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  1. i am shocked i have released d-link 530 TX and hooked realtek 8139d now i tried to assign the same ip as i gave to d-link to new realtek it shows this window
  2. if u left out all the file u modified just in expended form, then the UAXPCD won't fit on normal 700 MB CD. coz size matter my expanded shell32.dll is 45 MB and compresses is just 11 MB just see the difference
  3. yeah, this is only the way to make those shell packs... and some little other stuffz
  4. you need to recompress that... first run now compress it or u can jcarle utilities to compress (dotnet framework needed) now replace original shell32.dl_ from ur xpcd\i386 with new created shell32.dl_
  5. yes it will add all the modification u did in the *.res files to a new file
  6. my respatch.cmd file seems like this i got all resourcehacker.exe *.dll *.res files on the same folder
  7. actually resourcehacker can solve ur problem what i do is , edit shell32.dll (replace all bitmaps, icons, dialogue, strings and save it as shell32.res.... so to update every release or newer shell32.dll i use this command to update newer shell32.dll "ResHacker.exe -modify shell32.dll, shell32.dll, shell32.res,,," (without quotes) all three files must be in the same folder then "modifype shell32.dll -c" (without quotes) then "makecab shell32.dll" (without quotes) then replace i386\shell32.dl_ with new modified shell32.dl_ can be done with any cpl, dll, exe ********
  8. ur windows ntoskrnl.exe is corrupted try extracting ntoskrnl.exe from ur i386 folder
  9. this is annoying,, u are not using msstyle xpe doesn't support msstyle yet.. u r using windows blind plugins,,, which is very easy to use coz bart PE just a mess of PLUGINS
  10. i have my own custom.dic but now it is larger then 64kb now it doesn't allow me to add more words how to make microsoft office to accept more then 64kb custom.dic file thanks in adv.
  11. @Lus ur topic is advance level but question is cheap level Do as IcemanND told
  12. theme has not fully loaded so i suggest to load theme from runonce what i have done is called %windir%system32\resources\.........\*.theme or *.msstyle or just use autoit
  13. when ever i try to install ssh secure shell client http://ftp.ssh.com/pub/ssh/SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe i got this error message in windows XP ryan's pack but this installation is fine in windows XPRTM
  14. which file is responsible this icon to display i want to change that icon
  15. Nepali

    XPize 4 screenshot

    the screenshot is not letting us know the changes u have made in ver 4 Folder and mycomputer icons are same only the network bitmap resources seems to be changed and the theme is royal can u post bit more screenshot.....
  16. Check [unattended] and [GuiUnattended] section in winnt.sif under i386 folder
  17. what will happen if my systemdrive is d: registry items are representing c:\
  18. i have to use ssh secure shell client for some operation http://ftp.ssh.com/pub/ssh/SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe I recently installed UAXP packed with ryans 1.2.2 + 1.2.2b but the program refused to run i tried in normal XPsp2 and the program run perfectly i use to run the program perfectly in my previos installation od windows XP sp2 i also tried in another PC which gotta xpsp2 + rvyan's pack and the program failed to run ? got any idea ? thanks in advance
  19. thnks @ Achdine i have tried to search first, but didn't found the exact match what i want. so posted a new one. thanks for the Post i nearly got the solution (i need to modify some settings)
  20. i have searched in the forum but didn't found the match. i don't want unlocker in my rt click context menu (ryan pack) will this command uninstall the program or may hamper other programs as well ? Or how to uninstall the program
  21. i was completely unknown about the matter thanks a lot @boooogy @Delprat
  22. I have build a UAXP CD with all my custom settings default theme is opus.msstyle (uxtheme.dll is patched) many other themes are also included $oem$\system32\resources\themes\(msstyle folders) my winnt.sif have strings of runonce as now i want to prompt the user to choose the custom theme for that i have created a $oem$\$1\install\run.cmd which have setting as ProblemNow when the computer boots for the first time windows display properties dialogue box with appreances tab active and needs user interaction to choose the theme or to click OK untill and unless i select my choice theme and click OK it won't disaapear so i want to have command , program, tweak to select the custom theme among the choice and automatically applies that without user interaction. [P.S:- I don't prefer to load custom theme with the help of winnt.sif]
  23. Will u upgrade to windows longhorn when it will be finally released (not the beta, alpha)
  24. sp2 rtm .. what is this now ? now which one is latest sp2 or RTM build

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