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  1. Installation Size

    i think hes asking about after installation how much space on the hard drive is taken, mine is 862mb windows xp sp1

  3. i had a perfect unattended cd, it had all the basic apps i wanted installed and then it searched every drive for an appz.drive file and then installed all applications in a subdirectory on that drive, so i never gotta redo the UA CD, i just make a silent installer app and throw it in that dir. i didnt even know it was lost until now when ive bought some new cds to make a backup of it and now its gone... /me crys
  4. so i used xpize on win2k

    well, he gave you proof. good stuff
  5. Files from themexp.org

    if you keep canceling the adware bundle on the 3rd or 4th time youll get a zip download
  6. i want to run 1 file which runs all *.exe in a directory without any editing
  7. Stop asking for partition info

    can i use this to just format a partition and not create a new one?
  8. lets me set my drive letters in the order that i want them?
  9. why? does win2k crash frequently
  10. i swear i searched 50 times for this, but i think i kept putting win2k tweaks thx
  11. i need to really tweak win2k or ima have to switch back to xp i really like how 2k is unbloated but its a pain setting everything exactly how i want it everytime i install somewhere.
  12. i changed my bootscreen what about

    nevermind, i cant even get the bootscreen to work, all the instructions i find for disabling WFP dont work.
  13. any win2k users know how i change the logon and logoff screens?
  14. so i used xpize on win2k

    the little window that shows while 2k is logging in is changed, im just curious what file that is?
  15. anyone know how to get boot disc to find files

    alright, using cdshell i need to figure out how get it to search for the right hard disk and then load the boot file from that disk