regsnap change the setting gather the newly changed registry setting for every program and settings changed then enter the reg tweak at t12 or runonce
  11. in the very first phaze of file copying in windows XP the progress bar color is yellow and background is blue is there any to change the color of that screen and text written eg windows xp professional setup setupldr.bin can only change the text of pre stage of setup (information collection windows) text setup part
  12. what will be the autoit script to open font folder and close after fixed interval. for abt 15 Sec
  13. i have unattended xpcd now i have compressed fonts using winrar with silent switch to extract all those fonts in systemdrive\windows\fonts in t12 cmd file. now after my computer bootup the fonts arent registered. but when i open the font folder once, it wil automatically register all the fonts flickring slightly the displayed windows and displayed all the fonts in font folder.. what i have to do is i have to open the font folder once to register all the fonts that i have extracted with winrar. is there any way to install all those extracted fonts without opening the folder .... temporaryly,, i have given command to open font folder in runonce... when computer boots up for the first time but i don't know the command to close that windows after some interval (after all those fonts are displayed) so my font folder is open when my UAXP fully installed and opens for the first time whats the best idea.... or autoit script
  14. there are various such programs for the image ,,, try ghost acronis true image drive image snapshot for the recovery CD ERD commander WINPE BARTPE XPE
  15. problem is wid ur RAM try changing ur slot or a newer RAM
  16. thanks, gunsmokingman i forgot to mention that ....
  17. what about irfanview it has batconversion fewture (not tested by me )
  18. thats longhorn ice icon set of mine i thinks ur icandy junior and some others i have edited every corner of my shell32.dll
  19. cool desktop i like that here's my desktop
  20. why don't u create folder in \$OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and paste all those programs shortcuts
  21. edit both shell32.dll and msgina.dll

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